How do I configure Online Giving?

You can accept donations either via the Donation Portal or during registration.

Before you configure Online Giving, you need to set up a Fund and Campaign. Follow the links below to do so.

Once those two items are configured, follow the steps below.

Online Giving

  1. Go to Config > Accounting and select Online Giving.

  1. In the lower right hand corner, select Add Appeal.
  2. Enter the required fields.

  • Name – Enter a name for the online appeal. Displays below the Campaign Name on the Registration Site. Example
  • Appeal Type – Select Website for it to show up on Registration Site.
  • Donation Fund – Select the Donation Fund. Example
  • Campaign – Select the Campaign for designating donations.
  • Appeal Category – Select from the list or add a new one to organize appeals. How do I configure Appeal Categories?
  • Display Order – Enter a number to change the order of multiple Appeals for the same Fund.
  • Begin Date – Set the date that the Appeal is active on the Registration Site.
  • End Date – Optionally set a date that the Appeal ends.
  • Event Year – Select to associate with an Event Year.
  • Response Code – Use for reference if tracking Donations via Response Code.
  • Comments – Add internal comments.
  • Default – Select to make Appeal the default selection on the Registation Site.
  1. Select Save.

Application Settings

There are several Application Setting that you can configure to change how the Donation page displays on your Donation Portal.

  1. Go to Config > General > Company Settings.

  1. Search for Donations.
  2. Update the following settings if needed
Group Online Appeal By
  • Select 0 for Donation Fund and 1 for Campaign Appeal Category.

Donation Fund

Campaign Appeal Category

Prompt for reCaptcha
  • Requires donors to pass reCaptcha test before submitting a donation. Recommending if you are not requiring login for Donations.

Require Login for Donations
  • Require donors to login to make donations.


You can create the following Pre-Filters to go directly to different donation options:

  • Donation – Default to Designate
  • Donation – Fund
  • Donation – Appeal
  • Donation – Require Login – True
  • Donation – Require Login – False
  • Donation – Filter By Appeal – True

Learn how to create Pre-Filters.


Learn how to ask for Donations during Registration.