How do I create a Charter Bus?

CircuiTree allows you to create chartered transportation. This is typically a long-distance bus with limited capacity that will pick up attendees at one or more stops.

Step 1: Check for existing buses

Before you begin, check for existing buses. If none meet your needs, then choose New Vehicle from the Actions menu.

Step 2: Select a Vehicle Location

On this screen, choose Charter as the type. Determine whether it’s an incoming or an outgoing transportation option. You can give it a specific name or let the program auto-select a name. Set the capacity for the full bus (choose Unlimited only in shuttle situations.) Make sure your date is correct for the bus. In the grid area, right-click and choose Add Location. Select an existing location or use the icon to add the location. (Locations do not need flight info for charters, although they do for shuttles.) Set a charge and the maximum capacity to be picked up at that location. Select Use Vehicle Capacity if there are no other stops for that bus. If there are, set the number to be picked up there and then add another location until all spots are accounted for.

Navigation: CampLink > Transportation > New Vehicle Wizard

Step 3: Select Events

Once you’ve created the bus, now choose which events it will deliver to.

Step 4: Review Selections

Once you’ve completed the previous steps, the wizard will let you review your steps and make sure you’ve made no mistakes. If you’re satisfied with the proposed changes, click Finish to complete the process.

Show Me How

Watch this video to see how to create a charter bus in CircuiTree