Features & Tweaks from 2016-17

As we wrap up another summer season, we want to share with you all of the features and tweaks that have been added to CircuiTree in the past year.

See a breakdown of each feature and the number of improvements that were made for each one.



4320 Ability to change the GL Post Date on a GL Batch.

4266 Ability to Create ACH Batch in CT6.
4146 Show Deposit Schedule in Quick Enroll.
4114 Added a discount rule for Event Begin Date.

3684 Added the ability to refund/reverse a Donation paid for by AR.

3684 Added Close Batch process to CT6.


4262 Updated process for changing Attributes to or from Year Based.
3953 Improved usability of Attributes in CT6.


4324 Added the ability to search for individuals on the check in screen by Wristband ID.

4275 Added editable fields for University and Year in School to Staff Check-In.

4158 Added Make a Payment, add Store Credit, Quick Enroll and Attributes to Check-In.

4076 Added Wristband ID to API.


4149 Hide Event Dates option on Event.

4147 Added CSS to Quick Enroll.
4093 Added Timezone to Location Details to allow to set time on Enroll Dates on Event Division.

3531 Added Attachments – Attachment Categories configuration.
3525 Added Registration – Company Divisions configuration.


4206 Created Scheduled Email Trigger for Inventory Item purchased.
4069 Created Employment and Staff Application Scheduled Emails Triggers.
4068 Created Sent To view for Scheduled Emails.
4028 Converted HTML editors over to Kendo HTML editor.
3983 Ability to turn off specific Automated Emails.

3828 Added Request Code to Group Attendee Request Link in Automated Email.


4213 Added nickname to Attendee Selection online and maiden name to CT6.

4095 Changed Graduate grade to college classification [Freshman, Sophmore, Junior, Senior].

4063 Added delete option to Individual / Group Details.
4022 Added option to create Family/Group from Individual.

4002 Added reset/forgot password into CT6.

2747 Added checkbox for Do Not Solicit.

587 Added table to track Merge History.


4305 Updated edit/delete icons to be more consistent.
4247 Move to new Datacenter.
4113 Implement TogetherPay Credit Card gateway.
4071 Modify build manager for new deployment hierarchy.

Guest Groups

4221 Updated birthday calendar in CT6 to show all years.
4150 Updated Accounting to work with Guest Groups.
4135 Added Workflow Steps configuration.
4133 Added Activate and Cancel to Itinerary Details.

4129 Created Group Roster edit view.
4127 Added Timeline to Itinerary details.
4112 Created Guest Group Configuration.
4111 Created Guest Group Search.

4086 Created Guest Group Reservation View.
4038 Created Guest Group Detail View.

Health Center

4096 Added Include As Needed as a parameter on Scheduled Medications.

4054 Added Medical Form Status Button to Registration Detail.


4295 Added ability to upload Onboarding attachments in CT6.

4270 Added Positions and Availability to Application Management.

4059 Show Do Not Hire notification in more areas.

4051 Added Are you in College? question to Demographics.
3404 Added a process to copy Job Postings.


4341 Update to allow Self Registrations in Quick Enroll.
4337 Added Group Registrations to CT6.
4329 Add links to Attendee Workflow Steps links after completing Registration Wizard.
4185 Updated Pre-Orders to accommodate new dimensions.
4162 Added Attendee Workflow Step links on registration confirmation page.
4160 Converted Pre-Order to Cards on Registration Site.

4153 Added ability to update Registration Quantities from Roster.

4148 Added Pre-Filters for Quick Enroll.
4130 Allow for upload of attachments in Attendee Workflow Step.
4124 Display Line Items on Pending Registration Screen.

4064 Allow for any payment amount between Deposit Due and Full Amount.

4062 Enhanced Registration Site for Mobile.
4055 Added Print Statement Action Menu Items to Registration Detail.

4023 Created Registration Search.
3934 Added transfer registration process.
3818 Added groups to Registration Wizard.
3817 Created Registration Wizard in CT6.


4211 Added improved ability to add Google Analytics.
4131 Created integration for queries to send to Tableau.

4049 Added a field to track Event Sessions.

4021 Added query parameter configuration to CT6.
888 Added ability to schedule Reports or Queries to be run during Nightly Process.


4370 Added Daily Reservations to CT6.
3668 Updated Resource Calendar to lock Resource Column instead of scrolling off the screen.


4371 Added Test Print function for receipt printers.

4354 Added Credit Card Reader capability to SalesLink 6.
4333 Updated dimensions on Webstore to show “Out of Stock” properly.
4307 Updated Webstore to accommodate for dimensions.

4303 Added ability to resume other registers pending orders in the same store location.
4301 Added ability to create an Inventory Item that does not have a dimension.
4299 Updated SalesLink 5 to create dimensions.
4240 Created Order Search to show Complete, Pending and Returned Orders.
4229 Added Return order option.
4228 Added Inventory Vendor List configuration.

4226 Added ability to add or edit an Invoice.
4224 Added Invoice search.
4220 Added End of Day process.
4197 Created Checkout process in POS.
4196 Created tags for Inventory Items for quick reference in POS.

4177 Added Inventory configuration.
4174 Added ability to create Inventory Items with multiple dimensions [i.e. size, color].
4173 Added ability to directly upload photos to Inventory Items.
4172 Added Inventory search.

4156 Added Dimensions configuration.
4155 Added Web Taxes configuration.
4154 Added Inventory Departments configuration.
4025 Created refund process in SalesLink 6.
3914 Added tax exempt checkmark to Orders.
1677 Created Security Privilege to allow to charge account when no money is on account.


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