Get ready for summer by walking in a parent’s shoes

With summer quickly approaching, there are lots of last minute preparations as you get ready for Attendees to arrive. This time of year can be the most exciting, but also the most hectic!

A great way to prepare for this busy time is to walk through each of your processes in CircuiTree through the eyes of a first time Attendee and parent attending one of your Events this summer.


  • Excited to go with friends
  • Anxious to be away from home


  • Heard great reviews from other moms
  • Hoping that Victoria has a great experience
  • Nervous about Victoria’s food allergy

Pre Event

Reports and Queries
Victoria has a food allergy that needs to be shared with Food Service. The Store Manager needs to know that she wears a small t-shirt for her Pre-Order.

Victoria has two roommate requests she wants to room with and is part of the Blue team.

  • Assign housing for Victoria and her friends.
  • Place Victoria on a Color Wars TeamNew for Summer 2018

Scheduled Email
Mom can’t remember all the things that she needs to pack for Victoria and what time check-in starts.

  • Send a Scheduled Email with a link to your website with packing lists and important information.

During Event

When Victoria arrives, she is greeted and walked through the check-in process where she gets her cabin assignment and drops off her medication. Mom wants to add some money to her store account as well as pay off her remaining balance.

  • Take a photo and give Victoria her cabin assignment during the Check-In process.
  • Need to make a payment or add a Pre-Order? Learn how to manage a registration.
  • Guest Check-In Automated Email sent, which includes the photo of Victoria, and lets Mom know what to expect while her daughter is at the Event.

Parent Engagement
Mom gets Victoria all setup in her cabin and says goodbye. On the way home she gets the itch to tell Victoria that she loves and misses her and wants to send her a quick note (and perhaps check out some photos, too!).

  • New for Summer 2018 – There is still time to sign up as a Bunk1 partnerand be able to offer an app that provides facial recognition for photos, bunk notes and push notifications at no cost to you.
    • Victoria’s photo taken during Check-In is automatically synced directly to Bunk1 to use for facial recognition.
  • If needed, contact your Business Analyst to update the email address where one-way emails are sent.

It is Tuesday afternoon and Victoria swings by the store on the way to the Blob to pick up some Sour Patch Kids and the latest merch everyone is talking about.

Health Center
Uh-oh! That trip to the Blob didn’t end well and Victoria is in the Infirmary with a broken wrist. Time to call Mom!

Post Event

Check Out / Quick Enroll
Victoria had an awesome time and made a ton of new friends! Mom wants to make sure to reserve her spot for next year as she checks out Victoria.

Scheduled Email
Victoria wants to share a cool story about something that she learned at camp….and she left her towel at the Blob.

  • Send a Scheduled Email triggered by Attendee Departure with a link to a survey and a lost and found form.

The Event is over and Mom indicated she wanted to donate Victoria’s $5 store account balance during registration. Accounting is ready to book revenue.

  • Run End of Event to close store accounts, donate Victoria’s balance, cancel pending and waitlist registrations and move revenue to the final GL account.
  • Process any batch refunds from store accounts or late cancellations
  • Write off any balances that are not collectable.

As you prepare, here are three more resources that can help you out.

  • Have more questions? Check out all the resources on the Support Site.
  • Come across an issue? Submit a Ticket to Support.
  • After hours emergency? Call 1-877-800-3450 and press 3.

Support is available Monday through Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm CDT.

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