Increase Revenue through Group Registrations

Is increasing revenue per camper for Group Registrations on your to-do list for 2018? You can check that one off! Take advantage of the ability for parents to make purchases on a Group Registration with minimal setup and you could see your revenues grow.

Also, now you can add an upsell opportunity to every phone call, with the ability to quickly add a Pre-Order to a registration in CT6.

Read about how you can start utilizing these features for your organization below.

Parents can purchase items on Group Registrations

Parents who are sending their camper to an Event as part of a Group, now have all the same options for making additional purchases, such as Pre-Orders or Resource Reservations, as an individual registration.

Learn about how you can add these options to your Group Registration Events in order to generate additional revenue for your organization.

Add Pre-Orders to Registrations in CT6

Need to add a Pre-Order to a registration over the phone? Now you can in CT6! Simply go to the Pre-Orders tab on any registration and select Add Pre-Order.

Learn more about all the different ways that you can assist a parent with a registration in CT6.

More Security Privileges for CT6

Your data is important, and you want the right people to have access. You now have greater control over who can access sensitive data in CT6 with several new Security Privileges.

If you have cashiers using SalesLink 6, you can limit their access to only be able to use Point of Sale. There are also privileges to prevent a user from adding or viewing entities. Follow the link to find out more.

Add List of Placeholders to Automated Emails

If you are needing to customize an Automated Email, the complete list of Placeholders is now available under each email for easy reference.

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