Email Template Troubleshooting

Are you having trouble with your Mandrill template transferring into CircuiTree?  Here are a couple troubleshooting ideas to help you see if there’s a simple correction!

Did you create your own template?
  • For the theme to show up in CircuiTree, you must create your own template by selecting Basic or Code Your Own. You cannot use a Theme.
Is your template empty?
  • The template must contain HTML (which is essentially what you are doing when you add a content field or a picture, etc.) to appear in the options.
Is your template formatted correctly?
  • Does it include <div mc:edit=”main”> tags?  You can check this by switching the view to HTML in MailChimp or Mandrill.
Do you want to edit content in CircuiTree?
  • If you want to edit content in CircuiTree, your template must contain the <div mc:edit=”main”> tag.  To check, switch views.
Has your template been published in Mandrill?
  • In Mandrill, go to Outbound > Templates and check to see that it is published.
Need to update your automated emails with the latest template content?
  • Remove all content in the HTML view and then save. Then the new template content will be pulled.  Any changes to a template via Mandrill, will need to be refreshed through Circuitree.
Is there a # in the name of your template?
  • In MailChimp, remove # from the name of your template and then send it to Mandrill again.
Other questions?
  • Please contact CircuiTree Support.

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