How do I create a Cancellation Policy?


Menu > Configuration > RegistrationCancellation Policies

Click Add Cancellation Policy to see the Cancellation Policy screen.

Enter a name for the policy and then enter the rules. Select   for additional rules.

  • Enter an amount.
  • Choose either a dollar amount [$] or a percentage [%].
  • Select either Deposit or Tuition.
  • Select the timing of when the policy applies:
    • After enrollment – Anytime after the Registration is Activated.
    • On date – Select a specific date.
    • Before start – Enter the number of days before the Event starts.
    • After start – Enter the number of days after the Event starts

Click Save Policy. 

Quick Tip – You can create a new cancellation policy or edit an existing one by going to the charges tab within an Event .

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