Point of Sale Overview

Want to learn about how to use Point of Sale in CT6? You have come to the right place! Below are details on how to use the various features.


Go to menu and select Manage > SalesLink > Point of Sale.

Customer Search

Type in the name of a customer (or staff person hired in CT) or scan their wristband to pull their account.

  • Multiple Events – If the customer has multiple Events that they are registered for, they will display with a date range in the list.
  • Add Person – You can add a customer by selecting Add Person.
  • Walk-In Customer – If no customer is selected, then they are considered a Walk-In Customer.
  • Closed Accounts – Select if you want to include closed accounts in the search.


Once you have a customer selected, you can reference important information concerning their account and Store Card.

Select Remove Customer to remove the current one and select another.


Tags are useful in organizing your inventory as well as making frequently purchased items easily accessible.

Select a Tag to see items.

Select an Item to choose dimensions and then select Add Item to add to order.

Order Details

Add items to an order by either scanning a barcode or through using Tags.

Once an item is added to an order, you can adjust the Quantity, update the Unit Price or remove the item.

Apply Discount

To apply a discount to the order, select Actions > Add Discount.

Clear Order

To remove all the items from an order, select Actions > Clear Order.

Order Summary

Price Level

Select a Price Level for the order. The different prices correspond to the prices set on an Inventory Item.

  • Customer – Price 1
  • Staff – Price 2
  • Full Time Staff – Price 3
Store Card

If selling to a customer with a Store Card, see a running balance of their charges and their remaining credit.


See a breakdown of the Subtotal, Discount, Tax and Total.


Once the customer is ready to complete their order, select Checkout to see the different tender types.

Store Card

Enter the amount to apply to the Store Card. If the customer has multiple Store Cards, you can select from the list. Once the amount is entered, select Add Payment.

Credit Card

Enter a new credit card or select an existing one tied to the account.


Enter the amount of cash and select Add Payment.


Enter the amount and check number and then select Add Payment.

Charge to Department

Choose a department from the list and then select Add Payment.

Process Order

After you have added a payment, the final checkout box will appear. You can record the customer name, email the customer a receipt and add comments, then select Process Order.

Split Tender

If their is a remaining balance, you can apply another tender by selecting Add Tender Type.

Once the total tender equals the order total, select Process Order.

Hold Order

If you need to hold an order to resume at a later time, select Hold.

To continue a held order, select Resume Pending Orders and select the order from the list.

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