Release Notes 2020-2021

The following is a log of New Features and Bug Fixes that have been included in a release.


Release Date: May 9th, 2022

Bug Fixes

CTD-11414 Getting an error , If I try to not save the overall rating after update

CTD-11401 Getting Error when user edit his profile in customer portal

CTD-11384 Adding an item with Modifiers via Tag added directly to order as opposed to displaying

CTD-11332 Getting invalid error message when we enter UPC limit exceed 25 limit

CTD-11314 Created Organization added to Website automatically

CTD-11311 Reduce Calls to Deposit Query within Account Summary

CTD-11302 Cannot Save Edit of Address from Demographic Information on an Individual Profile

CTD-11299 Getting error If I click on activities menu

CTD-11267 If I edit the phone number it is not changing an existing one, instead it is creating a new one

CTD-10962 Unable to delete address when there are multiple

CTD-10927 Security Too Tight when copying SQL to clipboard

CTD-10781 Unable to donate balance from a registration

CTD-10642 Overall Rating Cannot be Saved

CTD-10266 Legal Term status filters don’t work

CTD-9664 Inventory Items Require Dimension to Create an Item

CTD-9324 Age Not Checked for New Entity in Group Event

CTD-8967 Inventory Items dimensions Grid display need polish

CTD-8416 GL Batch Details Merch Sales Pulling Deferred GL Codes


CTD-11262 Refactor GetEvents to pull from cache

CTD-10566 Allow user to change cancellation reason

CTD-10384 Auto-populate “Type” field – Inventory Adjustment grid

CTD-8786 Add Legal Terms and Balance Columns to Check In

CTD-8434 Allow Unit Price to be updated after Invoice is Posted


Release Date: April 28th, 2022

Bug Fixes

CTD-11368 Event Divisions are no longer being shown on the Group Roster

CTD-11361 Wrong location being shown in Inventory Adjustment section

CTD-11356 Unable to choose location and event in Housing Assignments


Release Date: April 26th, 2022

Bug Fixes

CTD-11354 Getting error If I click on edit profile


Release Date: April 25th, 2022

Bug Fixes

CTD-11332 Getting invalid error message when we enter UPC limit exceed 25 limit

CTD-10954 When enabling the create Circuitree user option in a new/edit individual , getting an error when trying to save.

CTD-10922 Airline dropdown not searching by code

CTD-10910 Unable to schedule activities

CTD-10817 Search drop-down hidden behind family “cards” on family profile

CTD-10756 Google Address Resolution not working

CTD-10698 Error Message Display

CTD-10674 Housing Assignment Display Issues

CTD-10653 Query action dialog buttons not appearing

CTD-10623 Housing Assignment – Dependent Drop Down doesn’t pull events

CTD-10618 Can’t change Website URL

CTD-10380 Inventory Adjustment Column/calculation appears to only be working half of the time

CTD-10316 Medical form not being shown in the drop-down menu for Onboarding step

CTD-10253 Error on Timeline

CTD-9697 Change Additional spots added by web logging from Fatal to Error

CTD-9383 Remove Phone Number Validation after 10 digits

CTD-8762 Unable to Edit Meal Times for a Guest Group

CTD-8680 Update Timeline to display correct time in Firefox

CTD-8392 Main search bar and timeline with/without View All Orgs


CTD-11340 Change UPC limit to allow 25 digits in more places

CTD-10730 Add Items with no Dimensions or Modifiers directly to order

CTD-10723 Performance Profiler for the Profile page

CTD-10722 Optimize Roster Queries

CTD-10385 Add “Set & Forget” behavior for criteria – Inventory Adjustment page

CTD-10383 Add UPC field to the Inventory Count Editor grid

CTD-10382 Auto-select existing values when moving to the next value during inventory changes

CTD-10381 Allow adjustments to Actual Quantity field during for inventory adjustments

CTD-10256 Display Inventory Quantity in Inventory Search

CTD-9605 Change UPC limit to allow 25 digits

CTD-8928 Edit Flight Information

CTD-8927 Display Alternate field by default on Transportation Roster

New Features

CTD-10227 Update Select Register dialog

CTD-10149 Disable Register

CTD-10121 Remove Payment Methods

CTD-9607 Create Register Management Screen

CTD-8794 Add Payment Methods section


Bug Fixes

CTD-10926 Error when creating a new Individual


Bug Fixes

CTD-10886 Search column overlapped with grid values

CTD-10828 Unable to select person/family/group in create itinerary in MTT and MOT company in new experience

CTD-10825 Getting Exception when trying to click on Sent List in Scheduled Email

CTD-10824 Not able to create Itinerary in Daily Reservation

CTD-10822 Organization missing in MTT company in new experience

CTD-10821 504 gateway error in meals search

CTD-10792 Alignment issue in compliance

CTD-10790 Issues in Compliance->Workflow step

CTD-10789 Issues in End of Event -> Accounting

CTD-10788 Issues in Write-Off Balances-> Accounting

CTD-10787 Issues in Compliance page

CTD-10785 Issues in Payment Search -> Accounting

CTD-10750 Update Resource Calendar-> Guest Group

CTD-10744 Getting Unhandled exception error when user select Guest group and staff in Check in attendee

CTD-10742 Update Attributes -> Individual Page

CTD-10740 Update Medical -> Individual Page

CTD-10739 Update Accounting -> Individual Page

CTD-10737 Update Summary -> Individual Page

CTD-10736 Alignment issue in Inventory-Add Item

CTD-10678 Issue in Activity – > Edit event

CTD-10671 Issue in automated mail

CTD-10659 Can’t Edit Resource Allocation Attributes

CTD-10656 Error in Send confirmation email -> Manage Shipping

CTD-10598 Update Housing Allocations

CTD-10565 Getting unhandled exception when user click flight data in Add Flight

CTD-10494 Not able to add Donations getting Unable to process the donation due to an error when user submit the donation

CTD-10493 Template event field is not getting selected in compliance ->add form

CTD-10443 Transportation is not saving in edit event – allocation

CTD-10394 Not able to save new Department details in HR department section

CTD-10345 Unhandled Exception in Hire pop-up in employment section

CTD-10343 Online giving overlay values are not matching with existing experience

CTD-10333 No Validation messages are displayed without entering any values for mandatory fields in Appeal category

CTD-10315 Getting Validation error when user delete fund in Donation

CTD-10296 Add event division button is missing in Create event -> Event Division

CTD-10140 Getting Unhandled exception error when user click Add store location button in Sales config

CTD-10122 Save button is not working in Payment processor

CTD-10093 Issue in Add flight/ Add Charter

CTD-10092 Validation message issue in Registration wizard-> Payment method

CTD-10073 Getting Unhandled exception error when user click save button in Auto email

CTD-10072 Schedule report is not working in Reports

CTD-10071 Can’t Edit Individual Attributes to Create Account

CTD-10061 Issues in allocation page -> Create event

CTD-10046 Status is not updated in Staff status section

CTD-10044 Edit and cancel buttons styling need to be updated

CTD-9698 Unable to hire in the new experience

CTD-9667 Tax rate % is exceeding more than 100% in Event Location

CTD-9644 Issue in Accounting-Action Section

CTD-9590 Previous button is not available in event wizard

CTD-9555 UI Issue in Reports-Query

CTD-9540 Issues in Transportation->Roster

CTD-9539 UI Issue in Packages/Lodging/Meals/Activities/Reservation in Itinerary Guest Group

CTD-9509 Functional Issue in Registration/Medical

CTD-9505 Remove Create New Event > Allocations > Requirement

CTD-9364 Individual Page: Primary toggle changes

CTD-9361 Format Medical Log Summary

CTD-9356 Medical Conditions are hidden on refresh

CTD-9277 Issues in Allocation – Create Event

CTD-9263 Update breadcrumb link to use preferredName

CTD-9093 Issues in create event > steps

CTD-8186 Bundles Not Syncing

New Features

CTD-9507 Create Edit Event > Publish > Edit

CTD-9506 Create Edit Event > Publish > View

CTD-9504 Create Edit Event > Allocations > List > View and Edit

CTD-9503 Create Edit Event > Steps > List > View

CTD-9502 Create Edit Event > Charges > List > View

CTD-9501 Create Edit Event > Event Division > List > View

CTD-9500 Add Event Division to Create New Event > Event Division > List

CTD-9499 Create Edit Event > Event Division > Uncommon > Edit

CTD-9498 Create Edit Event > Event Division > Primary Details > Edit

CTD-9497 Create Edit Event > Event Division > Uncommon > View

CTD-9496 Create Edit Event > Event Division > Primary Details > View

CTD-9495 Create Edit Event > Event Configuration > Others > Edit

CTD-9494 Create Edit Event > Event Configuration > Event Type > Edit

CTD-9493 Create Edit Event > Event Configuration > Cost Center > Edit

CTD-9492 Create Edit Event > Event Configuration > Location > Edit

CTD-9491 Create Edit Event > Event Configuration > Others > View

CTD-9490 Create Edit Event > Event Configuration > Event Type > View

CTD-9489 Create Edit Event > Event Configuration > Cost Center > View

CTD-9488 Create Edit Event > Event Configuration > Location > View

CTD-9486 Create Edit Event > Event Configuration > Organization > Edit

CTD-9485 Create Edit Event > Event Configuration > Organization > View

CTD-9483 Create Edit Event > Event Details > Attributes > Edit

CTD-9482 Create Edit Event > Event Details > Attributes > View

CTD-9481 Create Edit Event > Event Details > Description > View

CTD-9480 Create Edit Event > Event Details > Description > Edit

CTD-9479 Create Edit Event > Event Details > Availability > Edit

CTD-9477 Create Edit Event > Event Details > Availability > View

CTD-9476 Create Edit Event > Event Details > General > Edit

CTD-9475 Create Edit Event > Event Details > General > View

CTD-9464 Update Point of Sale > Checkout > Cash

CTD-9463 Update Point of Sale > Checkout > Customer Information

CTD-9462 Update Point of Sale > Checkout > Credit Card

CTD-9459 Format Registration Wizard > Assign Housing

CTD-9455 Update Merge Group > Merge

CTD-9454 Update Merge Group > Search > Filters and Results

CTD-9453 Update Merge Family > Search > Filters and Results

CTD-9452 Update Merge Family > Search > Summary

CTD-9451 Update Merge Individual > Merge

CTD-9450 Update Merge Individual > Search > Filters and Results

CTD-9447 Update Report Grid Formatting

CTD-9446 Update Query Grid Formatting

CTD-9437 Update Point of Sale > Checkout > Order Complete

CTD-9435 Update Point of Sale > Checkout > Store Card

CTD-9434 Update Point of Sale > Payment Methods

CTD-9433 Update Point of Sale > Order Details

CTD-9432 Update Point of Sale > Scan to add Customer

CTD-9431 Update Point of Sale > Scan to add Items

CTD-9430 Update Point of Sale > Order Details

CTD-9429 Update Point of Sale > Store Location

CTD-9428 Update Point of Sale > Select Customer

CTD-9427 Update Point of Sale > Item Search > Modifiers

CTD-9426 Update Point of Sale > Item Search > Dimensions for Implementation

CTD-9425 Update Point of Sale > Item Search

CTD-9419 Format Registration Wizard > Payment > Verification

CTD-9418 Format Registration Wizard > Payment > Payment Method

CTD-9416 Format Registration Wizard > Payment > Payment Amount

CTD-9415 Format Registration Wizard > Preview

CTD-9411 Format Registration Wizard > Event Selection

CTD-8679 Need to call the existing save function and pass EventID to model

CTD-8614 Update View Orders

CTD-8242 Horizontal menu should have more implemented based on the screen resolutions

CTD-8155 Update Merge Group > Search > Summary

CTD-8154 Update Merge Family > Merge

CTD-8153 Update Merge Individual > Search > Summary

CTD-6126 Sync Orgs to B1 1:1


Bug Fixes

CTD-10661 Scanner is not pulling up attendee in Scheduled Medications screen

CTD-10639 Pending itineraries not showing on group

CTD-10619 Order Receipt doesn’t print

CTD-10617 Housing Assignment doesn’t pull events

CTD-10612 Cannot edit emails using existing templates

CTD-10486 Chrome Update Causes Display Issues

CTD-10299 Object Reference Error when adding Donation

CTD-10139 Using the “All Org” setting prevents us from adding event and division types


Bug Fixes

CTD-10573 Results are not loading in Transportation grid

CTD-10481 Page is not navigating to the next page, if I click the continue button on the Lodging page

CTD-10435 Not able to create Scheduled Email when user add New scheduled email

CTD-10434 changes are not occurred when user override organization in automated email

CTD-10433 Getting oops error when user override organization in automated email

CTD-10416 After deleting phone number and Email, can’t add another one

CTD-10413 Getting unhandled exception error when user delete Transportation Locations

CTD-10405 Fix CSS and JS versioning to help Redis

CTD-10283 Validation message is missing in HealthCenter -> Add complaint

CTD-9658 Exporting Transportation and Transportation Trip Roster Grids Throws Error

CTD-9657 Error when adding Medication

CTD-9655 Mailing Address doesn’t expand

CTD-9654 Unable to set dates on offer

CTD-9653 Check-In Add Medication Auto-Filter

CTD-9651 Not able to Apply Discounts or Scholarships

CTD-9635 Cannot Edit Email/Phone Number During Reg with Previous Reg

CTD-9633 Pipeline Failes for background job

CTD-9614 Date issue with resource calendar

CTD-9487 Receipt printer not working

CTD-9474 Cannot set Max and Min on resource category

CTD-9460 Return Item Breadcrumb duplicated when selecting Return All Items

CTD-9458 Add Space to Active Years

CTD-9456 Extra dialog box appears on Schedule Payments

CTD-9448 Dashboard is missing

CTD-9445 Don’t expand row when selecting View Query

CTD-9443 Extra dialog box appears when creating Compliance Application

CTD-9442 Display Login screen after logging out

CTD-9441 Remove Login to CircuiTree

CTD-9403 Compliance Routes is blank

CTD-9397 Can’t Schedule Query

CTD-9396 Cannot create new customer

CTD-9394 Main Menu doesn’t collapse in the New Experience

CTD-9378 Error when adding Inventory Item

CTD-9376 Menu’s hidden behind other elements

CTD-9369 Issue calculating QTY and price

CTD-9360 Transportation Trip Grid Location Parameter Missing Blank Options

CTD-9350 Check-In Page Edits

CTD-9348 Double Refund Issued

CTD-9345 Mailing Address is required (cannot be removed and left blank without error)

CTD-9338 Can’t Transfer Registration

CTD-9332 Can’t Create Scheduled Payments (Fixed)

CTD-9323 Fix Jira api

CTD-9316 Getting Unhandled Exception error in assign housing section in Event selection

CTD-9315 Getting Exceptional error when we click send preview mail in Scheduled mail->delivery options

CTD-9314 After deleting address/phone number, can’t add another one – Individual

CTD-9313 Functionality issues in edit event

CTD-9312 UI issues in edit event

CTD-9305 New Registration buttons are displaying twice in Itinerary tab

CTD-9304 Error in “Medical Menu” – Registration

CTD-9303 Icons alignment should be on the right side – Assign Teams / Assign Housing

CTD-9301 Recent registration data is not available in Org admin

CTD-9300 Address missing in Individual Page

CTD-9299 Functionality issues in Communication page

CTD-9298 UI issues in communication page

CTD-9297 Error Activating Transportation

CTD-9293 Change in User details

CTD-9292 Card formatting issue in Group and Family page

CTD-9283 Create Event-Steps : Next button is not working in merchandise menu

CTD-9280 Throwing validation message in Search field – Queries

CTD-9279 Issue in Registration – Medical

CTD-9262 Update Registration Profile text

CTD-9260 Display Group By column in header

CTD-9259 Only allow one sort option at a time

CTD-9256 Error when trying to send Mass Email Preview

CTD-9243 Options are not displaying in job posting – Scheduled Mail

CTD-9242 Number of records is missing in Grid – Across application

CTD-9241 Add new note is not available in Timeline tab

CTD-9237 After adding complaint, placeholder text not removed

CTD-9228 Change Person / Group Search to View Customers

CTD-9225 Update Styling on Grid Filters

CTD-9223 After deleting phone number, can’t add another one

CTD-9222 After deleting address, can’t add another one

CTD-9209 After deleting family, go back to previous screen

CTD-9208 Prompt to refresh after adding Family Member

CTD-9205 Administer All button is not working in Health Center

CTD-9199 Can’t run query

CTD-9174 Individual Profile > Medical > Complaints: Discharge and Admit

CTD-9173 Individual Profile/ Registration Profile: Navigation Bar

CTD-9172 Individual Profile > Medical > Complaints: Edit details component

CTD-9144 Individual Profile > Timeline > Add Communication: Error

CTD-9134 Individual Profile > Timeline > Search Timeline: Error message

CTD-9131 Individual Profile > Personal Information > Assigned To

CTD-9127 504 gateway error in Calendar-Resource Calendar

CTD-9126 Groups: registered event details in itineraries tab

CTD-9107 Getting error If we did not enter mandatory fields in payment processor

CTD-9094 Issues in guest group

CTD-9058 Identifier name and Id are mismatched

CTD-9029 Move payment method dropdown below donation fund selection

CTD-9022 Issue in family page while saving

CTD-9021 504 gateway error in Donation page

CTD-9016 Error in Group Reg > Addon Details

CTD-9015 Internal registration with new UI/UX

CTD-8994 Unable to add location to a job posting

CTD-8963 Unable to create new account

CTD-8961 CT6 Load Spreed Improvement

CTD-8954 Menus are not fully displayed from action dropdown

CTD-8932 Can’t create new Stripe payment processor

CTD-8921 Move and Add another is not working in Add medication

CTD-8920 Issues in activities page – Registration

CTD-8910 Issue in Charges

CTD-8909 functionality issue in manage events

CTD-8908 Issue in Manage events – edit events1

CTD-8907 Issue in Manage events – edit events

CTD-8906 UI defects in setting – organization

CTD-8905 UI defects in Setting – Location & Cost center

CTD-8904 UI defects in Setting – events

CTD-8901 UI defects in staff and compliance

CTD-8900 UI defects in store , accounting and calendar

CTD-8893 Issues in Manage customer

CTD-8892 UI defects in Manage customers menu

CTD-8891 Issues in Report page

CTD-8890 Issues in communication

CTD-8889 Issues in Inventory Page

CTD-8888 UI defects in Transportation

CTD-8887 UI defects in Itinerary

CTD-8886 UI defects in settings

CTD-8885 Issue in family page

CTD-8884 Issue in Health Center menu

CTD-8883 UI defects in Registration Page

CTD-8875 UI defects in Create Event – Wizard

CTD-8866 getting exception while adding line item in inventory

CTD-8865 Add report in Reports page with new UI/UX

CTD-8864 adjust/transfer inventory with new UI/UX

CTD-8861 Manage compliance with new UI/UX

CTD-8860 Issues in Donation Page

CTD-8840 Delete functionality is not working in Guest group configuration ( dev – app ofstest ) , If I login as org admin

CTD-8821 Validation is missing in write-off balances and Save functionality is not working in printer settings

CTD-8808 Can’t Edit Customers

CTD-8803 New Experience Dashboard Shows Incorrect Balance Due Amount

CTD-8781 Incorrect age restricted error message

CTD-8775 Getting error in while saving add line item without details

CTD-8763 Issue in Create Event – Divisions – Event Division List

CTD-8747 Scholarships with All Org aren’t being displayed

CTD-8741 UI Issue in Checkin Attendees/Sales

CTD-8728 Wizard Styling Across wizards – Interaction fix

CTD-8726 Data Fields With Help Text – Across Application

CTD-8725 Search And Filter – Across Application

CTD-8723 Page button and header – Grids

CTD-8722 Grid and Filters across application

CTD-8721 Update Breadcrumbs

CTD-8715 Issues in Create event – Primary details

CTD-8712 Issues in Create event – Uncommon details

CTD-8706 Remove Add Complaint from Menu

CTD-8696 Add new/Edit function is not working in Create Event-Organization

CTD-8665 Payments being split on Accounting summary page

CTD-8654 Getting Exception When tried to click on the find button in Scheduled Medications

CTD-8638 Display Issue: Scholarship Fund

CTD-8629 Fix Global Date Picker Issue

CTD-8605 Dashboard shows Incorrect Numbers

CTD-8603 Users with no Org Permission in Multi Tenant Company have access to all Orgs data

CTD-8571 Login Dialog moves to the top of the screen when logging in

CTD-8558 Fix Global Grid Search Issue

CTD-8475 Errors on Org Based Guest Group Configuration

CTD-8453 Display Issue – Duplicating Itineraries

CTD-8304 Parent cannot pay sales tax online

CTD-8290 Accounting Summary doesn’t refresh on reprice

CTD-8263 ActiviateItemsForFormSection has not been implemented

CTD-8233 Grid Icons don’t line up

CTD-8108 View History Bugs

CTD-7952 If I click on activities menu, Getting error in itinerary page

CTD-7939 Address not being auto-filled when creating a payment schedule

CTD-7715 Issue in Edit Family Profile

CTD-7536 Fix Medical Section / Complaints / Log / Attributes

CTD-7532 Fix Medical Section

CTD-7405 UI defects in Dashboard View

New Feature

CTD-9377 Add Summary to Staff

CTD-9347 Add Summary to Compliant

CTD-9226 Add Attributes and Dynamic Columns to Grid

CTD-9215 Update Communication Type icon

CTD-9214 Add Flagged Attributes to Family Header

CTD-9213 Move Download Family Profile

CTD-9210 No option to add existing members to a Family

CTD-9176 Individual Profile > Medical > Logs: Filtering errors

CTD-9175 Individual Profile > Medical > Logs: Resize grid columns

CTD-9133 Individual Profile > Timeline: Styling Changes

CTD-9130 Individual profile > Personal Information > Emergency Contacts

CTD-9129 Individual profile: Font changes

CTD-8973 Application Section should be added in the Employment menu as per new UI/UX

CTD-8894 Hide entity accounting actions

CTD-8825 Add More option to end of Horizontal Menu

CTD-8780 UI fix in Search receivables page

CTD-8733 Collapse menu when switching between categories

CTD-8731 Update Multi Select Drop Down

CTD-8724 Page Button And Header – Registration, Individual & Family

CTD-8612 Update Accounting > Schedule Payment > Slider

CTD-8572 Update Logo on Login

CTD-8321 Unable to have parents fill out “Additional Questions” step after event begins

CTD-8230 Add Registration Summary to expanded row

CTD-8008 Update the Context for all dialogs to the new UX

CTD-7982 Add dietary / add cart le – Need to fix UI and functionality

CTD-7965 Convert any jQueryUI tooltips and popovers to use Kendo Popovers/Tooltips

CTD-7961 Convert AutoComplete to Kendo

CTD-7892 Add “Add Scholarship” functionality in Accounting section

CTD-7695 Assign Invoices to Organization

CTD-7269 Create Event – Allocations

CTD-7268 Create Event – Steps

CTD-7267 Create Event – Charges

CTD-7204 Standard Resource/Reservation Screens



CTD-9704 Payment Processor not found for Org

CTD-9703 Event Division types not available

CTD-9699 Existing accounts cannot be found

CTD-9554 Values are not listed in Organization dropdown in Transportation

CTD-8994 Unable to add location to a job posting

CTD-8978 Errors during shotgun registration – Timeouts

CTD-8961 CT6 is very slow loading pages

CTD-8802 “Unhandled Exception: OrgID” when editing Inventory Department

CTD-8739 Getting error in add medication dialogue box

CTD-8718 Person Search Link Display Issue

CTD-8708 UI Issue in Medical Log/ Transportation

CTD-8707 “Unhandled Exception: OrgID” when editing Charge Department

CTD-8704 No Health Form Configuration in New Experience

CTD-8675 Getting unhandled Exception in update itinerary auto pay

CTD-8670 Duplicate results when searching for individuals

CTD-8656 Edit popup is showing after save the edited details

CTD-8639 Error while adding resource

CTD-8625 Payment is not accepting in payment field – Store card payment

CTD-8624 Fund Name is selected but still getting validation error

CTD-8609 UI Issue in close batch screen

CTD-8604 Add payment method issue while creating new payment method at the time of an event registration

CTD-8598 Edit person – Shows validation issue without any changes

CTD-8586 Incorrect Auto-Pay Schedules

CTD-8578 Multi-Registration with multiple reservations charges beyond capacity

CTD-8570 Issue in Attachment page

CTD-8560 Ui issues in Store -> Manage shipping screen

CTD-8559 Ui issues in Settings -> Reporting screen

CTD-8404 Contract information missing in itinerary summary and edit should be removed

CTD-8397 Ui fixes in company page

CTD-8379 UI Issues in View Invoices and Social media screens

CTD-8374 UI defects in Manage Events

CTD-8373 UI defects in Manage customers

CTD-8372 Getting Exception When tried to edit and save the individual profile summary details

CTD-8371 UI fixes in Categories page

CTD-8370 UI fix in Run End of Event & Health settings

CTD-8368 UI fix in Settings – Sales

CTD-8361 UI defects in Registration Page

CTD-8360 UI defects in Itinerary Page

CTD-8356 Ui fixes in the Add payroll batch

CTD-8333 UI defects in Accounting Menu

CTD-8332 UI defects in pre-order Menu – Registration Page

CTD-8331 UI defects in Roommate and Store Menu – Registration Page

CTD-8330 UI defects in Transportation Menu – Individual Page

CTD-8326 Fix Registration Profile Issues

CTD-8299 Itinerary amount incorrect on reg site

CTD-8297 Cannot edit Billing Email Address

CTD-8292 Marked as not arrived but actually checked in

CTD-8281 Error on Activity Discount – reservation screen

CTD-8271 UI fix in View Inventory

CTD-8268 UI fix in payroll

CTD-8265 Invalid length for a Base-64 char array or string

CTD-8264 A public action method ‘ClientIcon’ was not found on controller

CTD-8246 Unable to re-apply a discount

CTD-8240 Change buttons to check box in search criteria

CTD-8236 Airport isn’t saving on the location for transportation

CTD-8229 Update Registration Search Results

CTD-8208 UI fix in Search – Transportation UI

CTD-8206 Update Itinerary pay preview shows incorrect number of payments

CTD-8192 UI fix in Compliance-Dashboard

CTD-8191 UI fixes in staff, settings and accounting pages

CTD-8190 Update Registration Criteria

CTD-8185 UI Fix in Itineraries-Registration

CTD-8166 UI Issue in Transportation Menu

CTD-8165 UI fixes in Donations page

CTD-8085 Wrong GL Code added in Close Event Batch

CTD-8052 UI Fix in assign housing

CTD-7945 Refresh problem in dashboard page

CTD-7934 After cancelling a New Registration, doesn’t return to previous screen

CTD-7928 Check-in Attendee UX Bugs

CTD-7882 UI issue in Change Registration Status Dialog

CTD-7880 Issues in Activities Page

CTD-7765 Issues in itineraries page

CTD-7717 Issue in Search box in new UI

CTD-7653 issue in payment method and verification page – POC OneCamp wizard

CTD-6710 Fix reverted server side paging grids

CTD-6514 Event – Event Division – ‘Event Division’ should be restricted to Global and Selected Organization while Creating an Event

CTD-6513 Event – Event Type – ‘Event Type’ should be restricted to Global and Selected Organization while Creating an Event

New Feature

CTD-9536 Push Chameleon to Production

CTD-9375 Update W4 for 2022

CTD-9122 Add Logging: Website/Org Changes

CTD-8673 Tune Codacy for CICD Pipeline

CTD-8664 Optimize Gitlab, Datadog and Codacy for CICD Pipeline

CTD-8649 Merge remaining UX for ONECamp

CTD-8322 Online Registrations displaying “Housing Area Name” instead of “Cabin Name”

CTD-8243 Itineraries-Registration-To replace icon with Completed and Todo

CTD-8135 Add dynamic columns to Medical Log grid

CTD-8134 Add dynamic columns to Event Search Grid

CTD-8133 Add dynamic columns to Customer Search Grid

CTD-8132 Add dynamic columns to Registration Search grid

CTD-8131 Create Event Information dynamic columns

CTD-8130 Create Family Information dynamic columns

CTD-8129 Create Attendee Information dynamic columns

CTD-8128 Create process to dynamically add columns to grids

CTD-8012 Add Feature Flag to Hide Bunk1

CTD-8011 Add Feature Flag to Hide Roommates

CTD-8010 Add Feature Flag to Hide Scholarships

CTD-8005 Add Feature Flag to Hide Guest Groups

CTD-8003 Add Feature Flag to Hide Donations

CTD-7996 Fix UI in Itinerary Page (Submenus from Action dropdown)

CTD-7995 Fix UI in Registration Page (Submenus from Action dropdown)

CTD-7994 UI fix in close batch screen

CTD-7993 UI fix in Donation and Accounting menu for individual page (Submenus from Action dropdown)

CTD-7966 Convert jQuery Datepicker to use Kendo grid date pickers

CTD-7954 Update Modernizr to new version

CTD-7933 Registration Transfer Screen

CTD-7819 Dashboard – values on Top section cards

CTD-7386 Update Styling

CTD-7366 Create Event – Divisions – Event Division List

CTD-7365 Create Event – Divisions – Uncommon Details

CTD-7362 Split itineraries into separate Organizations

CTD-7304 Create Event – Preview

CTD-7270 Create Event – Publish

CTD-7266 Create Event – Divisions – Primary Details

CTD-7265 Create Event – Configuration – Organization

CTD-6568 Update Registration Grid

CTD-6567 Update Person / Group Search Grid


CTD-5195 Allow saving $0.00 Shipping Fee for a Shipping Methods.

CTD-5160 Added Print GL Batch Reported to Close Batch.

CTD-5099 Added Add Donation Fund.

CTD-5095 Added Change Address to Edit Profile on CT6 Registration Site.

CTD-5084 Added GL Batch Details.

CTD-5099 Added Redo GL Batch to GL Batch Details.



CTD-5257 Added Merchant Batch Search.

CTD-5198 Display store card purchases and current balance on CT6 Registration Site.

CTD-5041 Added ability to mark a note on the Timeline as important and expired.

CTD-5192 Added option to edit checked-in Medications.

CTD-5191 Added Edit Medical Information Security Privilege.

CTD-5081 Added GL Batch Search.

CTD-5054 Added Switch Itinerary to Accounting.

CTD-5052 Added ability to make a payment from an Individual.

CTD-4610 Added ability to assign housing for a specific Itinerary.

CTD-5036 Added Grid View to Advanced Search.


CTD-5070 Added Shipping Manger to CT6.

CTD-5049 Added Include Pending Registrations to Accounting.

CTD-5040 Adding ability to edit multiple contract methods for an Individual, Family or Group.

CTD-4828 Added ability to select Events for Transportation.

CTD-5050 View Applied Discount details in Accounting.

CTD-4932 Added ability to renumber Waitlist on Transportation roster.

CTD-4925 Added Charter Flight to Transportation.

CTD-4932 Added Unaccompanied Minor to Transportation.

CTD-4922 Added option to Close Store Location.

CTD-4921 Added option to Print Transfer Report.

CTD-4611 Added Donate Remaining Balance to Itinerary.

CTD-4607 Added Distribute Credits to Itinerary.

CTD-4606 Updated navigation menu for Itineraries.

CTD-4605 Added Group Invite URL to Groups.


CTD-5194 Added App Setting to stop sales of Bunk1 bundles x days before Event.

CTD-4930 Added Confirm Reservation to Transportation.

CTD-4928 Added Transportation tab to Events.

CTD-4831 Added Regenerate Transportation Trips to Transportation.

CTD-4830 Add ability to global set open dates for a specific year of Transportation.

CTD-4829 Added Trip Roster for Transportation.

CTD-4660 Added ability to change Donor on a Donation.

CTD-4656 Added ability to refund a Donation.

CTD-4511 Added Store Location Inventory Adjustment.

CTD-4511 Added Store Location Inventory Transfer.


CTD-4966 Added Merge Individuals.

CTD-4319 Added Merge Families / Groups.

CTD-4963 Added Medications Search Days Extension App Setting to display Checked In Medications x days after an Event.

CTD-4846 Added menu for Events to be able to Copy, Delete, End or Cancel Registrations.

CTD-4825 Added ability to add and edit a Transportation trip.

CTD-4825 Added Transportation Location Search.

CTD-4705 Added ability to Check-Out Medications.

CTD-4653 Added Pledge management for Donations.

CTD-4604 Added ability to add or edit Activity from Compliant.

CTD-4603 Added ability to add or edit Injury Area from Compliant.

CTD-4509 Added Inventory list to Store Location.

CTD-4505 Updated Store Location navigation.


CTD-4984 Added deep links to Guest Management for Emails.

CTD-4841 Added Organization Security to Itineraries.

CTD-4841 Added Allow_EndOfEvent Security Privilege to allow End of Event at any time.

CTD-4749 Added Emergency Contacts to Individual and Registration profile screen with Access Emergency Contacts Security Privilege.

CTD-4599 Added ability to edit Medical Form in CT6.

CTD-4523 Added End of Event.

CTD-4522 Added ability to add or edit Payment Processor from Organization.

CTD-4582 Added Mass Email.


CTD-4651 Added Pledge Search.

CTD-4600 Added Incident information to Complaints.

CTD-4594 Added ability to edit Medications from the Individual.


CTD-4530 Added Batch Refund to CT6.

CTD-4721 Added ability to cancel all the Registrations for an Event.

CTD-4670 Added ability to add Attributes as columns to grids.

CTD-4521 Updated Payment Processor Configuration.

CTD-4493 Added Scholarship Detail to Registration.

CTD-4670 Added ability to reset grid and remove custom columns.

CTD-4616 Added Online Appeals for Donations.

CTD-4492 Added Other Transportation notification.

CTD-4491 Added Change Discount Code to Accounting.

CTD-4489 Updated Registration Summary to include more fields.

CTD-4487 Added Timeline to Registration.


CTD-4513 Added Cost Center Configuration to CT6.

CTD-4432 Created Compliance Application Review Reminder Scheduled Email Trigger.


CTD-4621 Added links to Transfer and Cancel to the Registration Search.

CTD-4397 Added Resource Configuration to CT6.

CTD-4384 Created eCheck Chargeback Notification Automated Email that is sent when an eCheck is charged back or rejected.


CTD-2953 Added Legal Terms and Conditions Configuration to CT6.

CTD-4387 Added Resource Category Configuration to CT6.

CTD-4462 Added Content Fields to the CT6 Registration Site to top and bottom to serve as Global Header and Footer.

CTD-4463 Added Content Fields to the CT6 Registration Site to serve as Headers and Footers for individual Registration Workflow Steps.

CTD-4458 Added grouping by Event Division Type when 4 or more Event Divisions are present on CT6 Registration Site.

CTD-4336 Modified the Employment Search screen to include Position as a search criterion and to collapse default search results.

CTD-4165 Added the ability to access CT6 Registration Site Dashboard Alerts from the API.

CTD-4250 Corrected an issue where a blank Campaign was being associated with a Donation.

CTD-4338 Fixed a bug that was preventing a Registration in CT5 from become Active if one of the Event Divisions was set to Disable Online Registration.

CTD-4360 Corrected an issue that was preventing Google Universal Analytics and Conversion Tracking from working properly on CT6 Registration Site.

CTD-4359 Fixed a bug that wasn’t showing the pictures for Pre-Orders in CT6 Registration Site.

CTD-4390 Corrected an issue preventing the Activities section from being shown as Complete in CT6 Registration Site.

CTD-4468 Fixed a bug that was preventing certain Automated Emails related to Scheduled Payments from being sent.

CTD-4458 Added a default Grouping Order to Events with four or more Event Division Types.


CTD-4267 Added Donation Configuration to CT6.

CTD-4013 Corrected an issue where a Due Now notification was appearing in CT6 Event Registration even when there was no Balance Due.

CTD-4078 Fixed an error where PreOrders were being sold even when the Store Item was out of stock.

CTD-4261 Corrected an issue where logging in with a Google account using OAuth was taking several attempts to complete the login process in CT6 Registration Site.

CTD-4291 Fixed an error where the Save button on a Content Field in CT6 Registration Site was being hidden.

CTD-4327 Corrected an issue where PreOrders taxes weren’t being included in the Total Price.

CTD-4303 Fixed an error where the Password Reset Automated Email was generating a bad link.

CTD-4340 Corrected an issue where a Family member had a prior Family Role being displayed in the Manage Family screen in CT6 Registration Site.

CTD-4312 Fixed an error where Discounts with the Times Used parameter weren’t being properly applied.

CTD-4345 Corrected an issue where E-Check Payment Accounts weren’t being created properly if the server timed out.

CTD-4347 Fixed an error where PreOrder Taxes were not being rounded to the nearest penny.

CTD-4361 Corrected an issue where the Province for a Canadian address was not saving for a Credit Card Payment.

CTD-4423 Fixed an error where changing a Meal Date was also improperly changing an Itinerary Date.


CTD-1143 Added Discounts Management to CT6.

CTD-4180 Added the ability to select multiple Job Postings from the Application Management screen.

CTD-4177 Created a Scheduled Email Trigger for Attendee Birthday.

CTD-4172 Fixed a bug that wasn’t allowing a Store Purchase Item to be returned after another item on the same order had been returned in SalesLink.

CTD-4229 Corrected an issue where a Group Leader who was registering a Child had a Pre-Order attached to the Group instead of the Family account.

CTD-4300 Fixed a bug where the Workflow Steps were showing in the wrong order in CT6 Registration Site.

CTD-4231 Corrected an issue where the Payment Search screen was showing Payments for both original and deferred batches.

CTD-4363 Fixed a bug where a Group Leader who also signed up a Child was unable to view and complete Forms in CT6 Registration Site.

CTD-4306 Corrected an issue where creating certain Form Sections in CT5 wasn’t creating the Workflow Steps in CT6 Event Configuration.

CTD-4083 Created a Security Privilege to show/hide the Query Builder.

CTD-4372 Corrected an issue where a person who is an Administrator in two Families was having difficulty completing a Registration in CT6 Registration Site.

CTD-4378 Fixed a bug where a Parent with multiple Pending Registrations was unable to proceed to the Checkout page in CT6 Registration Site.

CTD-4455 Corrected an issue in CT6 Registration Site where the Registration was miscalculating the Grade Year.

CTD-4393 Fixed a bug where Activity Categories weren’t being properly loaded and were preventing Registrations in CT6 Registration Site.

CTD-4337 Modified the Application Fee to show as an add-on price instead of being included in the Registration Fee for CT6 Registration Site.


CTD-4080 Modified Gender to be Male/Female instead of Boy/Girl in CT6 Registration Site.

CTD-4159 Updated the SalesLink Receipt to better show Modifiers.

CTD-4212 Added Scholarship Management to CT6.

CTD-4169 Corrected an issue that wasn’t displaying Grades properly in CT6 Registration Site (ex., showing grade 15 instead of College Senior.)

CTD-4170 Fixed a bug that was preventing a Registration from being activated if the Event had a Waitlist.

CTD-4192 Corrected an issue that wasn’t correctly identifying Canadian transactions in TogetherPay.

CTD-4171 Fixed a bug that wasn’t correctly applying the Times Used rule for a Discount.

CTD-4326 Corrected an issue to permit AutoPayment schedules to extend beyond Balance Due Date if entered internally.

CTD-4265 Fixed a bug that wasn’t including the Payment Extension Date in its AutoPayment schedule.

CTD-4353 Corrected an issue that wasn’t saving the No value for an Activity if Require Selections was checked.

CTD-4350 Fixed a bug that was requiring a birthdate for an Online Donation.


CTD-283 Added a Bump Printer capability to SalesLink to print specific receipts (ex: a food order with toppings on a burger, scoops of ice cream, etc.) on a second printer.

CTD-3967 Added Scheduled Payments functionality to CT6.

CTD-4129 Added Payment Method Management to CT6 (was Modify EFT Accounts in CT5).

CTD-4144 Added the ability to reverse a Payment Transfer in the Accounting tab.

CTD-4031 Added a Company Settings tab with ability to upload a logo to CT6.

CTD-4032 Added Security Management to CT6.

CTD-4036 Added Application Settings Management to CT6.

CTD-4037 Added Automated Processing dialog to CT6.

CTD-4038 Added a Login Activity tracker to CT6.

CTD-4039 Added a Company Websites tab to CT6.

CTD-4046 Fixed a bug that wasn’t showing multiple selected Events in CT6 Registration Site.

CTD-4100 Corrected an issue that wasn’t transferring a Registration properly due to HTML in an Email service.

CTD-4202 Fixed an error preventing a Refund in SalesLink due to having no value for the new Modifiers.

CTD-4302 Corrected an issue that prevented Registration for a free Event if no address was provided.


CTD-3733 Added Modifiers to SalesLink Configuration for Items (ex.: two scoops for ice cream, pickle/lettuce/tomato for a cheeseburger, etc.)

CTD-3756 Added Unsubscribe functionality to the CT6 Registration Site.

CTD-4213 Fixed a bug that was incorrectly calculating Discounts in CT6 Registration Site.

CTD-4183 Corrected an issue that wasn’t including some miscellaneous charges in CT6 Registration Site.

CTD-3957 Fixed a bug that was preventing Content Fields from being updated properly.

CTD-4143 Corrected an issue that was not showing all members of a large group for Check In.

CTD-3806 Corrected an issue that was not properly showing Pre-Orders.

CTD-3962 Fixed a bug that was duplicating Attribute Labels in CT6 Registration Site.

CTD-4000 Corrected an issue that was blocking HTML in Content Fields for the CT6 Registration Site due to a firewall configuration.

CTD-3983 Fixed a bug that was not showing all information for an Registration that was in multiple years.

CTD-4023 Corrected an issue that would not load Event Configuration properly with the new Data Grids.

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