How do I configure Guest Groups?

To utilize Guest Groups in CT6, there are a few configuration items that are important to complete before you start. Talk these different options with your Business Analyst to determine the best way to implement Guest Groups for your organization.

Template Event

Template Events are linked to Packages and create Registrations when the Package is selected on the Itinerary. This allows for group attendees to submit Medical Forms, sign legal terms and answer additional questions or any other Attendee Workflow Steps that you assign.

  1. In CT5, go to Configuration > Events and click Actions > Create New Event.
  2. On the Details tab, fill out the information and then check the Template Event box.
Quick Tip – The date and time for Template Events is not used, so it can be set to any date.

  1. Go to Settings, fill out the required fields and set What type of people can register for this Event? to Group. Click Actions > Save.

  1. Go to Divisions and click  and select Add.
Quick Tip – Depending on the type of information that you need to collect from different groups, you can set up multiple Event Divisions under a Template Event. One scenario where this could apply would be having a different Medical Form for adults and youth. Since there are two different Medical Forms, you would create two Event Divisions, one for adults and one for youth.
  1. Fill out the required fields under Detail. The Event Name – Event Division Name will be used when linking to a Package.

  1. Under Settings, set Restrictions.

  1. Add any Attendee Sections that are needed. Read here to see what Attendee Workflow Steps are available?

Quick Tip – Resources, Activities, Meals or Charges are not used for configuration of Template Events.


Packages are a type of Resource that allows you to control the number or attendees and pricing on an Itinerary. You can also assign Template Events to add Group Registrations to an Itinerary to be able to collect information like Medical Forms from group attendees.


To create a Package, follow these steps:

  1. In CT5, go to Configuration > Resource Categories.
  2. Click Actions > Add Category > Package.
  3. Add a label and click Actions > Save.

Quick Tip – Packages are grouped by Resource Category on the Itinerary. Create different Resource Categories to keep your packages organized.
  1. Click Resources and then right click and select Add > Package.
  2. Under Settings, fill out the required fields. To assign a Template Division, select from the drop down list.

Quick Tip – If setting a Template Division, the name of the Resource will be used as the name of the Event Division on the Group Registration.
Quick Tip – Setting a Template Division will determine the type of pricing you are charged for an Itinerary. The Named price will apply when a Template Division is set; The Unnamed price will apply if no Template Division is set.
  1. Click Charges and then click on  and select Add.
  2. Fill out the required fields. Set the following fields to the values below:
    • How do you want this to charge? By Resource
    • How often do you want this to apply? By Reservation

  1. Create any additional Packages as needed.

Contract Type

Create Contract Types to be able to use different contracts for different types of groups. You can also use Contract Types to determine the Attributes that are available on an Itinerary.

  1. In CT5, create an Attribute Category that is attached to Itinerary and create Attributes in that category. How do I create an Attribute?
  2. In CT6, go to Config > Guest Groups > Contract Types.

  1. Click Add Contract Type.
  2. Fill out the name of the Contract Type, select Itinerary Attribute Categories to use and click Save.

Quick Tip – Reports in the Guest Group Reports category will be available to select under Contract Types.

Workflow Step

Track an Itinerary from prospect to on property with custom Workflow Steps. Before creating Workflow steps, think through the entire process of booking a Guest Group. Here are a few ideas on how you can use Workflow Steps:

  • Sales – Create steps to track prospects in the pipeline.
  • Retreat Coordinator – Track who has signed contracts or who you need to follow up on.
  1. In CT6, go to Config > Guest Groups > Workflow Steps.

  1. Click Add Workflow. Enter a name and internal description and then click Save.

  1. Repeat as nessesary to add any remaining step. If needed, steps can be rearranged by dragging and dropping.

Assigned To

Allowing specific CircuiTree Users in your organization to be assigned to an Itinerary is useful for dividing work between multiple employees.

  1. In CT5, go to Application Settings > Security > Users and look up a specific user.
  2. Go to Privileges > Registration and click Allow next to Allow user to be Assigned To an Itinerary.

  1. Click Actions > Save.
Quick Tip – Go to Application Settings > Security > Groups to add the Security Privilege to a group of users.


Resources are a representation of items on property that can be reserved for a specific time and place. To set these up, read the following article:

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