Updates to Attachments and HR

Find out how you can take advantage of all the new features that CircuiTree has rolled out recently. Here are some highlights that include new options for Attachments, changes to References and updates to Application Management.


Several new options for Attachments that give you the flexibility to collect the information you need.


Allow your Applicants to upload a Resume on their Application.


Set Attachments to optional so that you can ask the Attachments step, but not require customers to upload forms.

Learn more about how you can optimize your Attachments to suit your needs.


Due to feedback from clients, we have modified References to be attached to a Job Posting as opposed to an Individual.

Along with that, you can copy the HR Reference Request Automated Email and assign to different Job Postings.

Need a refresher on how References work? Check out the updated documentation.

Application Management

Trying to manage several years of Job Postings under Application Management? Now you can filter by Job Posting Year to make it easier to find what you are looking for.

Perhaps an Applicant has been assigned to a HR Manager for a while and needs to be followed up with. You can now see the date that Assigned To was set and take action as needed.

CT6 Features

Event Configuration



Guest Groups

  • Added option to print the Resource Calendar.
  • Added ability to create, modify and cancel Reservations through the API.


  • Added option to select Paid Time Off for arrival after the Start Date or for departure before the End Date of a Work Period.

Bookmark our Release Notes page so you will always know about the latest features and updates.

What’s Next

Here are some of the upcoming features that we are working on:

Registration Site
The Registration Site is undergoing a major redesign with new features designed to improve your customer’s experience as they register for Events.

  • Mobile first design
  • Increased performance for scalability
  • Complete steps for multiple registrations on one screen
  • Streamlined workflow from Event Selection to Checkout
  • Social Sign On with Facebook and Google
  • Improved workflow to register for multiple Events with multiple Attendees
  • Integration with Google Tag Manager and Facebook Pixel
  • Optionally breakout custom questions into multiple steps
  • Enhanced content management capabilities
  • Rename workflow step names by Event
  • Increased usability

CT6 Features

  • Add Payment Search.
  • Add Payment Detail.
  • Allow Daily Reservations to be accessible from an Individual.
  • Add and edit Tax Exempt numbers.
Got an idea? Submit it on the Idea Board and maybe it will be the next feature in CT6!