Transfer and Cancel now available in CT6

We wanted to take a minute and let you know about some new features that have been recently released, which include the ability to cancel or transfer a registrations as well as improvements to Health Center.


Quickly and easily transfer someone to a new Event in CT6 with the new Transfer feature. Check out the details in this article:

CT6 - Transfer Drag and Drop


Need to cancel a registration? Now you can by selecting the option from the Actions menu of any registration in CT6.

Medication Check-In Status

We have added a column to Check-In that allows for a quick reference if an Attendee has medications and whether or not they have been checked in.

CT6 - Medication Check In

Event Filter for Medical Log and Scheduled Medications

On both the Medical Log and Scheduled Medications screens, we have added a filter to Criteria for Event. This is helpful if you have one Location with multiple Events happening at the same time.

CT6 - Health Center Criteria

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