Staff Queries moved to HR Management

We have switched the Category for a group of queries from Staff to HR Management. This action removes the queries from the Everyone Security Group and limits access to users who are part of one of these Security Groups:

  • Admin
  • Accounting Manager
  • HR
  • HR Manager
  • HR Payroll
ID Query
-506 Accounts Payable Summary
-561 Applicant Attributes
-362 Applicant Availability
-358 Applicant Camp Preferences
-361 Applicant Certifications
-526 Applicant Comparison
-357 Applicant Education
-359 Applicant Position Preferences
-365 Applicant References
-438 Applicant References Summary
-360 Applicant Skills
-363 Applicant Time Off
-356 Applicant Work History
-399 Applications
-370 Applications not within Radius of Interview Locations
-469 Background Check Export
-413 Employment Offer Email
-410 Interview Applicant Availability
-401 Interview Attributes
-402 Interview Skills
-414 Manager Checklist
-468 Onboarding Email
-470 Onboarding Stats
-548 Reference Attributes
-405 Returning Staff Applications
-406 Returning Staff Availability
-517 Returning Staff Availability Email
-432 Staff Application by Target Location
-355 Staff Application Report
-364 Staff Application-Applicant Attributes
-560 Staff Certification or Training Email
-524 Staff Evaluations
-531 Staff Interview Details
-525 Staff Interviewer Ratings
-407 Staff Interviews
-471 Staff Missing Forms
-518 Staff Needing Evaluation
-495 Unfilled Positions

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