How do I send emails using Mandrill?

Mandril is a transactional email service provided by MailChimp. Setting up this integration will allow you to send all of your transactional emails [Automated, Scheduled and Mass Emails] through Mandrill. This will improve deliverability to make sure your emails get to your customers.

  1. Go to Mandrill and sign up for an account.
  2. Login to your account and go to Settings > SMTP & API Info and click SMTP_and_API_Credentials___Mandrill.


  1. Add a description and then click SMTP_and_API_Credentials___Mandrill.


  1. Once the API key is created, copy the code.
  2. Login to CT6 and go to Menu > Config > General > Settings.

  1. To send all emails from CircuiTree through Mandrill, enter the following fields:
    • Mail Server –
    • Username – Mandrill username
    • Password – Any current API Key
  2. To use Mandrill templates, enter the key in the Mandrill API Key field and select Save.

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