How do I write off Balances?

Writing Off Balances shows how to create balancing entries for accounts that either owe or are owed very small sums in order to close out accounts before or after an event.  You may perform this function immediately after closing an event or at the end of the calendar year (it’s up to you and your organization).  NOTE:  If you perform this process after ending an event but before running batch refunds, you will have fewer refunds because some of them may have been written off.

1.  Go to Manage > Accounting > Write-Off Balances

2.  Enter the parameters for which you would like to write off balances, as well as the minimum and maximum balances you would like to write off.  Also, select the AR category for the write-offs.  Next, select Write Off Balances to start the automated process.


3.  You will be prompted to begin the process. Select Start


4. You will be notified that the process has started and that you will receive notice once it has been completed.