How do I update Content Fields?

CircuiTree provides you with several editable content fields on your registration site.  This allows you to communicate to your registrants in any place you feel they might need further information.  Here’s how you can view and edit those content fields.

Quick Tip – In order to update Content Fields, you need the Web Content Admin Security Privilege.
  1. Sign in to Admin by going to
  2. Navigate to the page that you want to update and then in the Admin Toolbar, select Edit Content.

  1. You will now see a red outline around available Content Fields.

  1. To update, select inside a Content Field to change the text and styling.

  1. After your changes are complete, select Save.

Update HTML

  1. To edit the HTML of the Content Field, select the icon.
  2. Add HTML and then select Update.

  1. Select Save.

  1. A notification will appear, select OK.