How do I use Payment Search?

Payment Search allows you to review payments that have been made and find more detail.

Payment Search

  1. In CT6, go to Manage > Camp > Accounting > Payment Search.


  1. Fill out the Criteria.

  • From / To – Set the dates when the payment occurred.
  • GL Batch ID – Enter a specific GL Batch ID.
  • Payment Type – Select either Check, Credit Card, Cash or ACH.
  1. For more Criteria, select More.

  • Billing Name – Enter the name of the account used to make the payment.
  • Amount – Enter the amount of the payment.
  • Transaction ID – Number assigned by CircuiTree to each payment.
  • Transaction Number – For Credit Cards, a number assigned by the processor. For ACH, Cash and Checks, a CircuiTree assigned number.
  • Check Number – Enter the number from a Check.
  • Card Number Last Four – Enter the last four digits of the Credit Card number.
  1. Select Find to see results.

Quick Tip – Learn how to customize your Grid View.
  1. Select a payment to see the Payment Summary on the right.

  1. Select View to see more details.

Payment Details

Payment Details lets you see more specifics about a payment.

  • View the details of the payment as well as the GL Batch that the payment is part of.

  • If the payment was applied to a Registration, see details about that Registration. Select View to go directly to the Registration.

  • View the specific line items for the payment.

  • If the payment is for a Donation, see details about the Donation. Select View to open the Donation.

  • If the payment is for an Order, see details about the Order. Select View to open the Order Details.

  • If the payment is for a Reservation, see details about the Reservation.