Welcome to CircuiTree’s Getting Started series!  Just like the title, this is the perfect place to “get started” in your journey with CircuiTree.  We’ll show you the framework behind the CircuiTree software in the following posts.  Then, you can learn more about the specific areas such as registration and accounting, that make up the whole of CircuiTree.  From there, you can begin investigating our Training by Department that will help you learn the core functions of your particular role.

Getting Started

We recommend that everyone in your organization begin with the posts below.  The first three are most recommended. These give a high-level understanding of the CircuiTree system and allow everyone in your organization to gain the basic information needed to effectively use the database.

  1. Introduction to CircuiTree
  2. The CircuiTree Paradigm
  3. The CircuiTree Tour
  4. People in CircuiTree
  5. Events in CircuiTree
  6. Registration in CircuiTree
  7. Web Concepts in CircuiTree
Additional Training

CircuiTree by Department