How do I manage Transportation Rosters?

This shows to how check the current roster for a charter or shuttle, review waitlisted reservations, and review holds for incomplete flight information

Step 1: Choose the appropriate date and right-click to View Roster

From the CampLink -> Transportation screen, use the tools at the top to find the transportation option you want. Right-click on that option in the grid and choose View Roster

Step 2: Review the reservations by status

At the top, you’ll see four status: Active, Waiting List, On Hold, and Cancelled. Click on a tab to see the reservations with that status. Right-click on a particular status for a list of menu options.

Step 3: Perform any special actions

Reservations in all statuses will let you view the reservation item which will open it in a new tab. For waitlisted reservations, you may also move specific reservations up and down the waitlist and renumber the order to accommodate your needs. (There is a Low waitlist number which represents the lowest number ever seen by the attendee to prevent confusion.) You can also Activate a waitlisted reservation which will make it an active reservation. For shuttles reservations on hold, open the reservation to enter the flight information. You can also confirm reservations using this menu–that verifies in the system that you have informed the attendee of the completed reservation

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