CT6 Registration Site FAQs

Have questions about how CT6 Registration Site works and how it integrates with existing functionality? You have come to the right place. Check out the FAQs below.

What new features are available in CT6 Registration Site?

Below is a list of new features available:

  • Mobile first design
  • Social Sign-On
    • Facebook
    • Google
  • Site Customization
  • Integrated Analytics with Google Tag Manager
  • View Event Selection without login
  • Direct linking to specific Steps or other parts of the site
  • Alerts on Dashboard for Steps that aren’t completed or when balance is due
  • Faster checkout process
  • Most labels are editable
  • Steps
    • Add custom name
    • Add Attributes to any Step
    • Smart grouping when same steps is asked for multiple Events (i.e. Medical Form asked once when registering for 3 Events)
    • Set donation levels (i.e. $25, $50, $100)
    • Allow customer to upload Attendee photo
Does the existing Registration Site work with the new one?

The CT6 Registration Site is designed to work alongside the existing CT5 Registration Site. What this means, is that you have the ability to choose when you transition to using the CT6 Registration Site.

What features are not backwards compatible?

There are a handful of new features that are only available in CT6 Registration Site that are not backwards compatible with CT5 Registration Site.

  • Event Steps
    • Custom Name
    • Add Attributes to any Step
    • Donation Default Amounts
  • Single Sign On (Google / Facebook)
Does CT6 Registration Site use a different database?

No, both registrations sites use the same database, so if you update something in CT6 Registration Site, it will update everywhere.

What features are not currently available in CT6 Registration Site?

The following features are not currently available in the CT6 Registration Site.

  • HR Portal
  • Donation Portal
  • Webstore
  • Reservation Wizard
  • Sending One-Way Emails
    • Links to CT5 Registration Site if configured
  • Guest Management
  • Quick Enroll
  • Verify Profile Information
  • Require Birthdate for Family Accounts
My Profile
  • Update Address
  • Update Individual Attributes
  • Add Multiple Phone Numbers
Edit Family
  • Update Family Attributes
  • Set Family Admin
  • Option to Use Same Address as Family
  • Update Address
  • Add Multiple Phone Numbers
  • Add Email Address to Family Member
Edit Group
  • Update Group Name
  • Update Group Type
  • Update Address
  • Add Menu


If you have questions concerning configuration or how to roll out CT6 Registration Site, submit an issue through the Support Portal.

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