Transportation Training

When you have hundreds of people coming to one location from all over America, or even the world, transportation becomes a key issue.  CircuiTree allows you to structure and organize your transportation inside the database so all of your attendees get where they need to be, when they need to be there! 

Key Terms

  • Charter – Provides a scheduled pickup once per location
  • Shuttle – Provides an unlimited number of pickups at any time per location
  • Vehicle – Either a Charter or a Shuttle that transports attendees
  • Location – A designated place where a vehicle will make a stop to pickup or drop-off attendees
  • Trip – The entire chain of vehicles and locations that are connected.  It is auto generated when adding/updating vehicles and is used to calculate the overall availability and waiting list.
    • Example:
      • Vehicle 1 picks up at location A & B
      • Vehicle 2 picks up at location B & C
      • The trip includes both vehicles and all three locations

Training Videos