Initial Event Setup

This video discusses the initial decisions that must be made in creating an event and demonstrates how to do so in the CircuiTree software. It will guide you through the configuration screens and show you where to set up various event prerequisites (like locations and event types.) Each individual configuration option will have its own video as well in case you need further detail about the function.

0:00 – 0:35           Objectives

0:35 – 1:28           Initial Event Setup – what must you do before you can set up an event?

1:28 – 2:59           Event Location Setup Overview (more info)

2:59 – 4:16           Company Divisions Setup Overview (more info)

4:16 – 5:22           Event Type Setup Overview (more info)

5:22 – 6:45           Cost Center Setup Overview (more info)

6:45 – end             Event Setup Review