Mandrill Integration FAQs

What is the difference between Mandrill and MailChimp?
  • The difference between the two products is that Mandrill sends transactional email while MailChimp sends marketing emails. Here is an article from MailChimp that helps to explain more: What is transactional email?
How does Mandrill actually send the email?

The Mandrill host sends the email. There are two ways:

  1. Any email with a Mandrill template automatically goes to the Mandrill API.
  2. You can set your mail server settings to the Mandrill service and all email [including Mandrill templates and others] go to Mandrill instead of the current email server.
How are bounces and unsubscribes handled?
  • The exact management for that is in the Mandrill account. They do not update in CT, but when CT tries to send an email through Mandrill to one of those emails, Mandrill will reject it.

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