How do I add an Application Fee?

Below are the steps to charge an Application Fee once per Attendee per Itinerary. The Application Fee will apply regardless of how many registrations there are.


Dawn Morse is registered for two Events and there is a $10 Application Fee for attending an Event during the Summer season. During checkout, the $10 Application Fee is added to the earliest Registration.

Quick Tip – If you cancel the registration that has the Application Fee applied, the next Registration will have an Application Fee applied to it. If you are cancelling all registrations with an Application Fee, but want to still charge the fee, either mark the AR Category as Non-Refundable, or make sure to include a Cancellation Fee at least equal to the Application Fee.


Registrations with a Registation Type of Child or Self will be grouped in an Itinerary based on the following dates:

  • Summer – May 15th to August 31st
  • Fall – September 1st to November 31st
  • Winter – December 1st to February 28th
  • Spring – March 1st to May 14th

Here is an example of how Itineraries would be created for a family with multiple Registrations where the Events have an Application Fee of $10 added.

  • Itinerary #1 – Summer
    • Jeremy Parks – Application Fee – $10
      • Day Camp Week 1 – June 1st – 5th
      • Day Camp Week 2 – June 8th – 12th
    • Nora Parks – Application Fee – $10
      • Day Camp Week 3 – June 15th – 19th
      • Day Camp Week 4 – June 22nd – 26th
  • Itinerary #2 – Fall
    • Jeremy Parks – Application Fee – $10
      • Fall Weekend #1 – September 3rd – 5th
      • Fall Weekend #2 – September 10th – 12th
    • Nora Parks – Application Fee – $10
      • Fall Weekend #1 – September 3rd – 5th
      • Fall Weekend #2 – September 10th – 12th

With registrations being grouped in an Itinerary per season, the payment process can be streamlined for your customers. Instead of having to make payments on multiple Itineraries, a customer can make one payment per season.

Note – Registrations with the Registration Type of Family or Group are not grouped in Itineraries based on seasons. They are grouped if multiple Events overlap or begin and end on the same day.


In order to configure Application Fees, you need to create an AR Category as well as add it as a charge to an Event.

AR Category
  1. In CT6, go to Config > Accounting > AR Categories.

  1. Select Add AR Category.
  2. Enter a Description of the Category and then select Save.

  1. In CT6, go to Menu > Config > Registration > Events.

  1. Search for the Event and select .
  2. Go to Charges and select Edit.

  1. Select  and then select the AR Category that you configured from the drop down. Select the box for Application Fee.

  1. Select Save.

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