How do I run the End of Day process?

At the end of each day in SalesLink, there is a process that needs to be run to batch orders together and create a Sales Batch as well as a GL Batch. It is important to complete this process at the end of each day or shift. Here are the steps to complete the End of Day process.

  1. Go to the menu and select Manage > SalesLink > End of Day.

  1. The current Store Location and Register of the device will appear. Review the Transactions and Net Sales and then select Process.

  1. The End of Day process is now complete! Select Print End of Day Report to view a breakdown of what is included in the sales batch.


Sales Batch Summary

This report details Merchandise Sales by department and includes a total for Cost of Goods Sold. The Order Payments section breaks down the different payment types as well as any discounts, shipping or tax.

Sales by Batch

To see a breakdown of specific items that were sold in a particular batch, use the Sales by Batch report.


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