How do I configure References?

The following article walks through how to configure the References Form Section of a Job Posting.


Add Section

Customize what a Reference sees on the Reference Form by adding Sections. By default, the following fields are always asked as part of the Reference Form.

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  • Contact Phone Number – Reference enters their phone number.
  • How long have you know the applicant? – Reference enters the length of time they have known the Applicant.
  • How do you know this applicant? – Reference enters the relationship between the Reference and Applicant.

To add a Section, follow these steps:

  1. In CT6, Go to Config > HR > Job Posting > Form Sections > Reference.
  2. Select Add Section.

  1. Under Form Section Type, select Custom Questions and then fill out the information.

  • Name – Enter the name of the section that will appear on the HR Site.
  • Who would you like to see this section? – Select between New Applicants, Past Employees or Everyone.
  • Attribute Categories – Select Add Category to add an Attribute Category attached to Reference. Attributes will be asked to Reference. How do I create an Attribute?
  • Hide Internal Comments – Select to hide comments that are added to references by internal users.
  • Instructional Text – Enter text that will appear above where Applicants will add their References on the HR Site.
  • Instructional Text Aside – Enter text that will appear in the right hand column of the section on the HR Site.
  1. Once complete, select Save.
Note – If multiple Custom Question sections are needed, select Add Section again.

Dates / Email

  1. Next, fill out the information at the top of the screen.

  • Open Date – Set a date when the Reference Form is available to References.
  • Close Date – Optionally set a date when the Reference Form is no longer available to References.
  • Reference Email – Set the Automated Email to be sent when the Applicant’s Application is completed.
  1. Once complete, select Continue in the lower right hand corner to configure Interviews.

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