How do I create a CIRCUITREE User?

Giving the right access to your users is important. Learn how to create new users and assign them to the correct Organizations, Groups and Privileges.

Create User

When you create a person, you can also give them access to CT6.

Quick Tip – In order to be able to manage security, a user must have the Security Management Privilege.
  1. When creating a person, in order to create a CIRCUITREE User, the person must have the following:
    • First name, last name
    • Email address.
  2. Select more located at the bottom of the window

  1. Check the  Create CircuiTree User checkbox.

2. Select Save.

A new user will be created using the following format:

  • [Username Prefix].[First Initial][Last Name]
  • ctsup.GParks


Once an individual has been made a CIRCUITREE user, a Security tab will be added to their Individual Profile.

  1. Look up a person and go to Security.


  1. Select Details and then in the lower right-hand corner, select Edit.

  • Username – Update if needed. Must use same username prefix as other usernames (text to the left of the period).
  • Password – Change the password for user.
  • Password never expires – Select for password to never expire. If not selected, the user will be prompted to reset their password every 6 months.
  • Must change password – Select to prompt the user to reset password next time they sign in.
  • Job Title – Enter the user’s job title.
  • Active – Unselect if the user is no longer active.
  • Read-only access – Select to give user read-only access.
  1. Select Save.


Users can be given access to specific Organizations if needed. Learn about how to configure Organizations.

  1. Select Orgs.
  2. Select to give access to the Organization for the user. Select to remove access.


Groups allow you to assign a user to a group of Privileges. Learn more about which Privileges are part of each Group.

Quick Tip – If a user has more than one job responsibility, you can assign them to multiple groups. For example, an Accounting Manager may also be in charge of HR Payroll.
  1. Select Groups.
  2. Select to assign the user to a Group. Select to remove access.


To give access to specific areas of CircuiTree, Privileges can be assigned per user.

  1. Select Privileges.
  2. Select to assign the Privilege to a user. Select to remove access. Privileges that are already assigned to the user via a Group are denoted by .


Under Profile, view the username, orgs, and groups that the user is assigned to.

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