How do I close an Event?

The Closing an Event webinar walks through the process of wrapping up the accounting for a particular event or set of events. This 9-minute video discusses both the processes we recommend you follow as well as the specific CircuiTree procedures you can use to wrap up an event.

  • Introduction (0:00-0:33)
  • Wrap Up Economic Activity (0:33-2:10)
  • Run End of Event Process (2:10-4:35)
  • Make Adjustments and WriteOffs (4:35-6:50)
  • Refund Money (Batch Method) (6:50-8:35)
  • Wrap Up (8:35-9:14)


Although the video does not mention this option, you can also issue individual refunds on a case-by-case basis after you have completed the closing process.

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