Registration Preparation and Setup

The Registration Preparation and Setup set of videos will help you determine which elements need to be set up so that you can begin registering people into your events. Here’s a brief description of each element along with the link to the specific posts. Please note that these items are generally in the order of setup; for example, you need to have a company division defined before you can create a location.


This section is designed to reflect how your company is organized to make sure that events and accounting activity are associated with the correct entity. Examples include different Organizations for profit/nonprofit, summer camp/conferences, and entities located in different states. Learn more about Organizations and how to set them up.


These represent the locations where your events take place. These are sometimes used in report criteria as a way to group data, and they’re also necessary to set tax rates (for on-site sales, for instance.) Start creating some locations.

Event Types

These define the kinds of events you offer. You need at least one event type. Event types are especially useful if you have different kinds of events that you can’t transfer money between (like if a cancelled summer camp deposit can’t be applied to a fall retreat) or need to enforce particular leader/attendee group ratios. Explore event types and their uses.

Event Division Types

Event Division Types help classify the types of people that are coming to an event. Event divisions allow you to charge different amounts or restrict attendance by age or sex or customize registration steps. These types will help you associate similar divisions from different events (by creating discounts, for example) or set particular rules for certain divisions (like specifying whether authorization is required–a minor might need a parent signature, for instance.) You must have at least one event division type defined. Begin with learning more about event division types.

Legal Terms and Conditions

Most registration processes have at least one set of terms and conditions that registrants must sign in order to protect the organization. In CircuiTree, you can set up a single set of conditions for all registrations, or you can designate multiple sets that may or may not be applied to specific events or event divisions. Find out how to match your protection policies with the CircuiTree software.


The elements above are really the building to your primary purpose: creating events. Events form the core of your registration process and are very flexible for your needs. A description of the setup process can be found in our Registration Overview videos Initial Event Setup, Event-Specific Setup, and Event Division Setup. Once you’ve created an event, you can copy that event to another time and even make multiple copies of that event (such as filling out a summer of otherwise identical camp weeks.) You can even copy all events in a year to the next  year in one step.

Related Preparation Steps

The above posts/videos will set up the core elements of your registration system. There are additional aspects that, while not required for initial setup, will make your system richer and more responsive to your particular business practices. These aspects are listed below: