How do I configure Discounts?

Discounts can be automatic or manual. Manual discounts are applied directly by your personnel on an as-needed basis. (The exception is manual discounts that can be entered by your customers online using a discount code or a coupon code.) Automatic discounts are applied according to rules you define.


  1. Go to Config > Accounting > Discounts.


  1. Use the Criteria to filter the list if needed and select Find.

  • Discount Type – Select Automatic or Manual.
  • Amount Type – Select Flat Amount or Percentage.
  • Include Expired – Check box to display expired Discounts.
  1. Results will be displayed in the center section. Use the filter at the top of the screen to narrow the results.

  1. Select to edit, to delete or Add Discount.

Add Discount

  1. From the search screen, select Add Discount.
  2. Enter the required fields.

  • Name – Enter a name for the Discount.
  • Customer Label – Enter a label that will be displayed on the Registration Site.
  • Description – Enter a description for the Discount that is used internally.
  • Manual Discount – Check box to only allow discount to be applied manually. Discounts that use a Discount Code rule need to be set to Manual in order to work.
  • Start – Enter a date that the discount will start applying.
  • Expiration – Enter a date when the discount expires.
  • Calculate By – Select either Flat Amount or Percentage.
  • Amount – Enter an amount that the Discount will apply.
  • AR Category – Select an AR Category which will be used when a Discount is applied.
  • When to transfer discounts – Select between Only When Valid, Always or Never.
  1. Select Save.


  1. From the search screen, find a Discount and then select .
  2. Select Edit Discount.

  1. Update the needed fields and then select Save.


  1. From the search screen, select .
  2. Type yes and then select Delete.

Quick Tip – Discounts that have been applied cannot be deleted.


Discount rules are used as criteria to determine if discounts are eligible while pricing a registration or reservation. All automatic discounts must have at least one discount rule in order for it to be valid.

  1. From the search screen, find a Discount and then select .
  2. Select Rules.

  1. Select to add a new rule.
  2. Select either Basic or Advanced. Most commonly used rules are under Basic.

  1. Select from the list of Condition Types.

  1. Depending on the Condition Type, enter the value and select Save.

Multiple Conditions

After you have added a Rule, you can add an additional rule to either apply with the conditions of the first Rule or apply separately to a different Rule.


To add a condition that is in additional to a previous condition, select Add Condition.


To add a condition that is independent of the first condition, select the plus under OR.

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