How do I configure Immunizations?

An immunization is a record of vaccinations you can request or require from your attendees. You can specify the name, abbreviation, and description. You can also require a minimum number of immunization records for a particular entry and disable obsolete immunizations.


  • MMR
  • Hepatitis B
  • H1N1 (Swine flu)
  • Chicken Pox

You can track Attendee’s immunization records easily within a Health Form. You can configure which immunizations that you want to collect information about as well as the number of dates.


The example below shows Immunization History on CT6 Registration Site.

  • I have religious personal objections… – Allows customer to opt out of providing immunization history. Label is a content field that can be customized.
  • Immunization – Select from a list of immunizations.
  • Dates – Enter dates of immunization shots.
  • Add – After selecting Add, you can add additional immunization history.


Add Immunization
  1. Go to Config > Health > Immunizations.

  1. Select Add Immunization.

  1. Enter the required fields.

  • Name – Enter a name of the Immunization.
  • Abbreviation – Enter an abbreviation that will be displayed on reports.
  • Description – Enter a description that will be show on the Registration Site.
  • Number of Vaccinations – Enter the required number of dates. The Registration Site will display up to 5 dates.
  1. Select Save.
Edit Immunization
  1. After Immunizations are created, you can reorder by selecting and drag and dropping.

  1. Select to edit
  2. Select to to delete.
  3. Type yes and then select Yes.

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