References Overview

References in Job Postings are a powerful tool to be able to allow Applicants to send Reference Requests to References, have the References fill them out, and then allow your staff to access them under the Applicant’s account. Here is a brief overview of the process.

Step 1 – Reference Information

During the Application, the Applicant enters information for their References.

Step 2 – Email Sent

Once the Applicant submits their Application, the HR Reference Request Automated Email is sent to the Reference.

Note – Want to send different HR Reference Request Automated Emails for different Job Postings? Learn how here: How do I copy the HR Reference Request email? 

Step 3 – Complete Form

The Reference opens the link in the email and then completes the Reference Form.

Step 4 – View Form

Hiring officials can then see Reference Forms as part of the Applicant’s Application.

If an Applicant has References from multiple Job Postings, you can select Display References from all Job Postings.

Note – References are tied to each Job Posting. If an Applicant applies to two different Job Postings, they would need to send out References for each one.

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