How do I configure Scholarships?

Scholarships are a way to apply funds to a Registration that are tracked via a Scholarship Fund (this is distinct from a discount which is ultimately a reduction in price.) Scholarships can be designed to be unrestricted or limited in the amount of money they allow per individual or the scholarship as a whole. Scholarships are applied by internal staff at their discretion. Scholarships may also be associated with a donation campaign; however, the amount donated to that campaign does NOT currently restrict or affect the scholarship settings in any way at this time.


  1. Go to Config > Accounting > Scholarships.

  1. Use the Criteria to filter the list and then select Find.
  2. Select to edit and to delete.

Add Scholarship

  1. Select Add Scholarship.
  2. Enter the following information and then select Save.

  • Name – Enter a name for the Scholarship Fund.
  • Abbreviation – Enter an abbreviation.
  • Scholarship Type – Select either Open or Limited.
    • Open – Allows an unlimited amount to be specified for both the max scholarship amount and the max recipient amount.
    • Limited – Limits both the max scholarship amount and the max recipient amount that can be allocated.
  • Max Scholarship Amount – Enter the maximum amount that can be applied.
  • Max Recipient Amount – Enter the maximum amount that a recipient can receive.
  • Taxable AR Category – Select the Taxable AR Category.
  • Non-Taxable AR Category – Select the Non-Taxable AR Category.
  • Campaign – Enter a Donation Campaign that is related to the Scholarship Fund. This is used for reference, donations don’t increase the Scholarship Fund.
  • Comments – Enter any internal comments.

Edit Scholarship


  1. Choose a Scholarship and select  to edit.
  2. Update any of the information and select Save.


  1. Select Usage to see where Scholarships have been applied.

  1. Select the name in Link to go to the Registration where the Scholarship was applied.
  2. Select Add Funds to add additional funds.
  3. Enter the amount and description and then select Save.


Only Scholarships that have not been applied to any Registrations can be deleted.

  1. Choose a Scholarship and select to delete.
  2. Type Yes and then select Save.

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