Event-Specific Setup

This sixth video in the Registration Overview series discusses the factors required to define a specific event such as date and name. Like the prior video, it guides you through the software and explains where you need to enter your information. This video shows how to set the basic information for a specific event like where it will take place, when it will happen, and who can sign up. Charges and attendance restrictions are covered in the final video in this series about event divisions.

0:00 – 0:25           Objectives

0:25 – 0:55           New Event Setup

0:55 – 1:49           Event:  Details – example

1:49 – 6:21           Event:  Settings – demonstration

6:21 – 7:36           Event:  Resources – example

7:36 – 8:35           Event:  Additional Services –example

8:35 – 9:36           Event:  Divisions overview


The next video will show you how to create event divisions for your new event.