How do I create Registration Attributes?

You may use the CircuiTree system to create specific sets of questions and associate them with particular events (through event divisions).

Step 1: Create an attribute category associated with Registration

From the CampLink > Configuration > Attribute Categories section, create a new Attribute Category. Choose Registration for the Attached To field. Use an appropriate name for the specific sub-set of questions you want to ask (like Family Camp Survey or Leadership Questionnaire.)

CampLink > Configuration > Attribute Categories > [Specific category]

Step 2: Create the necessary attributes in that category

Create attributes that capture the information you need and associate them with your new attribute category. Be sure to put this set of attributes in the same category so that they will be included or disallowed as a set.

CampLink > Configuration > Attribute Categories > [Specific category] > Attributes tab

Step 3: Associate the attribute category with the appropriate event divisions

Open the event division you wish to use the questions for. From the Settings tab, choose the Attendee Settings subtab. Add or modify the workflow step Additional Questions. That step will present you with a list of distinct attribute categories attached to Registrations. Check the box next to the appropriate set of questions for that event.

CampLink > Configuration > Events > [Specific Event] > Settings tab > Attendee Sections subtab > Additional Questions selection

Step 4: Verify that the values show up in the Attributes tab of a registration

After you’ve set the category for the workflow step, go online and verify that the questions show up for a registration. Then check the internal registration and verify that the attributes and their values show up on the Attributes tab of the registration.

CampLink > Registrations > [Specific Registration] > Attributes tab

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