How do I configure Modifiers?

Modifiers are options that allow a customer to customize their order. During the order, the cashier can enter the Modifiers for a particular item and those will be included on the receipt.


Here are some examples of how you can use Modifiers.

  • Burger Toppings
    • Lettuce
    • Tomato
    • Pickle
    • Bacon (+$1.00)
  • Coffee
    • Cream
    • Sugar
    • Soy Milk (+$0.50)


  1. In CT6, go to Config > SalesLink > Modifiers.

  1. In the grid, you can search for existing Modifiers.

Add / Edit

  1. Select to edit a Modifier or select Add Modifier.
  2. Enter the following information and then select Save Modifiers.

  • Name – Enter the name of the Modifier.
  • Allow Multiple – Select to allow Options to be selected multiple times.
  • Disabled – Select to disable option.
  • Option Name – Enter the name of the option. Select to rearrange and to remove.
  • Price – Enter a price to charge for the Option.
  • Add Option – Select to add additional Options.

Delete / Disable

  1. Select to disable or delete.
  2. Select either disable or delete.

Add to Item

After you create a Modifier, to be able to use it, assign it to an Inventory Item.

  1. When creating an Inventory Item, add a Modifier.

Configure Item

After you have added Modifiers to your Item, a Modifiers tab will appear on the left to allow you to make changes.

  1. Select Modifiers and then Edit Modifiers.

  1. Select the Options that should be available for the Item on the left and the Options to default on the right.

Quick Tip – When you assign a Modifier to an Item, all Options will be added, but none will be set as Default. If you need to update, make sure to do so after you add the Modifier.
  1. Select Save Modifiers.

Use Modifiers

Once you have complete the steps above, you can use Items with Modifiers when creating an Order.

  1. In Point of Sale, add an item that has Modifiers.
  2. The Modifiers that are set as default will be highlighted.

  1. Make any changes needed and then select Add Item.

Quick Tip – Defaults that are removed will show in red.
  1. After the item is added to the order, it will display the Modifiers along with any additional charges. To edit, select .

  1. The receipt will display the Modifiers. For any default Modifiers that have been removed will be preceded by NO.

Bump Printer

Items that contain Modifiers work well with printing to Bump Printers. Learn how to configure a Bump Printer.

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