Release Notes pre-2019

The following is a log of Features and Action Items that have been include in a release. Note that release date is when it was released to Test databases. Typically, releases are pushed to Live databases by the following Tuesday.

Features and Action Items are distinguished with the following labels:


Action Items


4952 Created ability to add Application Fees.

27454 Corrected an error with deposit schedules when copying Events.

27455 Created Chargeback description to use in place of Void Payment Transaction for chargebacks.

27437 Fixed an issue preventing Donation Search from sorting by amounts properly.


4947 Created a new Reservations sidebar entry for Daily Reservations.

27405 Fixed a problem preventing an Event Division from being edited when it had a Cancellation Policy but no charges.

27407 Restored ability to link directly to HR References on website.

27420 Added ability to resize columns in grids in pop-up windows in CT6 (such as the Add Reservation window).

27442 Corrected an error encountered when setting a Minimum value with no Maximum value for an Activity.

27457 Fixed an issue preventing Individuals from being viewed in CT6.


27417 Corrected an issue preventing Resource Allocation from being priced properly in Group Registration.

27419 Fixed a miscalculation preventing a deposit to be changed in Event Configuration.

27341 Corrected an error occasionally causing Attributes to save duplicates.

27389 Adjusted Reservation times to match the resource allocation times and not the Event/Itinerary.

27400 Modified several Staff Reference queries to use functionality for multiple sets of reference for different Job Postings.

27413 Fixed an issue preventing Admins from editing certain Content Fields on the website.

27432 Corrected a link that was showing Reference questions for all Staff Reference Job Postings instead of particular ones.


4940 Add “Display References from all Job Postings” checkbox to Staff Application.

27373 Improved performance for Batch Refund Process.

27375 Fixed an issue the “Add Item” button wasn’t working properly in SalesLink.

27385 Changed Lodging to be in alphabetical order in Resource Allocation screen of Event Configuration.

27387 Corrected an issue preventing an edited phone number from displaying properly in CT6.

27339 Changed Individual card to display suffix.

27412 Fixed an issue preventing a discount from showing properly on the Pending Registrations page.


27319 Fixed an issue where Resource Allocation in Event Configuration wasn’t showing that it saved properly.

27364 Display inactive Appeals or Campaigns when editing a Donation if assigned to that donation.

27147 Fixed an issue where Pre-Orders weren’t being properly removed from a cancelled or pending Registration.

27300 Updated CT5 to allow modification of Campaigns and Appeals for Pledges (to match CT6 capability.)

27308 Fixed a link from the Lodging section of the Resource Calendar to view/edit an Event instead of creating a new one.

27365 Added a Content Field under Edit Attendee step if attendee information cannot be edited.

27394 Modified Group Registration step in Online Registration to no longer require an email address to Name a non-minor Attendee.


4917 Added Payment Search to new Accounting tab in CT6.

4930 Added Payment Details for payments listed in Payment Search.

4934 Linked Daily Reservations to a Person’s account.

4935 Added ability to add/edit Tax Exempt Number for Groups in CT6.

27318 Fixed an issue in CT6 Registration that was incorrectly filtering out Event Divisions.

27330 Corrected an issue where changing a Package price was reverting to the default price.

27246 Added a [[DonationsYearToDate]] field to the Donation Payment Acknowledgment Automated Email.

27329 Fixed issue where moving a Guest Group Itinerary wasn’t properly checking for double-booking conflicts.

27332 Corrected a display issue when showing Resources in the Weekly view of the Resource Calendar.

27377 Adjusted fields on Staff Application to resolve a firewall conflict.


4929 Added ability to create, modify and cancel Reservations through the API. Located under Itineraries Service Class.

4908 Added option to select Paid Time Off for arrival after the Start Date or for departure before the End Date of a Work Period.

26665 Restored the Return button in SalesLink 6 for Charge to Department orders.

27279 Adjusted display order for Attachment Forms on website to match configuration order.

27280 Modified Staff contact info to always display most recently changed information.

27286 Fixed issue where comments on Staff Job Posting Step weren’t being deleted properly.

27287 Corrected issue preventing the Amenity (Capacity) resource from printing in the Resource Calendar.

27289 Adjusted Resource repricing to account for changing AR Category.

27296 Fixed issue preventing Resources marked as Unlimited from being allocated.

27300 Modified display rules to permit changing Donations to be part of expired Campaigns and Appeals (CT5).


27288 Corrected an issue displaying an incorrect date for an Open Enrollment Policy.

27275 Fixed an error caused by changing a date in the Resource Calendar.

27256 Adjusted Discounts to permit multiple uses of a Discount Code in the Rules for one Discount.


4834 Added option to print the Resource Calendar.

27277 Corrected issue where an Event Divisions weren’t being created properly when building a Guest Group.

27225 Fixed issue stemming from a bad Request Code Link.

27256 Adjusted Discounts to permit multiple uses of a discount code in the discount rules.


4786 Added field for Assigned To Date in Application Management.

4638 Added Job Posting Year to Criteria in Application Management.

4637 Added option for Form Attachments to Application.


4830 Changed References to be associated with a Job Posting as opposed to the Applicant.


4468 Added direct link to Update Family Account page from an email.


4468 Created Open Registration Policy for Event Configuration.

4699 Added Families with Tag option for use with Open Registation Policy.

4698 Added ability to batch apply Attributes.

4628 Added Activities to Event Configuration in CT6.

4605 Added Event Divisions to Batch Update.


4306 Added Automated ACH processing for eCheck payments.


4801 Created an App Setting to set the number of days before an Event that Flights for Transportation can be added.

4792 Added display type for Date to Attributes.


26774Corrected an End of Event error.

26785 Fixed issue in Deposit Schedules that didn’t handle a $0 deposit correctly.

26789 Corrected Cancellation Policy section so changes can be made.

26806 Corrected a TogetherPay processing batch error.

24325 Created warning for broken Roommate Request chains.

26365 Fixed issue in Event Configuration in CT6 where the capacity change wasn’t working.

26668 Fixed issue preventing the Write Off of store card balances for Secondary Entities.

26694 Improved Event Configuration in CT6 usability.

26694 Fixed issue where an internal hire was missing an Interview tab.

26729 Fixed issue where Event Configuration in CT6 wasn’t saving after unchecking the “Allow Anonymous” box.

26747 Corrected an issue when inputting Interviews.

26708 Fixed an issue preventing the New Evaluation button from working.

26823 Corrected an error resending an invitation from the Group Roster page.


4780 Added email address and mailing address to Location configuration in CT6.

26710 Corrected a timeout error during the Batch Refund process.

26197 Fixed issue where the Criteria were hidden when running a Query on a small screen.

26657 Increased performance in CT6 when pulling up Group Registrations.

26666 Fixed issue prevented issuing a refund.

26730 Fixed issue preventing access to the Onboarding in CT6.

26767 Fixed issue keeping a Bunk1 reservation from syncing.

26715 Updated the protocol on SalesLink 5’s Remote Client Analyzer.

26717 Corrected a SalesLink 6 part number issue.

26775 Corrected an issue where Roommate Requests were being given an “invalid” status.

26700 Fixed issue where Donations submitted on the Registration Site weren’t requiring the CSV field.

26792 Fixed issue where credit card data was put in Cardholder Name field.

26815 Fixed issue where Roommate Requests emails or previews couldn’t be sent.


26421 Fixed issue that was preventing Inventory Items from being added to an invoice.

26446 Fixed issue that was preventing Inventory Items without dimensions from being created properly.

26505 Fixed issue preventing an Inventory Item from showing up in SalesLink 6.

26565 Corrected an error under Type in Inventory Details.

26618 Prevented an error when adding too many copies of the same Pre-Order item.

26722 Added option for Social Media to Communication records on the Timeline.

26733 Corrected error where signed and unsigned Legal Terms were different in CT6 and on the Registration Site.

26740 Changed the “last updated” field for Attributes to use UTC dates.


4758 Add ability to charge to Store Card after End of Event is run with Modify Booking After End Security Privilege.


4736 For Scheduled Reports and Queries, only show data in reports since the last time it was run.

4669 Added option to Payment / Deposit Schedules for Require Monthly Payments, where after the deposit is paid, monthly payments are scheduled until the Balance Due Date.

4735 Added sort options to Housing Assignments for the following:


4737 Allow for multiple Events and Event Divisions in Quick Enroll Pre-Filter link.


4721 Option to Show Expired Conditions on Medical History.

4101 On Registration Site > Itinerary List changed to display “Not Yet Enrolled”, instead of “Pending.”


4712 Automatically apply manual discounts to new registrations on an Itinerary.


4660 Event Configuration in CT6.


4094 Limit the number of registrations per year by Event Type.


4654 Added ability to scan receipt under Order Search to pull up Order.

4660 Added Payment Type with last four of credit card number and a list of Item Numbers to Order Search.

4688 Added city, state or email address to Entity Search in POS.

4708 Added field for Team to Scheduled Medications.


4656 Added App Setting to allow for Price Level in SalesLink to be set to Price Level 2 based on if the person has a hire date in the current year.


4526 Released integration with Bunk1.


4678 Added option in Donations to generate Donor Summary by Year report for an entity.

4367 Under Individuals > Registrations, added grouping for Registrations by year.

4674 Added option to print Legal Terms from Registration Details.


4661 Updated Report and Query viewer.

4655 Added option to set custom color to Store Location.

4646 Added remove option for Inventory Items.

4535 Created Security Privilege to allow GL Batches to be deleted.


4564 Upgrades icons throughout CT6.

4645 Moved voided, refunded and cancelled Donation cards to only display when Show Pending Donations is checked.


4524 Created option to add a Service Fee to a Registration.


3907 Created Application Setting to Require Birthdate when creating a Family Account.


4581 Added Entity ID, Registration ID and Itinerary ID to CT6.


4397 Updated the Electronic Payment Notification Automated Email to be sent for all payment types [cash, check, e-check, credit card].


4466 Added ability to add Notes to Timeline.

4584 Add option to set Assigned To on Individual Profile.


3115 Created Itinerary Activated – Registration Scheduled Email Trigger.


4424 Allow Secondary Entities to pay for additional items on a group Registration. Here are the following items that can be paid for:

  • Activities
  • Pre-Orders
  • One Way Emails
  • Resource Reservations
  • Store Card
  • Transportation

4549 Added Placeholders to Automated Emails.

4472 Added filter for Event Division Type to Registration and Transfer Wizards in CT6.


4511 Added ability to set Assigned To on a Donation.


4459 Allow for Pre-Orders to be added to Registration in CT6.


4471 For Pre-Order items, added link in Accounting to Order Details.


4431 Added ability to Close Batch process to post manual Accounts Payable records to a GL Batch.

4484 Added option to Remove Interview.


4382 Added option to Job Posting to allow for auto draft of balance due once employment has ended.


4418 Added option to send messages to customers directly from Timeline.

4423 Added column for number of completed references to Application Management. Included a link to the Summary if Applicant has more than one Application.


4401 Several updates to HR to improve handling of Full and Part Time Job Postings.

Transfer Employee to new Position
If a seasonal employee is staying on in a part or full time position, you can easily transfer them to the new position.

Create a Job Posting without Work Periods
Useful when you need to hire Part Time or Full Time employees.
Set begin and end date for Employment
This option is available if there are no Work Periods configured.

Ability to enable or disable a Job Posting
Quickly enable access when you want to open a Job Posting to allow applications.

4417 Allow support for Canadian Social Insurance Number.


4404 Added Deposit Slip report to Close Batch process.


4420 Added Attributes to Events.


4410 Added option for Bi-Weekly Pay Rate to Offer.


4345 Increased usability of Donation Search screen in CT6.

2016-17 Features & Tweaks

Check out the list of all the Features and Tweaks we have released this past year.


3801 Added ability to Activate Registration and Move to Waitlist to CT6.


4270 Added columns for Availability and Position to Application Management.


Released to Test Databases on April 12th, 2017

4158 Updates to Check-In Process.


4213 Add Nickname to Attendee Section online and Maiden Name to Individual Profile.


4266 Process ACH Batches in CT6. Click here to learn more.


4017 Guest Group features in CT6. Click here to learn more.


Released to Test Databases on December 15th, 2016

3983 Added ability to disable Automated Emails.

Disable Automated Email

4069 Added Staff Application and Employment Scheduled Email Triggers.

4143 Added the following Discount Parameters:

  • Previous Event Division Type
  • Previous Event Type
  • Previous Event Year
  • Exclude Previous Event Division Type
  • Exclude Previous Event Type

4146 Show link to deposit schedule in Quick Enroll.

4147 Created field to Hide Event Dates on Event, added Content Fields to Quick Enroll Headers, and set if Due Now is the same as Pay in Full, only one amount shows.

4148 Added Quick Enroll to Pre-Filter links.

4160 Changed Pre-Orders to cards during registration.


4162 Added Workflow Links to Registration Confirmation page.

CT Reg - Workflow Steps

22400 Fixed issue where not all Queries were showing for a Report.

22421 Set character limit for Attributes to 6,000 characters.

22620 Allow for disabled user to show as Interviewer on Application.

22679 Added Done button to Donations as well as change Submit Donations to a primary button.

22709 Create shared Resource Allocations for Activities created from Events created through Itineraries.

22711 Fixed issue with Scholarships not applying correctly.

22715 Fixed issue where Void Donation was not working properly.

22745 Set One-Way Emails to find last electronic payment for refunds.

22754 Fixed issue where References on incomplete Applications were not being able to be completed.

22759 Fixed issue where reversing or removing Discounts was not working properly in CT6.

22760 Added Content Fields to Donation step.

22763 Changed “Can Manage Family” to “Family Admin” on Family Profile.

22766 Fixed issue with grade restrictions not working properly.

22726 Fixed issue where Pre-Order total was not displaying correctly.

22770 Added a clause to remove disabled Resources from the list of reservable Resources.

22786 Fixed sizing issue on Add Immunization Card.

22794 Fixed logic so that an Event ending on the last day of the year (or later) is still shown if it begins in the selected year.

22795 Fixed issue where failed Donations would stop pending Donations from being processed.

22807 Disabled Attachment Forms for Family and Group Registration Types.

22826 Added IDs to Resource Reservation page.

22827 Added IDs to Pre-Order page.

22828 Added IDs to Pending Registration page.

22832 Fixed issue where user could not create an Advanced Query.

22859 Fixed issue in SalesLink when processing payment using TogetherPay.


Released to Test Databases on December 15th, 2016

4130 Added ability to upload Attachments during Registration.

CT Reg - Upload Form

4095 Added options for college year to Grades.

  • College Freshman [Grade 13]
  • College Sophomore [Grade 14]
  • College Junior [Grade 15]
  • College Senior [Grade 16]
  • Graduate has been moved to Other [Grade 99]

4124 On the Pending Registrations screen, click on the prices to see a list of pending charges.

CT Reg - Pending Charges

22698 Fixed link on Family registration to go to Individual.

22709 Added shared Resource allocations for Activities created from Events connected to Itineraries.

22726 Fixed issue where having two Interviews open at the same time was causing an error.

22736 Fixed issue with cancelling Pre-Orders in CT6.

22737 Allow for HTML to be entered into a Communication.

22791 Fixed issue where registration was not opening from Registration Search.

22801 Fixed issue where gender specific Certifications were not displaying correctly.


Released to Test Databases on December 15th, 2016

22735 Added a comment to Transfer AR Entries when distributing balances.


Released to Test Databases on December 13th, 2016

22577 Updated font style to FontAwesome for labels on Registration Site.

22667 Added reCaptcha to Donation page.


Released to Test Databases on December 8th, 2016

22055 Fixed issue in IE11 caching pages.

22583 Fixed issue where Scholarship funds were not being displayed properly.

22665 Added 10 years on Year selection for Housing Assignments.

22676 Fixed issue where username was requiring prefix when logging in.

22677 Fixed issue where payment was not being processed in IE11.

22681 Fixed Apply Credit to apply at Itinerary instead of Registration level.

22697 Fixed issue where price was not being displayed properly during Transfer.


Released to Test Databases on December 1st, 2016

20167 Changed Update to save References when adding or updating.

21653 Fixed issue where Activities was not considering timezones.

22369 Fixed notification of underpaid deposits and denied enrollment in Registration Wizard.

22380 Fixed issue where only one Event could be registered at at time in Registration Wizard.

22559 Fixed issue where Clear was not removing College parameter in Application Management.

22592 Changed Work Period selection to prioritize Arrival / Departure over Begin / End.

22610 Fixed issue where Medical Conditions were not saving.

22611 Fixed issue when ranking Activities on an Application.

22615 Fixed issue where Transportation selection was being cut off on Registration Site.

22621 Added logic so that all 16 digit credit card numbers beginning with 22 through 27 are considered to be Mastercard.

22630 Fixed Registration Wizard parameters to display non gender specific Event Divisions in dropdown.

22362 Fixed issue where Donate Remaining Balance was not working correctly.

22641 Fixed issue where Schedule Payment screen was not validating signature correctly.

22642 Fixed issue where Discount was not being applied properly in Registration Wizard.

22644 Added Content Field to References on HR Dashboard.

22657 Fixed issue in Query Builder where Object Type was not being saved correctly.

22673 Updated text on Facebook Social Media Link.


Released to Test Databases on November 17th, 2016

20283 Fixed issue with Parent Resources displaying incorrect counts in Resource Calendar.

20283 Fixed spacing on Health Center Dashboard.

22470 Changed Registration Search to show Medical as completed once form is signed.

22470 Fixed issue References were not pointing to correct Job Posting.

22470 Added support for users with only first name to show up under Assigned To in Application Search.

22470 Added more years to selector on Resource Calendar.

22595 Fixed issue where transferring a Registration was causing an error when multiple charges had the same name.

22609 Added EnteredBy field to track who created an Event.

22633 Default Accounting to correct year of Registration.

22609 Fixed issue where year based Attributes were not displaying correctly.


Released to Test Databases on November 10th, 2016

4063 Added Delete option for Individual, Groups and Families.

4096 Added As Needed Medications to Scheduled Medications screen.

CT6 - As Needed Medications

4114 Added a Discount Parameter for Event Begin Date, which when added twice, allows for selection of Events between a range of dates.

CT5 - Event Begin Date Discount Rule

22410 Centered Social Media icons.

22437 Fixed issue where information was not being saved during Interview.

22487 Added Content Fields to New Account, Attendee Selection and Resource Reservation pages.

22530 Added Place Holder for [[EnrolledDivisionRegistrationList]] to display Event and Event Division for Registration Confirmation Automated Email.

22546 Added error message when selecting Name Attendee and no Registration is selected.

22554 Added Content Fields to Pre-Orders.

22555 Fixed error in Medical Log to account for Daylight Savings.

22559 Fixed issue where Clear was not removing College parameter on Application Management.

22561 Fixed issue where negative numbers were allowed on Add Medication.

22562 Fixed issue where Cancelation Fee was showing when cancelling a Pending Registration.

22574 Increased font size for reports on Group Roster.

22580 Fixed issue where App Setting for Medical > ShowDownloadButtonInRegistration was not working correctly.

22582 Added check to make sure that Site Admin loads in secure browser.

22600 Fixed issue where Mobile menu was not dropping down on Safari.

22608 Fixed issue where empty dosage amounts on Add Medication were causing errors.


Released to Test Databases on November 4th, 2016

19480 Fixed breadcrumb links on Guest Management.

22491 Expanded Registration Search filter to fill width.

22494 Removed required asterisk from disabled box for Positions.

22494 Allow for Applicant column to be searchable on Draft Search.

22522 Fixed issue where overrides in Registration Wizard were not working.

22494 Fixed issue where Interview was not saving correctly.


Released to Test Databases on November 4th, 2016

21522 Display Activity tab that you are currently working on after saving.

22353 Added styling to error box in Registration Wizard.

22367 Fixed issue where going back during Registration Wizard was causing error.

22376 Added tooltip to Itineraries on Resource Calendar.

22446 Fixed issue where Medical Conditions were not updating correctly in Medical Form Configuration.

22468 Fixed issue where Event Year filter was not working correctly in Registration Wizard.

22376 Fixed issue where selecting multiple Events was causing an error in Registration Wizard.

22482 Added Content Fields on New Account page.

22499 Fixed issues with Mobile Skin update.

22506 Fixed issue where References were not displaying when using year based Attributes.

22515 Fixed issue where error appeared when removing Events with Activities that had no classes.

22482 Added error when trying to select multiple Event Divisions during Event Selection.

22528 Fixed issue where Discount Rule for Attendee Count (Year) was performing like Attendee Count (Itinerary).


Released to Test Databases on October 26th, 2016

4062 Updated Registration Site for Mobile.

22501 Fixed issue where Medical Form was not working in Test.


Released to Test Databases on October 26th, 2016

4093 Added Timezone to Location as well as the ability to set specific time on Event Division for Enroll Dates.

CT5 - Enroll Dates

22358 Added Pending status to Registration Detail.

22400 Display all subqueries that are part of a Report.

22435 Fixed issue where multiple Events could be selected in Registration Wizard.

22447 Fixed grade and age calculation in Registration Wizard.

22448 Updated query that displays Interview Status.

22450 Updated Registration List to show name of Event if there is only one.

22457 Fixed issue where changing object type on Basic Query caused error.

22459 Removed Store Credit from Due Now on Registration Wizard.

22469 Changed Accounting to show year with data on it even if in the future.

22477 Changed Media Links to show any year.


Released to Test Databases on October 21st, 2016

4068 Added Sent List to Scheduled Emails to be able to see who emails were sent to for a given time frame.

CT6 - Sent List

4076 Added support for Wristbands to API.

22371 Fixed issue where Scheduled Emails were showing as disabled when they were not.

22382 Moved content field for Recruit/Campus Rep to under Links section.

22402 Added classes to Reservations section to allow for hiding of certain elements.

22422 Fixed issue where reciprocal Roommate Request was not saving Invalid status.

22423 Added [[AccountNumber]] Place Holder to AutoPay Payment Failed Automated Email.

22424 Changed default value for Interview Status to Started.

22426 Updated Resource Calendar to display even if there are not future Events.

22429 Added mobile support for expanding Media Links binding.

22434 Fixed issue where multiple Events were not scrolling in Registration Wizard.

22443 Fixed issue where only selected recommended positions on an Interview were savings and not allowing an additional selection.

22444 Added Content Field to Donation Attendee Workflow Step.

22445 Added Content Fields on Registration Detail for Terms and Conditions, Donations and Pre-Orders.

22451 Hide Sent List for Automated Emails.

22464 Added refresh to Interview.


Released to Test Databases on October 13th, 2016

19639 Fixed issue where double click on finish of Registration was causing to go back to Attendee Selection page.

20947 Added validation to Roommate Request Attendee Workflow step.

21568 Added validation to Event > Close Gift Cards when Event is still happening.

22282 Added name of Family Events to Registration List.

22284 Fixed issue on Scheduled Medications to properly display Checked-In status.

22293 Fixed issue where Roommate Request was not taking into account App Setting.

22305 Fixed issue where non-Admin were not able to see unfinished Registrations in Itinerary List.

22327 Fixed issue with Scheduled Emails to be able to select multiple parameters.

22330 Fixed issue where Clear option wasn’t working for Reports and Queries.

22337 Fixed issue where birthdate was not been displayed correctly when Staff Applicant was prompted.

22345 Fixed issue where updating Skills on a Position was not working properly.

22351 Fixed issue in Registration Wizard that was allowing overlapping registrations.

22372 Fixed issue where CTRL-S was not saving correctly in CT5.

22384 Fixed issue where there was an error when copying Activity Classes to another Event Division.

22387 Added code to set the IsUnlimited property when making copies of a Resource Allocation.

22406 Added new test account for NMI gateway.


Released to Test Databases on October 7th, 2016

19481 If logged out while checking out on Registration Site, redirect to Manage Registrations page.

22087 Fixed issue where a receipt was been sent for cash donations automatically.

22195 Changed selection of one option in Job Posting from rank to radio button.

22229 Fixed issue where Attribute value was floating when flag was selected.

22195 Fixed issue where delete dialog wasn’t validating “Yes” before closing.

22257 Sorted Event alphabetically in Registration Search Event Selection.

22195 Fixed Issue where Education records were preventing deletion of an Applicant.

22279 Added [[ReferenceType]] Merge Field to HR Reference Request Automated Email.

22289 Added appropriate reversal of sales tax entries so that sales tax changes on Reservations (outside of a Registration) can be calculated properly.

22298 Fixed issue where Manage Roster was displaying error when sorted by Medical Form status.

22361 Fixed issue where Registration Profile header was taking up entire screen.

22378 Fixed issue with full reference bug in API method.


Released to Test Databases on September 30th, 2016

3817 Added ability to Register in CT6 by going to Individual > Registrations > New Registration.

CT6 - Register

3828 Updated link in Group Attendee Request Code Automated Email to include Request Code.

4064 Allow for any payment amount between Deposit Due and Full Amount during registration.

CT Reg - Payment Amount

21644 Fixed issue where going back in CT5 Registration Wizard was allowing for selection of Event Division with rules not enforced.

22018 Removed Waitlist registrations from receiving Registration Confirmation Automated Email.

22252 Fixed issue where expiration dates for attachments on Applications was not being set properly.

22265 Fixed issue where emails were been hidden on Individual Profile.

22272 Changed abbreviation for Do Not Hire to DNH.


Released to Test Databases on September 22nd, 2016

3404 Added option to Copy Job Posting.

CT6 - Copy Job Posting

20166 Exclude Wait List from AutoPay – No Payment Reminder Automated Emails.

22029 Fixed issue where Back button was affecting remove View History.

22185 Increase Registration Search performance.

22254 Fixed issue where Resource Categories were showing out of order during Registration.


Released to Test Databases on September 19th, 2016

4059 Added Do Not Hire field to more places including:

  • When Applicant applies, shows warning to “Please contact Human Resources.”
  • Individual Detail – Employment Cards
  • Application List
  • Draft Board
  • Verification message shown on Offer
  • Application and Draft Reports

21789 Fixed issue when saving an updated birthdate was causing an error.

22054 Fixed issue where Guest was showing instead of Username in menu bar in CT6.


Released to Test Databases on September 19th, 2016

4023 Registration Search added to Camp > Attendees. Read more about how to use Registration Search.

4055 Add Print Statement, Print Confirmation Letter and Send Confirmation Email options to Registration Detail > Actions.

CT6 - Print Emails

21172 Fixed issue with Onboarding status showing error message the first time an Applicant sees it.

21546 Added options to add Supervisor to Volunteer Experience, change School State to Province and add options to School Type.

21789 Added ability to change birthdate and gender in CT6 with confirmation dialog.

22014 Fixed issue with filter on Add Reservation.

22132 Centered Rank buttons in IE11.

22159 Added support for test credit card processor for TransNational to Test Databases.

22162 Fixed issue where Inventory Items with a space in the size were not saving correctly.

22193 Fixed issue with add/remove icon for multiple parameters.

22202 Added personal information to the Registration Profile.

22212 Show AR Summary on the Registration Profile if there is a credit on the Registration.

22217 Fixed issue where adding Recruiter was not saving properly.

22212 Added Merge Fields for [[ResponsiblePartyName]] and [[GroupName] to Registration Confirmation emails.

22221 Changed seasons under Registrations to the following:

  • Fall – 9/1 to 11/30
  • Winter – 12/1 – 2/28
  • Spring – 3/1 – 5/15
  • Summer – 5/16 – 8/31

22223 Updated W-4 forms to use the signature date.

22228 Updated Draft Summary to new layout.

22232 Fixed issue where error message was displaying when logged in as SiteAdmin.

22233 For Discounts, change “End Date” to “Expired.”

22239 Added support for Self Registration Types for Scheduled Emails.

22241 Fixed issue where Address was required when creating an Individual.


Released to Test Databases on September 19th, 2016

No items for release.


Released to Test Databases on September 13th, 2016

3684 Under Donation Details, added an Issue Refund option to refund donations that are connected to an AR Record or from a Store Card transaction.

3914 Added support for Tax Exempt sales in SalesLink.

4054 Added Medical Form Status to Registration Profile with options to Print Health Form or View Health Profile.

CT6 - Health Form Status

22145 Under Individual Profile, hide address if none is provided.

22149 Fixed issue where apostrophe in a Report or Query name were preventing it from running.

22187 Fixed issue on Group Roster to increase performance with large number of attendees.

22203 Fixed issue with Content Editor that was causing an error during registration.

22207 Removed timeline entry for Cancelled Registration when Transferring.

22213 Fixed issue where cache was not been cleared correctly.


Released to Test Databases on September 9th, 2016

2747 Added Do Not Solicit button to Individual Profile.

CT6 - Do Not Solicit

4022 Added option to Create Family from an Individual.

CT6 - Create Family

4051 Added Prompt for School and Prompt for Birthdate to Demographic Information for Application.

21646 Added code to take time zones into account when calculating whether or not to show Workflow Steps.

21789 Birthdate and gender are able to be edited [with a confirmation dialog] in CT6.

21881 Fixed scrolling issues in Issue a Refund.

21966 Updated Flight Stats notification frequency to once a day for flights that have been updated.

22009 Added processed date to order payments in SalesLink for check and cash payments.

22110 Fixed issue where date and subject weren’t updating properly in Timeline.

22157 Fixed issue where Check-In emails were being sent if Registration was with a Group.

22170 Changed links to bold in CT6 to increase readability.

22175 Fixed issue that was causing error when Discounts were applied to unsaved registrations.


Released to Test Databases on September 1st, 2016

4002 Added Reset Password and Forgot Password to Individual Profile > Actions.

CT6 - Reset Password

10950 Replaced Include unposted A/R parameter with Period Date to Use with options for AR Post Date, AR Entry Date and GL Post Date.

19137 Fixed issue where pressing entering on Terms and Conditions was not continuing to next page.

10950 Updated rates for USPS returns to work properly.

21312 Fixed issue where Registration Profile was loading slowly.

21461 Added Timeline event for Attendee Check-Out.

21973 Added dialog box with instructions when adding a Flight to finish wizard.

21981 Added Events Merge Field to AutoPay Reminder Automated Email.

22064 Set timeout in CT6 to 2 hours.

22064 Fixed issue where logging into to and needing to change password wasn’t working correctly.

22092 Changed Complaint Management to Medical Logs.

22096 Fixed issue where adding Store Card credit to a cancelled Registration was not creating an AR entry.

22099 Fixed issue where invalid Roommate Requests were causing an error during validation of the End of Event process.

22102 Fixed issue where not all Health Center events were showing up in Timeline.

22103 Fixed issue where transfer payments on an Itinerary were not moving from deferred GL to the final GL.

22109 Updated Individual Notification counts to not include cancelled Registrations.

22115 Made usability improvements to Reports and Queries including removing a layer from the menu to access section more quickly.

22117 Added functionality to refund to a Store Card when it is closed.

22118 Fixed issue where not filling out a required Attribute then saving was displaying Success message.

22121 Fixed issues where Pending Registrations weren’t activating correctly after Event has already started.

22130 Added Events with gender of Any to search results in Transfer.

22146 Fixed issue where Check History was only showing checking accounts and not savings.


Released to Test Databases on August 19th, 2016

4028 Updated to new HTML editor for Automated and Scheduled Emails.

11230 Added Cost Center and Event Year parameters to GL Audit report as well as updated grouping.

18721 Removed Show Unallocated Lodging from Housing Assignments.

21529 Fixed issue where Welcome to CircuiTree tour was showing each time a user logged in.

21542 Fixed an issue with the Reservation Wizard not selecting the correct AM/PM.

21542 Add warning for user when adding a Reservation to Waiting List.

22049 Allow removal of email address in CT6.

22050 Added code to display an error if duplicate payment is detected within 30 seconds.

22060 Fixed issues with grouping and labeling of Registrations under Family.

22060 Updated Lodging tab under Group Check-In.

22077 Updated Health Center Action Logs to show all Registrations on the same Itinerary under an Individual.

22142 Fixed an issue with zip codes not returning entries that started with zero.


Released to Test Databases on August 18th, 2016

22002 Fixed issue where updating Direct Deposit accounts were not saving correctly.

22002 Fixed issue where not all Events for a given year were showing up under Social Media Links.

22027 Fixed issue where error was displayed when Canceling a Pending Registration.


Released to Test Databases on August 18th, 2016

16185 Added field to Reports that displays the name of the User you ran the Report.

21374 Fixed issue where changing Events in Quick Enroll wasn’t updating Paid in Full amount.

21914 Fixed issue with barcode scanner not locating correct record in SalesLink.


Released to Test Databases on August 17th, 2016

21304 Fixed issue where deposit on Waitlist Registration wasn’t showing correctly.

21511 Fixed issue where in certain scenarios Roommate Requests were not being sent.

21951 Fixed issue with year-based Attributes not showing correctly in CT6.


Released to Test Databases on August 16th, 2016

21840 Fixed issue where conflicting Work Periods were causing an error.

21840 Added list of Members to Family / Group Summary.

22033 Only display Registration Attributes that are included in Attendee Workflow for a specific Event.


Released to Test Databases on August 10th, 2016

21866 Fixed issue where Attribute Category name was not displaying on Registration Site.

22039 Fixed issue where anonymous Donations were not saving correctly.


Released to Test Databases on August 10th, 2016

21152 Fixed issues with Add Reservations in CT6.

21976 Moved values for Parameters on Reports and Queries to below labels.

22026 Fixed issue where the wrong Lodging was being assigned outside of allocated category during Lodging Selection.

22032 Changed placeholder for Address from Street Address to Mailing Address.


Released to Test Databases on August 4th, 2016

21496 Fixed issue where Canceled Registrations had Activity Reservations on them.

21641 Added email address to Health Center Summary.

21716 Updated titles on Registration Site to display Accept Invitation and Guest Management.

21836 Updated when Activities will display or not.

21964 Fixed issue where error was displayed incorrectly in Housing Assignments.


Released to Test Databases on August 1st, 2016

21862 Updated Store Card Transactions to display local time in CT6.

21946 Fixed issue where transferring an Anonymous Registration caused an error.


Released to Test Databases on July 29th, 2016

21876 Hid Medical Log button for Pending Registrations.

21921 Added Content Field to Family / Group selection page.

21922 Added Additional Information to Registration Confirmation page.

21925 On Transfer, copy Check In and Wristband records to new Registration.

21935 Fixed issue where custom HTML on camper email descriptions was causing error in Transfer process.


Released to Test Databases on July 27th, 2016

21806 Added option to delete a Complaint Attachment.

21851 Fixed issue where Deferred Payments were not posting correctly during End of Event.

21870 Fixed issue where Position that was marked Hide was not showing up internally.

21879 Fixed issue where Medical Log was showing a list of all medication for Individual.


Released to Test Databases on July 25th, 2016

21846 Fixed issue where Volunteer calculation was not displaying correctly during Payroll.

21909 Fixed issue where Parameters were not displaying correctly for Queries.

21992 Fixed issue where Staff Health Forms were not loading.


Released to Test Databases on July 22nd, 2016

17020 Fixed issue where Attributes in Onboarding were not saving correctly.

21187 Fixed issue where Roommate Requests for an Event were not canceling properly.

21777 Allow for refunds on Paper Checks to be for the full amount of the Registration.

21187 Fixed issue where housing was not filtering correctly in Housing Assignments.

21827 Fixed issue to remove Activity from list that has been overridden.

21831 Fixed issue with Flight Stats where flights that were not found were causing issues.


Released to Test Databases on July 20th, 2016

21511 Fixed issue where Roommate Requests were not being sent under certain scenarios.

21756 Fixed issue when assigning a new Wristband to an Individual was causing an error.

21771 Fixed issue where editing Roommate Requests was causing error.

21794 Added Special Instructions to the Complaint Action Details.


Released to Test Databases on July 18th, 2016

21734 Added Group Name to Housing Cards in Housing Assignments.

21774 Fixed issue with inconsistencies between Timeline and Health Center Actions Log.

21788 Fixed issue where Send button for One-Way Emails was not displaying correctly in Safari or Firefox.


Released to Test Databases on July 15th, 2016

20329 Fixed issues with Waitlist Activities.

21415 Updated formatting on Employment Summary to display photo correctly.

21486 Fixed issue with Grid formatting.

21439 Fixed issue with searching for an Individual when adding a Donation.

21735 Fixed issue where cancelled registrations were showing in Health Center.


Released to Test Databases on July 12th, 2016

21439 When set to Defer Charges, added function to move revenue from Deferred to Final for Itineraries.


Released to Test Databases on July 14th, 2016

21255 Changed phone numbers to correctly remove formatting to work properly in searches in CT6.

21486 Added prompt to Housing Assignments that displays when changing priorities.

CT6 - Change Housing Priority

21585 Permitted access to the Medical section of Timeline based off of the Medical Information Security Privilege.

21595 Updated Payment Wizard to only display “Receipt has been sent” when payment is made by a credit card, not for a donation and app setting is turned on.

21615 Added photo to the merge process.

21636 Updated End of Event screen to correctly show debits and credits for deferred payments.

21726 Added Medical Log and Check In Status to Employment cards.


Released to Test Databases on July 6th, 2016

21481 Fixed issue with Status on Scheduled Medications screen not displaying results correctly.

21726 Fixed issue with Registration Type filter in SalesLink search.

21584 Updated font size on Summary in Check-In.

21648 Changed term used in Help from “Incident” to “Ticket.”


Released to Test Databases on July 6th, 2016

21252 When Store Card Credit is modified, the following screens are refreshed: Profile, Make a Payment, Accounting, Store Card.

21556 Added Column List and Report Links to Query Summary.

21607 Fixed issue where scrolling on Automated Email search screen causing loading screen to appear.

21610 Fixed issue where time out was occurring on Group Portal with large itineraries.

21627 Added check to activate Transportation reservations if they are on hold during the reservation activate step.

21650 Removed the ability to search by Entity ID.


Released to Test Databases on July 3rd, 2016

21301 Hid Quick Enroll link on Family registrations.

21511 Fixed issue where some Roommate Request emails were not being sent.

21524 Added labels for Minor and Deceased.

21252 Added Entered By column to Payroll > Accounts Payable.

21600 Added the ability to change the wording for the status under Manage References.

21608 Updated styling on Family member cards.

21609 Added a section to Verification step of the Payroll Batch process.

21614 Added refresh to the SQL parameter list upon changes to query parameters.

21621 Fixed issue where photo upload in Test was not working.

21623 Removed requirement for Location in Check-In.

21624 Added option to filter by Job Posting to Check-In.

21625 Increased the character limit for Job Posting description.


Released to Test Databases on May 9th, 2016

20066 Fixed issues with Query Builder.

20754 Added refresh to Roommates screen when changes are made.

20876 Updated Shipping Methods to pull the correct USPS rates.

20959 Fixed issues with the Admin and Financial Contact icons on Individual cards.

20973 Fixed several items on the Timeline.

20997 When hiring someone without an Application, automatically create one.

21012 Added Unpaid and Vacation Time Off Request types.

21015 Fixed styling issues on cards.

21020 Fixed issue where duplicate individuals were showing up in the Medical Log.


Released to Test Databases on May 5th, 2016

3964 Changed Registration Detail name in View History to include Event Abbreviation.

CT6 - View History

20715 Fixed issue where CSV files were being displayed in browser tab.

20903 Set logic to not create an AR record for a Pre-Order on a Pending Waitlist Registration.

20903 Record Event ID on Reservation for auto-generated Resource Allocations on an Event.

20957 Fixed several issues on how Attributes display in CT6.

20981 Changed styling on CT6 header to perform better on smaller screens.

20982 Changed Roommate Requests to display name of the requested person instead of the name on the original request.


Released to Test Databases on May 4th, 2016

3948 On Individual Registrations by default, hide Cancelled Registrations. Added ability to toggle with Show/Hide Cancelled button

18708 Fixed issue when deleting a Donation, soft credits were not being deleted as well.

20533 Fixed issue with apostrophe causing conditional logic on Attribute to not work correctly.

20795 Fixed issue where cancelled reservations were showing up in Make a Payment.

20925 Fixed issue where Attributes were not saving correctly.

20961 Fixed issue where Medical Form PDF was displaying before the Medical Form was complete.

20963 Changed Employment Dates to only show Accepted Work Periods.

20964 Added bold styling to fonts for browsers running in OSX.

20966 For referred Applicants, allow for Change Application Status to work.

20968 Fixed issue where Attachment Type was not selectable under a Complaint.

20969 Added warning when deleting Cost Center if there are GL Codes assigned.


Released to Test Databases on April 28th, 2016

3947 Added Admin CT6 - Admin and Financial Contact CT6 - Financial Contact icons to the Person card.

CT6 - Admin Icons

18890 Add additional validation to detect SQL errors caused by bad parameters.

19595 Prompt for new application if not been employed in past 5 years.

19943 Added method to update iPay tokens to correctly allow editing of a credit card.

20310 Added flags next to Attributes on Medical Form

CT6 - Medical Form Attributes

20425 Fixed issue with taxes calculated incorrectly when transferring a pending reservation item.

20499 Added a function during the cancel registrations part of the End of Event process to remove any AR records that are registration donations which were never posted to AR.

20639 Added husband/wife to family roles.

20881 Fixed issues to update the Accounting and Activities screens when changes are made.

20923 Added required asterisk next to Phone Number during Account creation.

20930 Changed SalesLink update to exit if there is a error, and improved error message.

20937 Fixed issue where Director declining Work Periods removed all accepted Work Periods.

20946 Fixed issue where long items in Search results caused search to misalign.


Released to Test Databases on April 28th, 2016

20915 Updated Basic Query results to display query name.

20911 Fixed issue where a Public Itinerary Link was not working for a Private Event.

20786 Fixed issue with Templates not loading correctly for Automated or Scheduled Emails.

20482 Fixed issue when changing the Attendee Max at the Event level was producing an error.

20482 Fixed the text on Timeline for Medical Forms.


Released to Test Databases on April 27th, 2016

3941 Added option to email receipt when make a purchase in SalesLink. To set this box to checked by default, go to Application Settings > Point Of Sale and check the box next to POSDefaultEmailReceipt.

  • Check box on Checkout screen to email receipt to send to the following:
    • Store Card – Email sent to Paying Entity [For Family or Group this is the first Financial Contact or Admin]
    • No Store Card – Email sent to Customer

CT6 - Email Receipt

  • Sends email similar to Webstore Confirmation Automated Email.

CT6 - Store Receipt

3945 During the End of Event process, added a donation soft credit to the Donate Remaining Store Card Balance step to the prioritize Financial Contacts then Admins.

20917 Fixed issue with date range being rejected for Time Off Requests.

20913 Fixed issue where error appears when trying to change Work Period End Date or Departure Date on a Job Posting.

20904 Fixed issue where canceling a Registration with a pending Reservation was causing an error.

20810 Show non-scheduled Activities on a Registration under Activities when no scheduled Activities have been configured.

20762 On Add Reservation, removed Resource Categories that are not configured for Event.

20762 Fixed issue on Add Reservation where selection of multiple radio buttons was possible. Also allowed validation message to expand as content grows.

20600 Fixed issue where Basic Queries were not running properly.


Released to Test Databases on April 26th, 2016

19786 Moved the Actions menu to the left of the summary so that it is not covered up.

20888 Fixed issues with Widgets not showing when expanded.

20898 Added Medical Report Category to Web Security Group.

20902 Fixed resizing on Add a Family to be able to accommodate smaller screens.

20896 Fixed issue in CT5 where Add a Family was not working correctly.


Released to Test Databases on April 26th, 2016

3943 Made the following updates to Reports and Queries:

  • Basic/Advanced Search has been replaced by Criteria that can collapse or expand by using the icons CT6 - Collapse  .

CT6 - Report Criteria

  • Add Report moved to Actions menu.

CT6 - Add Report

18816 Limited Health Center Complaints to not be able to be created in the future.

19488 Set default Work Period dates to January 1st of the current year.

20289 Fixed issue on Add Medication dialog where “Save and Add Another” was not working.

20628 On Add Medication dialog, added dosage of 2.5 and dispense method of chewable.

20541 Fixed issue in Firefox where menu expansion was not working.

20632 Fixed issue in Onboarding where uploading a file of a different type was not working.

20874 Fixed issue with Reservations not showing Reservation items where the resource has been disabled.

20878 Removed references to deleted credit card notes field.

20880 Fixed issue where not all Roommate Request chains were displaying on CT Registration Site.


Released to Test Databases on April 21st, 2016

With the release of 6.0.16, we switch the Category for several queries from Staff to HR Management. To see a complete list, click below:

3935 Added the ability to view Attachments in a new browser tab by clicking on View in queries.

CT6 - View Attachment

20763 Fixed issue where changing a manual entry was not properly repricing a Registration or Reservation to account for taxes.

20858 Fixed issue where changing a Pay Rate from Flat Rate to Hourly wasn’t working correctly.

20858 Fixed issue in HR where Attachment Form dialog was not working properly.


Released to Test Databases on April 20th, 2016

20836 Fixed issue where tax was not calculating properly on a transfer payment.

20840 Fixed issue where the correct status was not being set on a Roommate Request during Registration.


Released to Test Databases on April 18th, 2016

3932 Moved Search bar in CT6 to right hand side and set to expanded.

CT6 - Search

20623 Fixed issue where tooltips weren’t been removed when hover was moved.

20768 Updated the wording for the following terms in Health Center:

  • Had Complaint to Complaint
  • Had Off-site Visit to Off-site Visit
  • Saw Physician to Physician Visit

20775 Fixed issue where Applicants were not able to delete Attachments.

20797 Fixed issue where Discounts weren’t applying to Pending registrations correctly.

20801 Fixed the following issues:

  • Transfer canceling a reservation item and not recalculating taxes.
  • Taxes being duplicated when adding a reservation internally.
  • Activating a registration the reservations wouldn’t get taxes added.

20822 Fixed issue where Offer and Onboarding were displaying the incorrect Staff member’s information.

20835 Fixed issue where card flip animation was occurring at the wrong time.

20838 Fixed issue where Work Periods weren’t displaying correctly in a Job Posting.


Released to Test Databases on April 18th, 2016

20818 Added logic that does not allow a user to re-enter a credi card if it already exists and a token didn’t exist.

20811 For iPay gateway, added ability to select an EFT account when doing a refund.

20781 Updated Incident List to display the Incident Summary.

20743 Added scrollbars to Medical Condition cards.


Released to Test Databases on April 15th, 2016

20838 Fixed issue when switching Credit Card processors that tokens were not being updated to use new processor.


Released to Test Databases on April 15th, 2016

3921 Added Optional check box to Activities Attendee Workflow Step. Allows Scheduled Activity Selection to be part of registration process, but not required to be completed.

Activities - Optional

3874 Added ability to print Medical Form from CT Registration Site. Option hidden by default. To enable, in CT5, go to Application Settings > Medical and click ShowDownloadButtonInRegPortal.

Download Health Form

Download Health Form Info

20784 Fixed issue when making an Offer, the Position drop down menu wasn’t populating any results.

19861 Fixed issue where printing in Shipping Manager was not working.

20798 Look for newest credit card token when making a payment.

20777 Fixed issue on grids where results wouldn’t load properly when grouped.

20714 Added refresh to CT6 under Registration Details for Account Summary and Line Items when the following are updated:

  • Reservations
  • Activities
  • Emails
  • Transportation
  • Store
  • PreOrders
  • Make a Payment


Released to Test Databases on April 14th, 2016

3929 Under Manage, created People section to be able to add a Person, Family or Group and access Advanced Search.

CT6 - People

20454 Added code to Reservation change status to always reprice the Registration when activating or canceling a Reservation to update tax. Does not apply to activating a Registration or Itinerary or when canceling.

20651 Fixed issue when meals are allocated to an Event, don’t update an Itinerary guest count.

20701 Added classes on CT Registration Site to View Statement > Account Summary to allow for hiding of section.

20734 Updated formatting on Complaint Details.

20737 Fixed issue where adding a credit card when making a donation wasn’t working.

20738 Changed spacing to display Private Event link correctly.

20740 Fixed issue in where editing an attachment wasn’t working properly.

20758 Updated W-4 query to look for social security number from form if it doesn’t exist on Individual.

20771 Updated college listed in summary to look at through date from Education History.

20772 Added class to be able to hide Total Pay on Offer.

20776 Fixed issue where paying with paper check wasn’t working in Make a Payment.


Released to Test Databases on April 13th, 2016

20751 Fixed issue where Offer wasn’t pulling the correct default company website address in order to send a confirmation email.


Released to Test Databases on April 11th, 2016

20712 Fixed issues with Advanced Search to display results correctly.

20739 Changed how EFT account models are created.


Released to Test Databases on April 11th, 2016

20440 Created Scheduled Email Trigger for Guest Groups with Balance Due.

20717 Made several changes to Summary in CT6:

  • Fixed title of Check-In to be “Attendee Name – Check-in” from “Attendee Name.”
  • Took Attendee Address out of the details because it is now in the summary.
  • Fixed issue with donor summary if donor is a group, the hyperlink to the profile in the summary would not open.
  • Took colons out of all the summaries.
  • Added hyperlinks for Father, Mother in the Individual Summary.
  • Only show Lifetime Giving for donors in the summary. Don’t show at all if there is no donation.
  • Added View Registration button to the footer of the Attendee Check-in Summary.
  • Changed color of hyperlinks to be consistent.
  • Updated Check-In Employee Summary to be consistent with other summaries.

20731 Fixed issue where credit card option wasn’t displaying for donations.


Released to Test Databases on April 8th, 2016

20678 Added paying entity to Registration > Profile > Accounting.

20687 Changed label on phone for Family account from Cell to Family.

20702 Fixed issue where classes in Activities were not displaying correctly.

20703 Fixed issue where not all weeks were displaying under Activities.

20704 Fixed an issue that caused payment types to not be selected correctly and added an asterisk to the CVC number.


Released to Test Databases on April 7th, 2016

20664 Fixed issue when adding a Reservation, no types were displayed.

20668 Fixed issue with actions on Complaint Card were not displayed correctly.

20669 Added checks to AutoPayment to prevent null reference error.

20684 Fixed issue with More section when adding an address wasn’t populating field.

20697 Fixed issue where refreshing on grids was not working correctly.


Released to Test Databases on April 6th, 2016

20617 Fixed issue with audit code to find correct discount amount applied.

20697 Added Content Field to Immunization opt out check box.

20666 Fixed issue with virtual scrolling on Advanced Search.

20688 Changed sort order on Family Profile to show Admins and then children by age.

20690 Added validation to delete confirmation to look for text.

20691 Fixed issue with not being able to delete a Flight.


Released to Test Databases on April 4th, 2016

20680 Removed Profile from Registration Detail.


Released to Test Databases on April 4th, 2016

20652 Fixed issue on Timeline where Staff couldn’t be unselected.

20654 Fixed issue when adding a Medical Complaint not working.

20659 Fixed issue where adding a new store card not pulling payment source.

20661 Fixed issue when saving a Family and Add New Member not working.

20662 Fixed issue on Make a Payment not allowing custom payment amount.

20680 Fixed issue where adding a credit card not showing up in donations.


Released to Test Databases on April 4th, 2016

20656 Updated build manager to work for 6.0 version numbering.

CT6 Features

Interested in learning more about what is included in the release of CT6? Check out the article below:


Released to Test Databases on April 1st, 2016

3626 New navigation in CT6. Read more about it here:


Released to Test Databases on April 1st, 2016

3041 Added support for Roommate Requests across multiple Event Divisions.


Released to Test Databases on April 1st, 2016

2802 Removed all credit card numbers from the database. In 5.23, we switched to creating tokens instead of storing credit card information, so this information did not need to be stored any longer.

3851 Adding the following to Health Center

  • Saw Physician to Complaint Add/Edit Dialog, Complaint Card and Search.
  • Had Off-site Visit to Search.
  • Event Abbreviation merge field to Incident Notification Automated Email.
  • Parent email address to Medical Summary.
  • Attachments to Complaints.

CT6 - Add Attachment to Complaint


Released to Test Databases on April 1st, 2016

3873 Hid all Sub Queries and added show Sub Queries check box. Read more about it here:


Released to Test Databases on April 1st, 2016

17237 Fixed issue where Current Batch screen wasn’t refreshing correctly.

17593 Only allow one Interview Rating step.

19165 Fixed issue where Complaints were showing disabled Incident Activities.


Released to Test Databases on April 1st, 2016

18080 Fixed issue where clicking on Special Instructions on Medication Administration wasn’t working.

19532 Once Offer dialog is closed, Employment screen is refreshed.


Released to Test Databases on April 1st, 2016

17717 Created new dialog to warn when timeout occurs.

19263 In Timeline, added View Communication button.

CT6 - Add Communication

19537 Fixed issue with Query Builder not displaying results correctly.


Released to Test Databases on December 23rd, 2015

19861 Fixed issue where updating expiration dates for existing credit card was not working [Payflow Pro only].


Released to Test Databases on December 22nd, 2015

19854 Set the registration year when looking for school year so that the grade event filter works properly during Event Selection.


Released to Test Databases on December 22nd, 2015

19803 Updated version to include GLCodeSegment that was displaying as an error when posting checks.


Released to Test Databases on December 22nd, 2015

3838 Renamed CostCenters.GLCodeSegment to DepartmentID.

19803 Fixed issue where school year was not calculating properly.

19732 Fixed issue where Application sections were not expanding in Safari.


Released to Test Databases on December 14th, 2015

19809 Fixed issue where withdrawn Application was not displaying correctly due to Certifications being checked.


Released to Test Databases on December 14th, 2015

19805 Fixed issue where Certification upload is not working.


Released to Test Databases on December 14th, 2015

19665 Fixed issue where Application and Employment Record were not being connected.

19782 Fixed issue when activating a reservation a validation exception threw off the automatic deposit schedule.

19784 Fixed issue where communication history was deleted, the associated timeline event was not deleted.

19787 Fixed issue where Total Pay on the Offer wasn’t calculating when an Employment Record was not present.

19787 Added validation to see if Arrival / Departure date have been set before attempting to save.

19794 Fixed issue under Certification where IsTraining and HideFromApp were not saving.


Released to Test Databases on December 10th, 2015

18222 Added error message when trying to delete a position or work period that already has an employment record.

18222 Added date field to Store Transaction export.

19170 Disabled editing expiration date on credit card when payment schedule is present.

19744 Updated API process for referring applicant to another company.

19780 Fixed issue where location and position were not showing during Offer.


Released to Test Databases on December 9th, 2015

3695 Updated Offer with several improvements:

Offer Updates

  • Changed Offer Status from drop downs to icons to make selection easier
  • Moved Arrival / Departure Dates below Position and Work Periods which updates dynamically once Work Periods are selected.

Certifications & Training

  • Added section for Certifications and Trainings.
  • Applicants who already have a Certification are noted by a checkmark.
  • Check the box for any Certifications or Trainings that are required of the Applicant during Onboarding.

Certification and Training

  • Added two options to Certifications to mark as training as well as an option to hide from the Application.
  • Certifications and Trainings can be used in the following ways:
    • Certification – Needs to be completed before Staff arrival.
    • Training – Completed when Staff is onsite.

19219 Fixed issues where Event Year on an A/R entry could be incorrect.

19219 Fixed issue when a discount is applied that it covers non-taxable charges first and then any remaining taxable charges and thus reduce tax.


Released to Test Databases on December 9th, 2015

19747 Added an error message when College is not present in Application.


Released to Test Databases on December 4th, 2015

3764 Added Total Work Periods and Total Pay to Offer in CT Web and CT Registration Site.


Offer - Total Pay

19744 Fixed issue where referring Applicants to another company was not working.

19761 Added donation pre-filter to “Default to designate” and set Yes as default for any pre-filters to specific campaigns or appeals.


Released to Test Databases on December 3rd, 2015

3821 Added Security Privilege [Allow Offer Send Now Email] to HR Management Security Group that allows selection of Send Later or Send Now when setting up an Offer. If user does not have the privilege and sets up an Offer, the selection defaults to Send Later.

Send Now

19741 Fixed error validation for invalid Time Of


Released to Test Databases on December 2nd, 2015

19737 Fixed issue with Scheduled Activities being put on Waitlist when only one spot is left.


Released to Test Databases on November 30th, 2015

19716 Added commas to address in Edit Address dialog in CT Web.


Released to Test Databases on November 24th, 2015

19733 Fixed issue logging into HR Portal in CT Registration Site – Test.

19729 Changed format for comments in credit card processors from “EntityID (ProcessID) ” to “CT-EntityID-ProcessName”.

19724 Fixed issue with registration activation not updating Activity Schedule status.

19718 Changed label for Draft Early Arrival back to Accounting in CT Web > Configuration.

19714 Found workaround for adding two BCC: emails to an Automated Email by adding both addresses to the To: field.

19713 Fixed a configuration issue with Email Editor that didn’t allow various attributes when editing HTML for Automated Email content areas.

19713 Added “Content” column to Communication grid.

19629 Fixed issue where Offer was trying to load null data.

19377 Fixed issue when adding an Exclusion Type to a Scheduled Email wasn’t displaying any options.

18467 Fixed issue to allow Pars SQL from Query Details to be allowed through Firewall.


Released to Test Databases on November 19th, 2015

19702 Added production URLs for live transaction in iPay Gateway.

19695 Updated Draft search to only displays Staff Locations.

19686 Fixed issue with Activity selection so validation does not count current reservation.

16589 Set description for New Account Confirmation Automated Email which prevented saving.

16979 Fixed issue where photos weren’t displaying correctly on reports in CT Web.


Released to Test Databases on November 19th, 2015

3779 Updated the Employment screen to display Employment Housing as well as made each section collapsible.


3810 Added Entity ID to the Employment Summary.

19670 Change Attribute component to return an empty list of attributes when the filtered list of categories is empty.

19662 Fixed issue when displaying a Report in Window, the next button not working.


Released to Test Databases on November 18th, 2015

3778 Added ability to filter by Status in Employment Search.


19601 Fixed issue where Canadian postal codes recognizes 6 characters when space is removed.

19649 Added Canadian postal code support to Payment Wizard.


Released to Test Databases on November 11th, 2015

19601 Updated OLAP tables


Released to Test Databases on November 10th, 2015

3661 Added support for Planet Payment gateway for processing Canadian payments.

19644 Fixed issue in logic of overlapping Auto-Pay schedules.

19680 Fixed bug for calculated monthly payments calculating incorrectly.


Released to Test Databases on November 6th, 2015

19622 Added filtering for Attendee – Additional Questions Attributes in CT Desktop and CT Registration Site.

19619 Fixed issue with Print Statement on CT Registration Site not working properly.

19611 Recruiters can now be merged with other individuals.

19624 Changed calculation for days in Activity Scheduling to ignore time of day.


Released to Test Databases on November 5th, 2015

19623 Fixed issue with Donation Giving Summary displaying incorrect data.

19620 Fixed issue with Evaluation Rating not allowing value past 9.

19599 Activities Scheduling hidden for Waitlist or Pending Waitlist registrations.


Released to Test Databases on November 3rd, 2015

19593 Changed Activity Selection page header to show actual range of class dates during the scheduled week.

19596 Added verification before Itinerary is created to make sure user has access to group.


Released to Test Databases on November 3rd, 2015

19549 Added Prospect “Attached To” back to Attribute Categories.

19577 Fixed issue with Social Security Number and Driver’s License not showing correctly in Update Profile.

19592 Corrected merge fields for Parent Account Creation Notification Automated email.


Released to Test Databases on October 29th, 2015

19605 Fixed issue with Onboarding Background Check form not displaying correctly.

19547 Fixed issue when changing donation type not displaying payment method correctly.


Released to Test Databases on October 28th, 2015

3694 Added Donations tab to Individual and Family profiles. Includes graph of donations by fund, summary of important donation dates and breakdown of donation by year. Clicking on a specific donation card will open Donation Details.



Released to Test Databases on October 22nd, 2015

3646 Create link for multiple Private Events. You can create a link for multiple Private Event by combining the links as follows. Make sure to separate the two ID’s with a | character [SHIFT+\].

Private Event ID


Released to Test Databases on October 20th, 2015

3659 Created Camper Contact Info section in HR Dashboard. Allows Staff members to see the contact information of the campers that were assigned to their cabin. Contact information is grouped by week of camp and displays the following:

  • Camper Photo
  • Camper Name
  • Parent Names
  • Address
  • Primary Phone Number
  • Parent Email
  • Camper Email [if available]


Released to Test Databases on October 15th, 2015

3614 Scheduled Activity time displays in Registration Details.

Activity Time

3696 Added Attendee – Additional Questions Attribute.


Released to Test Databases on October 9th, 2015

3679 Added ability to assign Attributes to Prospects.


Released to Test Databases on September 25th, 2015

3676 Added Applicant Type to Application Search.

New vs Returning


Released to Test Databases on September 22nd, 2015

3642 Created Parent Creation Invitation Automated Email.


Released to Test Databases on September 22nd, 2015

2169 Allow Activity Scheduling during Online Registration.

3641 Allow selection of multiple events at the start of Online Registration.

2863 Added disabled checkbox to Transportation Location.

Transportation - Disabled

3434 Staff medical information is only viewable if a user has Medical Security Privileges.

3463 Added Arrival & Departure Time to Employment Offer


3471 Print Statement button, which generates a PDF, added to Statement in CT Registration Site

Print Statement


Released to Test Databases on September 22nd, 2015

2809 Added functionality to be able to evaluate Staff.


As we continue migrating content from CT Desktop to CT Web, the next set of features available are Configuration Settings. Here is a list of the Configuration Settings that are now available:

Company Divisions AR Categories Injury Activities Attachment Categories Guest Categories Event Types
Payment Processors Complaint Area Attachment Types Event Division Types
Service Providers Cancellation Reason

How each settings functions is similar. For example, to add an Event Type:

  1. In CT Web, go to Configure > Registration > Event Types.
  2. Click the Registration_Config icon and select Add Event Type.
  3. Enter the required information and click Save.


In each list, there are also options to Edit or Delete items.