Release Notes 2019

The following is a log of Features and Action Items that have been include in a release. Note that release date is when it was released to Test databases. Typically, releases are pushed to Live databases by the following Tuesday.

Features and Action Items are distinguished with the following labels:


Action Items


CTD-3727 Added more functionality to Data Grids in CT6.

CTD-3882 Added Weekly and Monthly options to Scheduled Reports/Queries.

CTD-3759 Corrected an issue that defaulted the payment option to Full Amount if an error was encountered in CT6 Registration Site.

CTD-3661 Corrected an issue that was not updating Cost Center on all related Reservation items when modifying the Cost Center on a Guest Group Itinerary.

CTD-3709 Fixed a bug that was not accepting Paper Check as an authorized Payment method.

CTD-3716 Updated the W-4 form in Staff Onboarding to meet new requirements.

CTD-3742 Fixed a bug that was redirecting users of Internet Explorer to the wrong address when logging into CT6.

CTD-3603 Corrected an issue that was preventing Content Fields from being seen after being edited.

CTD-3870 Fixed a bug that was preventing Private Event links from working.

CTD-4028 Corrected an issue that was preventing an Attendee with two or more Registrations with the same Attributes from proceeding during CT6 Registration Site.

CTD-3923 Fixed a bug that was duplicating new attendees during CT6 Registration Site.

CTD-4058 Corrected an issue that was preventing the Check-In procedure from being used on a mobile device.

CTD-4029 Fixed a bug that was losing the value of a Prefilter after logging in for CT6 Registration Site.


CTD-1345 Added Attributes Configuration to CT6.

CTD-3437 Added an Order Comments field to the Store Purchase Receipt.

CTD-3593 Fixed a bug preventing a decimal from being added in a flat rate Discount amount.

CTD-3603 Corrected an issue that permitted a non-administrator or billing contact to be the Primary Contact on an Itinerary.

CTD-3641 Fixed a bug where a Discount was being reversed due to an unintended reprice.

CTD-3695 Corrected an issue preventing multiple PreFilter links from working together properly.

CTD-3662 Fixed a bug where the dates for Activity Scheduling in CT6 were being improperly calculated.


CTD-2454 Corrected an issue where Event Copy would not copy all allocations if the quantities copied exceeded the resource quantity.

CTD-3483 Fixed a bug where Attributes on the Health Form Configuration were not saving properly.

CTD-3162 Corrected an issue where Pre-Orders were using the web store location Tax Rate instead of the tax rate for the Event location.

CTD-3384 Fixed a bug where trying to make a Donation without an electronic payment already present showed an email validation error online.

CTD-3707 Corrected an issue where adding an email address that already existed in the Select Attendee step of CT6 Registration Site would not allow the registrant to continue.


CTD-2612 Corrected an issue where viewing a prior Staff Application Interview was showing the Returning questions (the applicant’s current status) instead of the New questions (the applicant’s status at the time of application.)

CTD-3080 Fixed an error that was adding Sales Tax even though the “Add taxes” box was not checked when using the Add Line Item function.

CTD-3084 Corrected an issue where the online Balance Due Now calculation was not including Payments made on the Itinerary.

CTD-3203 Fixed an error where Copy Class for Activities was creating the wrong value for Days Before for the Workflow Step.

CTD-3139 Corrected an issue where Scheduled Payments were not showing on all Registrations in CT6.

CTD-3204 Fixed an error that was preventing an ACH Batch from being created if an improper Email Address was listed in Company Details.

CTD-3208 Modified the Allow Offers to Be Sent option to default to Yes in the Job Posting Configuration.

CTD-3275 Modified the Quick Enroll process to show Event Name as well as Event Division Name.

CTD-3311 Corrected an Issue where Terms and Conditions were incorrectly shown as Complete.

CTD-3107 Fixed an error where an Accounts Payable entry was being shown twice in Employment Detail in CT6.

CTD-3433 Corrected an issue where the Payment Wizard was not permitting payment because of defaulting to the wrong entity (e.g., defaulting to the Group account when the balance due belonged to the Secondary Entity.)

CTD-3443 Fixed an error preventing Attributes from being changed to Year-Based.


CTD-2158 Corrected an issue where a Balance Due payment was included in the number of Scheduled Payments online.

CTD-3166 Fixed an error where reversing a taxable entry was not updating the Sales Tax amount.

CTD-3474 Corrected an issue where setting up an AutoPay Schedule for a Deposit Requirement was causing an error.

CTD-3510 Modified the Navigation Links in CT6 to work properly with iPad update 13.2.


CTD-1906 Modified SalesLink to remain on same Tag screen after selecting an Item instead of going back to primary Tag tab.

CTD-2965 Modified the Copy Medical Form Configuration process not to require Description.

CTD-2956 Corrected an issue where the Batch Apply Attributes process that is set to Allow Multiples was creating multiple entries for duplicates in a query.

CTD-2935 Fixed an error where the Staff Onboarding section was incorrectly displaying the results of the Everyone/Past Employees/New Applicants selection.

CTD-2716 Corrected an issue where attempting to rename a Medical Form Configuration was creating a new copy.

CTD-2934 Fixed an error that was putting a 2020 Registration on a 2019 Itinerary when all Registrations were being created at once.

CTD-3051 Corrected an issue where the Email options were not being shown when a Staff member was hired.

CTD-3212 Fixed an error where a Secondary Entity Registration wasn’t being properly displayed.


CTD-2466 Added the ability to Copy Medical Form Configuration from prior years.

CTD-2725 Added encryption to the URL for Time Off Requests and the ability for a Staff person to delete his/her own requests.

CTD-2726 Corrected an issue that was mishandling Certification Uploads based on Expiration Date and Required status.

CTD-2747 Fixed an error in Housing Assignment where Pending Registrations with Pending Housing Reservations were being shown on the assignment screen.

CTD-2776 Removed ability to manually reverse A/R entries for a Customer Service  (e.g., One-Way Email) payment record.


CTD-955 Improved performance for TogetherPay transactions in the Nightly Process.

CTD-1908 Modified a Medical Conditions query to give option to view or to hide expired conditions.

CTD-2264 Fixed an error where a prior Store Card was being used on a newly renamed Group Registration.

CTD-2298 Corrected an issue where the Export Parameters for a Scheduled Report were using the parameters from the last time the report was run.

CTD-2446 Added a “Save and Add Another” button to the Add Dietary Concerns option for Itineraries.

CTD-2539 Adjusted the Scheduled Payment option to use the same day of the month if multiple Itineraries have payment plans.

CTD-2504 Fixed an error where an Individual Registration was able to have a quantity greater than 1.

CTD-537 Corrected an issue where Activities were being put on a Waitlist if multiple Registrations on the same Itinerary were competing for limited spots.

CTD-2606 Fixed an error where the Save button for a Scheduled Email was not being shown.

CTD-2895 Corrected an issue where Registrants were being placed in the wrong Lodging during Online Registration if there were Allocations at both the Event and Event Division level.

CTD-2728 Fixed an error where uploading Form Attachments was not saving properly.


CTD-2438 Added the Expiration Date to the Attachments card in CT6.

CTD-2422 Modified the Event Configuration to keep a particular Division row highlighted/selected after saving.

CTD-790 Added the Cancellation Reason to a Cancelled status on a Registration card in CT6.

CTD-2421 Added the ability to customize the first two characters of a Flag Attribute for easier identification.

CTD-2436 Disabled the Void Payment option for TogetherPay clients.

CTD-2303 Added the ability to Donate Balance from a Secondary Entity.

CTD-2344 Disabled the ability to set an Event as a Template when Itineraries or Registrations existed for it.

CTD-2439 Fixed an error where the Transportation Load Time was auto-completing after entering a colon (“:”).


CTD-513 Corrected an issue where Transportation allocations were not permitting Event dates to change.

CTD-2008 Fixed an error that wasn’t transferring Payments or Credits when Transferring a Reservation.

CTD-2015 Corrected an issue where money could be added to a Store Card for a Cancelled Event.

CTD-2046 Fixed an error when processing a manual ACH Batch with people with accent marks in the name.

CTD-2092 Corrected an issue where the Organization ID was not being set properly when an Event was created for a Guest Group.

CTD-2136 Improved our Credit Card processing to try multiple times if a timeout is encountered.

CTD-2151 Adjusted the Write Off procedure to include Secondary Entity payments.

CTD-2175 Corrected an issue where the Date Picker for Attributes was using UTC instead of local time.

CTD-2190 Fixed an error that wasn’t setting the Paying Entity properly on a Group Registration.

CTD-2197 Modified the Autopay process to better account for Cancellation Fees.

CTD-2228 Modified Donation Acknowledgement Letter to make it possible to show multiple gifts associated with a single Donation.

CTD-2237 Corrected an issue where Attributes were being sorted by Name instead of by Display Order.

CTD-2257 Fixed an error that permitted the file extension to be edited in the name of an Attachment.

CTD-551 Corrected an issue where customers could create duplicate orders on the Web Store.

CTD-2324 Modified the Quick Enroll process so that attendees would show up for further events even after enrolling in another qualified Event.

CTD-2491 Fixed an error where using Quick Enroll was creating multiple Registrations.

CTD-2499 Corrected an issue that was preventing the Onboarding section in Staff Application from being submitted.

CTD-2482 Adjusted the character limit on Resource Description from 1000 characters to 2000 characters.

CTD-2541 Fixed an error where creating a copy of a Report wasn’t handling parameters properly.


CTD-540 Corrected an issue where modifying a date on an Itinerary was conflicting with a Reservation date.

CTD-541 Fixed an error that was keeping duplicate Job Application during an Individual Merge process.

CTD-886 Modified the Emergency Contact in Medical Forms to permit the “-” and “+” symbols for foreign phone numbers.

CTD-1180 Corrected an issue that was incorrectly displaying the Deposit Schedule amount in Online Registration when an “Other” amount was specified during payment.

CTD-1722 Fixed an error preventing the Batch Updater from marking Events as Private.

CTD-1792 Corrected an issue where a Transferred Pre-Order was incorrectly shown as Delivered.

CTD-1859 Fixed an incorrect Time Off calculation for a case where the staff member had multiple Managers.

CTD-1903 Corrected an issue where a Secondary Entity payment was being incorrectly assigned when the entity was both a Parent of the Family and an Administrator of the Group.

CTD-1930 Fixed an error that was using the wrong Entity to find a Refund transaction.

CTD-1932 Corrected an issue where a SalesLink 5 Pending Order wasn’t syncing properly because it wasn’t correctly evaluating a Secondary Entity registration.


CTD-1011 Added the ability to configure Medical Forms (with all the associated elements) to CT6.

CTD-1429 Corrected an issue that was preventing a Waitlisted Registration from being activated when its dates conflicted with a Pending Waitlisted Registration.

CTD-1777 Modified Refund process so that it won’t include transactions older than a year to process refunds against.

CTD-1857 Modified AR Categories so that only CT Admins can mark a category as an Income Category.

CTD-2057 Fixed an error that was showing a blank Roster when editing Quantities for Guest Groups.


CTD-1559 Corrected an issue where clicking on Complete Attributes after finishing a Registration sometimes would time out and not go to the designated page.

CTD-1761 Fixed an error that improperly reversed Manual Entries on a Cancelled Registration Reprice.

CTD-1831 Corrected an issue that wasn’t properly loading Reservation Details on a Payment Detail screen.

CTD-1844 Fixed an error that was preventing Credit Card payments in a new Store Location in SalesLink due to a missing Organization ID.

CTD-1208 Corrected a performance issue causing a particular Query using Tableau to time out.


CTD-1601 Corrected an issue that was referencing the incorrect Credit Card in the Refund Confirmation Email when processing a Refund for multiple payments using different cards.

CTD-1618 Fixed an error that wasn’t permitting a Wristband in Attendee Check-In to be re-issued for a new attendee.

CTD-1636 Corrected an issue where Medical Forms and Terms and Conditions that were showing as Completed on an individual Registration were shown as Incomplete on the Group Roster Management screen.

CTD-1664 Fixed an error that was improperly accepting American Express cards as Payment when they were not accepted by the client.

CTD-1639 Corrected an issue that wasn’t permitting a particular Work Period to be removed from an Employment Offer.

CTD-1813 Fixed an error that was preventing Refunds that weren’t being put back on Credit Cards.


CTD-751 Fixed an error that wasn’t updating the order entry date properly in SalesLink.

CTD-1377 Corrected an issue that was improperly handling a “circle” of Roommates (where the last one in the series of roommates also requested the first in the series.)

CTD-1383 Fixed an error that was preventing the Override function from working for Roommates in CT6.

CTD-1469 Corrected an issue that was putting the wrong Payment Date in the AutoPay Confirmation Email when a Payment Extension Date existed.

CTD-1531 Fixed an error that wasn’t including all Roommates properly when merging two distinct chains.

CTD-1593 Corrected an issue that was throwing an error when clicking on the Primary Contact link on an Itinerary.

CTD-1543 Fixed an error that wasn’t showing the Medical Form properly for a Staff member.

CTD-1706 Corrected an issue that would charge a full payment for a Waitlisted Event if a particular configuration was used.


CTD-748 Corrected an issue where apostrophes weren’t being shown correctly in an Export Query when opened in Excel.

CTD-757 Fixed an error that was improperly determining whether a Discount could be reversed in CT6.

CTD-905 Added the ability to remove whitespace from a SSN in the Individual Profile (which was preventing other fields from being saved.)

CTD-1269 Corrected an issue where a Health Form completion status was being shown inconsistently across the platform.

CTD-1195 Fixed an error where the procedure to check for duplicate dates for Deposit Schedule Requirements was including deleted dates.

CTD-1413 Corrected an issue where the title for the Deposit Schedule Policies in Event Configuration was displaying incorrectly.

CTD-1450 Added the Show Cancelled box back to Family Itineraries after being hidden by mistake.

CTD-1457 Fixed an error with the Merge Field [[HimHer]] so that future emails will use [[Him/Her]]. (Existing emails will need to be edited manually to insert the “/”.)


CTD-1172 Adjusted the Next Payment Date to show the Balance Due Date for Scheduled Payments when a final payment is scheduled for the balance due date.

CTD-1195 Corrected an issue where a Reprice was reversing Write Off entries unnecessarily.

CTD-1201 Fixed an error where the Staff Payroll was not correcting showing Staff names.

CTD-1206 Corrected an issue that was preventing a Scheduled Email from being sent after the initial attempt to send the email had failed.

CTD-1232 Fixed an error that was incorrectly showing that Legal Terms and Conditions were not signed when they were.

CTD-1239 Modified the Automated/Scheduled Email integration with Mandrill to require at least one Content Area.

CTD-1247 Modified the Scheduled Email Grid to show a Last Sent Date.

CTD-1281 Fixed an error where SalesLink was incorrectly interpreting scanned barcodes.

CTD-1288 Corrected an issue where Staff Form Sections were Required but Incomplete because of adjustments after Staff completed the application.

CTD-1455 Fixed an error preventing a Payment to be made used a stored credit card number.


CTD-914 Corrected an issue where a family could reserve two Lodging options by registering for different Event Divisions in the same Event.

CTD-790 Fixed an error where the system was unable to find an Person with unusual characters in her name.

CTD-1242 Corrected an issue where the Scheduled Payment was showing two Balance Due Dates.

CTD-1212 Fixed an error preventing a new Medical Condition from being added.

CTD-1178 Corrected an issue where the Scheduled Payment date was being taken from the Itinerary instead of the Registration.


CTD-1100 Added a Show Cancelled option to Group Registrations.


CTD-284 Re-designed the SalesLink Checkout Process for greater speed and efficiency.

CTD-628 Added the ability to set a Default Tag for a Store Location.

CTD-509 Fixed an error where a past Staff Applicant was being asked for References again.

CTD-824 Corrected an issue that arose when adjusting the Quantity of an item in SalesLink after scanning its bar code.


CTD-412 Fixed an error preventing a Query with obsolete parameters from being deleted.

CTD-456 Corrected an issue in CT5 preventing the Modify Overage Limit for the Store Card from working properly.

CTD-885 Adjusted Resource Calendar to show multiple reservations on a single day.

CTD-902 Corrected an issue preventing the Save Quantities from working with Family Itineraries.

CTD-1045 Adjusted the Scheduled Payment option to handle Registrations that are made within a month of the Balance Due Date.


CTD-275 Adjusted counts and status to reflect combinations of Waitlist, Active, Cancelled, and Pending Registrations for Family Itineraries.

CTD-583 Adjusted Copy Event to notify user when Shared Activities would not be copied to new Event.

CTD-541 Corrected an issue that was leaving duplicate Staff Applications when using the Merge Individual function.

CTD-637 Fixed an error permitting duplicate Certifications to be created for the Staff Application.

CTD-588 Added several usability enhancements to Open Registration, Deposit Schedule, and Cancellation Policies.


CTD-588 Added several usability enhancements to Open Registration, Deposit Schedule, and Cancellation Policies.

CTD-647 Fixed an error that was preventing the Additional Questions Workflow Step from being added properly.

CTD-738 Corrected an issue that wasn’t identifying the proper Credit Card Type when making a Payment.

CTD-770 Fixed an error that was improperly calculating and displaying Itinerary Counts for Cancelled and Pending Registrations.

CTD-820 Corrected an issue that was displaying the wrong price in the Web Store when a Sale Price was included.

CTD-823 Modified Employment Notification for Applications that have been changed to Offered but haven’t been sent the Offer email yet.

CTD-830 Removed the unused Food Service Program Workflow Step from the Registration process.

CTD-910 Corrected an issue preventing the Missing Medical Forms option from working in Registration Search.

CTD-929 Fixed an error encountered when uploading Form Attachments in the Registration website.


CTD-528 Added Acknowledge Date to the Add Donations screen.

CTD-550 Fixed an error preventing the Attachment Category from saving when using Attachments.

CTD-712 Corrected an issue where entering a Customer Name overrode other parameters in SalesLink Order Search.

CTD-720 Fixed an error that was preventing registrants to go on the Transportation Waitlist when Transportation was full.

CTD-435 Corrected an issue encountered when editing an Event Division after adding Attendee Steps in CT5 Event Configuration.

CTD-685 Fixed an error loading an individual’s Donations when the number of donations was very large.


CTD-253 Corrected an issue where a Cancellation Fee was being charged when cancelling a Pending Registration.

CTD-555 Fixed an error preventing Attribute Categories from being added to an Event Configuration.

25640 Modified Attachment Type to prevent deletion when used by a Certification.

27055 Removed accent marks from names to prevent bank rejection of ACH files in E-Check Processing.

CTD-670 Modified Certifications to give option to require an Attachment to be uploaded before step is marked complete.

CTD-703 Corrected an issue that was de-selecting Activity Allocations when scrolling down a long list.

CTD-704 Fixed an error preventing the filter for Activity Allocations from working properly.


4899 Added usability tweaks for Policies: Open Registration, Cancellation, and Deposit Schedules.

26690 Added a validation exception when trying to refund a Charge to Department item at a different location.

27247 Fixed an error in Scheduled Emails that was causing the screen width to shrink significantly.

27802 Adjusted field lengths for Receipt Template for SalesLink Store Locations to handle additional receipt text.

27807 Corrected an issue in calculating Attendee Max for Guest Groups in supporting Event.

27842 Modified Self Registrations to create a Family for an Event with Bunk1 Integration.

CTD-242 Fixed an error found when editing and deleting Emergency Contact, Medication, and Immunization information in Staff Medical Forms.

CTD-303 Corrected an issue that wasn’t saving 0 as desired option for Store Card Amount when the default amount was deleted instead of replaced.

CTD-33 Fixed an error with Scheduled Emails that was miscalculating the time due to time zones.

CTD-517 Corrected an issue that unnecessarily required an Address when using Quick Enroll.

CTD-236 Removed duplicate display from Health Center Emergency Contacts if Parent information is identical.

CTD-237 Added Medication Schedule to Check-In procedure.

CTD-238 Modified Health Center to store Medical Logs in UTC time.

CTD-475 Added CircuiTree Organization to existing Bunk1 users so they can receive a welcome email from Bunk1 when signing up.


4989 Added Job Posting column to Application Management.

26127 Fixed an error in CT6 Registration causing Pending registrations when no payment was required.

27809 Corrected an issue creating Activities in CT5 that wasn’t permitting them to show in CT6.

27811 Fixed an issue causing Events that began on the last day of the month to not show up on the Resource Calendar.

27828 Corrected an issue where recently expired Appeals were disappearing from Donation Workflow Steps.

27845 Modified Attributes so that an Attribute marked as Disabled wouldn’t display even if Show on Registration was selected.

27848 Fixed an error that was resetting Lodging times to midnight when adjusting the date on Itineraries.

CTD-34 Modified Nightly Process to make sure all items on a Guest Group are posted when the group is closed and not as part of a Revenue Batch.

CTD-274 Corrected some display and refresh issues with the Family Itinerary view.

CTD-235 Removed Assigned To from Summary for selected Attendees in Medical Center > Medical Logs.

CTD-36 Modified Export Query Parameters to prevent their deletion when used in a Scheduled Email Query.


CTD-120 Changed name of Company Divisions to Organizations as well as added the ability to restrict access to Organizations by User.

CTD-58 Modified Form Upload/Download to permit single upload for multiple events.

27768 Fixed an error in Staff References when trying to complete the step without filling in all dropdown box values.

27797 Optimized the Scheduled Reports process to work more efficiently with Scheduled Reports with more than 70 schedules.

26537 Corrected an issue calculating Store Card Amount totals and subtotals in CT6 Registration.


CTD-29 Allow direct linking to CT6 for Bunk1 to permit easier account management.

27703 Corrected an issue where the Waitlist Override wasn’t working on CT6 Registration.

27709 Fixed an error preventing Attachments from being uploaded internally for Onboarding.

27740 Modified Resource Allocation to permit allocating more Lodging than the default Capacity in CT6.

27748 Corrected an issue that would overwrite Onboarding information from the Profile page in the Staff section.

27759 Fixed an error preventing Job Postings from appearing in Application Management.

27769 Corrected an issue preventing approved Time Off Requests from showing in Offer section of Staff Application.

27739 Added the ability to edit Work Period Abbreviations in Job Postings.

27795 Fixed an error that was requiring a Deposit for a Transferred Registration where the original registration was already paid in full.

27673 Modified the Employment Search Offer/Accept/Decline totals to include Job Postings without Work Periods.

21926 Changed method for handling a rejected email when email address is on a blacklist for Automated/Scheduled Emails.

22817 Adjusted Check-In process so that it will stop trying to send confirmation emails to rejected email addresses.

27799 Fixed an error preventing all Roommates in a chain from displaying.

CTD-37 Modified Scheduled Emails not to run when a Parameter is no longed used in the underlying Query.

CTD-38 Modified Scheduled Emails not run for Immediately conditions that are older than 1 day.


4958 Added a trigger called Name Registration that is sent to a Parent once a Registration is Named as part of a Group Registration.

5002 Updated the Missouri W-4 in Staff Onboarding to reflect recent changes.

5004 Added Itinerary Attributes tab to Daily Reservations in CT6.

CTD-30 Modified a Family Itinerary to work like a Group Itinerary instead of an Individual Registration.

27707 Adjusted Prefilter to accept multiple Begin Dates in a link.

27711 Modified Resource Calendar links to show Guest Group or Itinerary views based on presence of a Contract.

27721 Added an option to display Event Division Name on the Review Selection page in Online Registration.

27708 Sorted Registrations in same Itinerary to be ordered by Event Begin Date in Online Registration.

26978 Modified the Write-Off routine to ignore Reservations on Itinerary Contracts.

27471 Fixed a browser issue in Chrome and IE that improperly displayed Reservations on the Resource Calendar.

27581 Added error logging information when a Private Event link malfunctions.

27584 Fixed an issue preventing Registrations from being cancelled when a Package was cancelled.

27613 Corrected issues displaying and properly adding Store Card money to a Family when parent is also a Group Admin.

27620 Changed Activity Notification so that it doesn’t show when Activities are set to Not Required.

27652 Added ability to charge Store Card to Family when attendee is a member of a Group.

27659 Corrected an issue asking for Family selection in Online Registration after it had already been selected.

27671 Fixed an error causing the price for Activities to be displayed incorrectly in CT6.

27679 Corrected an issue that was incorrectly including pending activity in the Balance Due amount for Online Registration.

27694 Adjusted Online Registration to auto-select Lodging if required even if the attendee removed Lodging during Registration.

27698 Modified Balance Due Date in Online Registration not to show due dates from Cancelled Events.

27798 Fixed an error in the Copy Event Division process that wasn’t working properly with Gift Card and Donation settings.

27819 Corrected an issue where Copy Event Division was copying all steps in all divisions instead of the selected one.


4837 Made several updates to Event Configuration in CT6 in preparation for the new Registration Site.

27739 Corrected an issue allowing a PreOrder to be placed on the wrong Registration.

27771 Fixed a Zip Code validation issue preventing Registrations from Canadian addresses.

27766 Corrected an issue that unnecessarily required an address for Staff when saving Direct Deposit information.

27773 Fixed an issue preventing a Registration from an Event with a Restrict Enrollments option.

27780 Corrected an issue saving Staff Medical Form information.


4525 Added Display Name to Send Message from the Timeline.

4640 Added Attribute Categories to the Contract for improved visual display.

4981 Changed Reason to Notes in the display for a Terminated Staff member.

27601 Changed Medical Conditions in CT5 to only show conditions selected for that Registration (matches CT6).

27621 Fixed an issue preventing the Contact Phone from showing up properly on a Guest Group Itinerary.

27626 Adjusted Registrations to be sorted by Event Start Date then by Age of Attendee in Itinerary view.

27630 Changed security settings to permit Attachments up to 25MB.

27633 Corrected an issue causing the Terms and Conditions notifications to appear inappropriately.

27639 Fixed an error that was putting the default Store Credit amount on a Registration even when the amount selected was $0.

27609 Added a character limit validation test to the Termination Notes field for Staff.

27600 Added “Present” to Work/Volunteer History field for service without a specified end date for Staff (e.g., “1/1/19 to Present”).

27646 Corrected an issue that would create unnecessary Pending Anonymous Registrations.

27661 Fixed an error preventing successful registration for a Family Camp with no Due Now balance.


4008 Increased the character limit for the Position description in HR Configuration to 2500 characters.

27575 Corrected a problem calculating Itinerary dates that was causing a single family camp to be put on several itineraries.

27609 Fixed an error that was trying to create an Autopayment schedule in the past when performing a Registration Transfer.

27615 Corrected an issue preventing the user from changing the Cost Center on a Template Event.

27616 Added a Content Field to allow customization of text when signing Terms and Conditions.

27463 Fixed an error preventing Min and Max for Activities from saving properly.

27504 Adjusted the HR Offer to show a total only if the value has been calculated by the program.

27520 Ran a script to adjust Dimension options in SalesLink to correct an editing issue.

27554 Adjusted the Donation selection to filter Appeals by the associated Campaign correctly.


4013 Created Terminate Employee option.

4967 Added Live Chat as an option to Communication method.

3366 Added question for currently employed to Work / Volunteer History.

27483 Added code to better handle Orphan Payments.

27551 Corrected an issue with event filter in CT6 Registration that wasn’t showing divisions with no gender restrictions properly.

27499 Fixed a problem preventing the Check In and Check Out process from working properly in Attendee Check In.

27506 Corrected an issue when Merging accounts with identical email addresses.

27507 Fixed a display issue showing the wrong Check In status for Family Itinerary page.

27445 Adjusted Resource Allocations to properly handle Exclusive Use for Capacity and Quantity resources.

27596 Corrected an issue that was causing Reservations to be cancelled after activation.


4955 Added a number of usability enhancement to Payment Search.

27540 Prevented changes from being made to completed SalesLink orders.

27285 Tightened some rules determining whether to show Legal Terms and Conditions as complete or incomplete.

27435 Added Category qualifier to better select Activities for an Event.

27491 Adjusted our duplicate-checking procedures to permit multiple Donations for same amounts for different pledges.

27505 Corrected an issue preventing large Payments from working when they included a comma (like $1,000).

27511 Fixed an issue that was showing transferred Pre-Orders as not having been shipped/processed when they had been.

27519 Adjusted timing of Onboarding forms to prompt for new forms if previous ones would expire by the job start date.

27522 Updated the graphic for W-4 Forms to show the 2019 form.

27524 Added a warning prompt when trying to delete a Campaign Appeal that is part of a Donation workflow step.


4365 Added ability to require a profile photo in the Demographic Info section of Job Posting.

4891 Added Drag and Drop indicator dots to Form Sections in Staff Job Posting Configuration.

27487 Reconciled standard and negotiated rates for clients with personal UPS accounts in Shipping Manager.

27489 Fixed an error attempting to calculate monthly payments past Payment Due Date for a Registration.

27501 Corrected an error preventing a Domain Name from saving in Email Configuration.

27503 Fixed a display error for a staff member with multiple References for multiple Staff Applications.

26894 Corrected an issue with multiple entities tied to a Store Card.

26944 Adjusted Transfer procedure to require that Pending Payments be posted before transferring.

27422 Fixed a problem that double-counted certain Reservations against a capacity restriction.

27469 Corrected an issue that duplicated Charges when multiple charges existed for an Event.

27476 Adjusted the Show Pending Donations option to include pending Registration Donations.

27478 Corrected an issue where a Store Card refund was going to a Secondary Entity when the payment was made by a Primary Entity.

27479 Fixed an error preventing a Daily Reservation‘s date from being changed.


4815 Modified Payroll Auto Draft button in Staff to default to Disabled and match Job Application Enable/Disable button.

26876 Adjusted Resource Reservation dates/times to remain the same if set manually and not change to itinerary dates/times.

27357 Corrected a calculation for Daily Pay for HR Payroll that wasn’t taking time of day into account properly.

27442 Fixed an error when setting the Min without the Max when configuring Activities.

27450 Restored ability to Clear Cache for camps with multiple websites.

27458 Disabled ability to add Deposit Requirements in CT5 outside of a Payment/Deposit Schedule.

27526 Corrected an issue that occurs when activating two Registrations at the same time.

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