How do I get started using CT6 Registration Site?

The new CT6 Registation Site is here! We are excited to share it with you and get your team and customers up to speed on using it. To start using the CT6 Registration Site, here are some steps to take to help you in the transition.

Before you get started, check out the FAQs to get the answers for some common questions.


Check out these two webinars to see CT6 Registration Site in action.

Develop Plan

Since the CT6 Registration Site is a new experience for both your customers and staff, you will want to make sure that they are prepared for the change. Spend some time developing a plan to help you roll out the new site successfully. Here is an idea for a sample plan that could work for your team.

Step 1 – Determine Events

Meet with your team to determine which Events you want to offer to start offering to clients on CT6 Registration Site. Couple ideas on path to take:

  • Select a handful of Events to offer to customers who are early adopters.
    • Advantage – Allows you to gather feedback and make adjustments before launching to all your customers.
    • Disadvantage – Slower to gain adoption for all your customers.
  • Move all your customers over to using CT6 Registration Site at same time.
    • Advantage – Customers can take advantage of using new features right away.
    • Disadvantage – Change is hard for some customers so could generate more questions on how to use the new site.

You could take one of these two approaches or even something in between. The goal of this step is to have a plan for your team as to which Events will use CT6 Registration Site.

Step 2 – Testing

It is time to take the new CT6 Registration Site for a spin. Using your Sandbox link from above, run through several registrations and scenarios with your team. The goal is to get familiar with the new site and anticipate any questions that your customer may have. Have several people on your team go through the process and take notes. Meet up afterwards and discuss your findings.

CT6 Registration Site works alongside the existing CT5 Registration Site, so you can use them both at the same time. The format for the URLs for your  Sandbox (previously know as Test Site) and Production (Live) site can be found below.

  • Sandbox (Test) –
  • Production (Live) –
Quick Tip – Unsure of your Company Name? In CT6, select your name and it is shown in the menu.

The following articles go through the functionality of CT6 Registration Site from a customer’s perspective to help get you started.

Step 3 – Customize Site

Once you have completed testing, update the look and feel of your Production Site to match your existing Marketing Site. Use the tools located under Admin to update colors, fonts and add a logo.

Step 4 – Update Content Fields

Since the workflow in the CT6 Registration Site is different from CT5 Registration Site, the Content Fields in each site are unique. Update the Content Fields in Production by going through a Registration, and updating them along the way.

Step 5 – Update Documentation

Do you have any documentation on your Marketing Site about how to use the CT5 Registration Site? Take some time and update it for the CT6 Registration Site.

Step 6 – Communicate with Customers

Work on a plan to announce the CT6 Registration Site to your customer. Highlight which Events will be available and how they can start using it. Create screenshots highlighting the new features and include in your communication with customers.

Generate Pre-Filters to send your customers to the Events based on criteria that you define. Learn how to set them up:


If you have questions concerning configuration or how to roll out CT6 Registration Site, submit an issue through the Support Portal.

Submit Issue


Need a place to check out all the documentation for the CT6 Registation Site?