How do I create a Cancellation Policy?

Let’s look at how to set up event cancellation policies!  Here’s how:

  1. Go to Configuration > Events and open an Event.
  2. Click Divisions and open an Event Division.


  1. Click the Charges tab.  In the Cancellation Fees section, you can either select the Plus Sign  sign or click on one of the fees that has already been created.


  1. The Cancellation Policy screen will appear.  Let’s look at each section of the screen:


Is the policy affected by the date the event starts?
  • Select Yes to enter how many days before the event the cancellation fee will take place.
  • Select No to enter the specific date the cancellation fee will begin occurring.
Is the fee a fixed amount?
  • Select Yes to enter the fixed amount of the cancellation fee.
  • Select No if the fee will be based on a percentage.
    • Then choose whether the percentage will be calculated from the Deposit or the Tuition.  Finally, add the percentage amount in the field provided.
  1. Click Save.


From here, you can add additional cancellation fees to cater your cancellation policy specifically to your organization.  The above example shows the cancellation policy to be:

  • 100% of deposit forfeited if cancelled by 3/1/2015
  • 100% of tuition forfeited if cancelled by 14 days before the event begin date

See It In Action

This video shows how to set up particular cancellation reasons so you can track causes and needs that are arising in your registration cancellations. It also shows you how to set the cancellation policy for an event division.

0:00 – 2:00: Shows how cancellation reasons can be configured and why you might wish to do so

2:00 – 5:15: Shows how to set cancellation policy. There are two elements: when the policy takes effect, and how much is charged as a fee. This section shows how to coordinate those two elements by using multiple sets of policies for different dates