How do I set up a Donation Fund?


A donation fund is used to group similar donations together so that they can be classified under the same GL code for export to your main accounting system. Funds are associated with both a cost center and a company division for proper classification.


  • Youth Middle School Scholarship Fund
  • Capital Fund
  • General Donation Fund
  • Camp Sponsor Memorial Fund


DonorLink > Configuration > Funds > [Specific Donation Fund]


The Donation Funds video explains how a donation fund works in CircuiTree and discusses how a fund might be set up.

0:00 – 0:47           Introduction

0:47 – 1:04           Configuration:  Funds

1:04 – 1:17           Donation Fund:  Donations

1:17 – 2:23           Donation Fund:  Details

2:23 – 3:14           Assign GL Codes