Open Registration Policy / Batch Apply Attributes Released

Open Registration Policy

An Open Registration Policy allows you to determine when different groups of customers can register for an Event Division on the Registration Site. Policies allow you to create one policy and apply it to multiple Event Divisions as needed. This is useful if you want to open registation for multiple Event Divisions at the same time.

Learn more about how to create Open Registration Policies for your Events:

One of the options in Open Registration Policy for determining when someone has access to register for an Event Division is Families with Tag. For example, any family with the Tag of VIP would be allowed to register on a specific date before everybody else. Learn how you can use Tags to give specific families early access to Registration:

Batch Apply Attributes

As part of applying Tags to Families, there is a new feature to batch apply Attributes. This feature has other applications outside of Open Registration Policy that allows you to apply Attributes to multiple records at the same time.

Some examples include:

  • Assign marketing classifications based on certain criteria.
  • Assign flag for campers who have a lifetime value over $3,000.
  • Set a follow up person for all groups that came to Events over an entire summer.

Learn more on how you can Batch Apply Attributes: