How do I use Draft Search?

The Draft Search screen is used to find qualified applicants, review recommendations from interviews and make hiring decisions.

  1. In CT6, go to Manage > HR > Draft Search.

  1. Set the Draft Criteria and then select Find.

  • Job Posting – Select from a list of Job Postings.
  • Gender – Select either Male or Female.
  • Recommended Position / Location – Filter from recommendations made on Interviews.
  • Ranked Skill – Select from a list of Skills that were ranked.
  • Interviewer – Includes anyone who completed an Interview for the Applicant.
  • Min / Max Score – Come from Interview rating.
  • Past Camper – Choose between Never Attended or Former Camper.
  1. The Draft Results displays the following fields:

Draft Results

  • Availability – The boxes represent different Work Periods:

Draft Availability

  • Positions / Locations / Top Skills – Lists the Recommended selection from the Interview. If no Interview is present, lists the Applicants selections.
  • Star – Lists Overall Rating from Interview.
  1. Select an Applicant and the Summary will appear.

  • Green Boxes – Select Applications or Interview to go to that section.
  • Add Communication – Select to add a Communication entry on the Applicant’s timeline.
  • View Application – Select to open the Application.
  • Hire – Select to open the Offer.

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