How do I cancel a Registration?

Did a camper changed their plans? Follow these steps to cancel a registration.


  1. In CT6, navigate to the registration and go to the Profile. Under Enrolled, click on Cancel.

CT6 - Cancel Registration

  1. A box will appear that shows you the Cancellation Fee and allows you not charge them if needed as well as selecting a Cancellation Reason.

CT6 - Cancel Reg Screen

Quick Tip – Hover over the CT6 - Information icon to see how the Cancellation Fee is calculated. 
  1. Once all selections have been made, click Process Cancellation.
  2. The Cancel Complete box will appear allowing you to confirm the cancellation. If there are any credits left on the registration, you can choose to apply, donate or refund the credit.

CT6 - Cancel Complete


Here is the process to cancel a registration in CT5.
0:00 – 0:53           Introduction

0:53 – 2:44           Cancel Registration – explanation of cancellation fee

2:44 – 4:08           Cancel Registration – refund amounts

4:08 – 5:43           Registration Details – completed cancellation


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