How do I use Registration Search?

Need a quick way to find a list of Registrations? Check out Registration Search to be able to view registrations and group and sort by different criteria.

  1. In CT6, click on the menu and go to Manage > Camp > Attendees > Registration Search.

CT6 - Registration Search

  1. Fill out the Criteria.

CT6 - Search Criteria

Quick Tip – You are able to select multiple Events from the drop down by clicking on the down arrow again.
  1. For more filtering options, click More.

CT6 - Status

Quick Tip – Drag and drop the items in Group By to change the order they display.
  1. Select Find to display results.

CT 6 - Search Results


Use the CT6 - Search Filter to filter down the list of results. Select an option to Sort By, including:

  • Last Name, First Name
  • Balance Due
  • Age
  • Grade
  • Registration Status
Registration Record

CT6 - Reg Results

  • Displays Registration Status and Profile picture.
  • Lists name, city, state, age, gender and grade.
  • Shows Attendee Workflow Steps that are configured for the Event have been completed.
  • Displays Balance.
  • Click View to open Registration Details.

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