How do I login as a Site Admin?

CircuiTree offers you a very unique functionality when you login as the Site Admin on your registration website. As the Site Admin you can accomplish several tasks such as logging in as a customer using their email address, creating Prefilter links or accessing specific links on the Registration Site.


  1. Go to your to login.
  2. Under Website Administration, click Login to Access Administrator Content.

  1. Enter your CircuiTree username and password and then click Login.

  1. After you login, you will notice a red bar at the top of the screen which indicates that you are logged in as a Site Admin.

  1. There are several different links that are available:


Provides direct links to different pages on the Registration Site

  • My Account – Link to Account Sign In page. You can login as a customer by using just their email address, no password required. Web Master Login Security Privilege needed.

  • New Registration – Link to Event Selection page.
  • Pending Registrations – Link to Pending Registration page.
  • Request Code Entry – Link to page to enter Request code for Group Registrations.
  • Quick Enroll List – Link to Quick Enroll.
  • Staff Portal – Link to HR Dashboard. You can login as Staff or an Applicant by using just their email address, no password required. Web Master Login Security Privilege needed.
  • Staff Application – Link to Staff Application.
  • Reserve a Room – Link to Resource Reservations page.
  • Store – Link to homepage of Webstore.
  • Shopping Cart – Link to Shopping Cart.
  • Donations – Link to Donation page.
Website Administration
  • Login – Enter CircuiTree username and password to access Site Admin.
  • View Sample Content – Example of Content Field.
  • View Cache – Events and Application Settings are cached to increase performance on the Registration Site. Reset App Settings if you have updated one or Clear Cache to get an updated list of Events for the Event Selection screen.
  • Create Prefilters – Ability to create Prefilters that link directly, for example, to a specific location, event or date.
  • Current Version – View the current version of CircuiTree.

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