How do I customize my Grid View?

Throughout CT6, you will find many sections that have rows and columns to display information. We call these sections Grids. Did you know that you can customize a Grid to display the information exactly how you want it? Here are some ways that you can do so.

User Specific

Any changes that you make to a grid will be saved as part of your user profile. Once you make a change, those changes will be displayed the next time you go to view a Grid. If someone on your team isn’t seeing the same thing that you are, check to make sure that your Grid settings are the same.


Each Grid has the option to filter the results. To do so, start typing in the box at the top of the Grid.


If you want to export the data in the Grid, select the  icon and you will be prompted to download a .csv file.

Customize Columns

Select the icon in the upper right hand corner of the Grid, to customize the columns that are displayed.


After running a query, you can select Attributes to display in your results as additional columns. This is useful


To group the data by a specific column, drag and drop the name of the column into the section directly above the column names. You can also add sub-groupings by dragging multiple columns.



Sort each column A-Z or Z-A by selecting the name of the column to scroll through the options.

Column Filter

Select the filter icon next to a column name to be able to filter for specific values. Check the box next to the desired value to include in the results and then select Filter.

Organize Columns

Drag and drop the name of a column in order to organize them in the way that you need.


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