After your family is created, the Family Details tab will appear. This is one of the standard tabs and contains the following items:

Family Details

  • Header – Displays important information about the family.
  • Subtabs – Interact with different sections of the family’s account.
  • Content – Displays information pertaining to Subtab.
  • Content Tabs – Used to breakdown information from Subtab.
  • Actions – Displays list of available actions for this tab.

Group Subtab

The Group Subtab contains four Content Tabs with information about the family.

Group - Subtab

Contact Info

By default, a family inherits the phone number of the first Administrator. Lets add the home phone number for the Bravermans.

  1. Click on New Phone Number.
  2. If this is the primary phone number for the family, check Is Primary. There can only be one primary entry per account.
  3. To remove the phone number from your marketing campaigns, check Do not Solicit.

New Telephone Number

  1. Click OK.
Quick Tip – You can add multiple phone numbers, addresses and emails by clicking on the Add button.


Looks like we forgot to add one of the children for this family, so we can add one here.

  1. To add another member to the family, click the gear button Gear Icon and select Add Member.
  2. Enter their name and press enter to search for duplicates. If none are found, click Close.
  3. Enter the rest of the information and click Save.

If you need to update the Administrator or Financial Contact for a family, right click on the member and select Modify. Check the boxes at the bottom of the screen to assign a role.


Quick Tip – You will notice the Gear Icon button in subtabs. It functions similar to the Actions button so make sure to check it out when you find it on a new screen.


We need to remember that this family has a grandparent that sometimes helps pay for camp. Adding a note allows us to remember important facts about the family.

  1. Click Entity Notes
  2. Enter any details about the note.
  3. You can optionally set an expire date if the note is only valid until a certain time as well as mark it as critical.
  4. Click Save and Exit.


This parent called in with a question about dates on the website. We can record that conversation under Communication.

  1. Click the gear icon Gear Icon and select Add.
  2. Enter the Type, Subject and Content of the conversation. A time stamp will be automatically entered in the Date field.
Quick Tip – Logging interactions with your customers under Communication allows your team to seamlessly assist customers across team members. Be able to pick up where someone left off when they are on vacation can be very helpful at times. Don’t leave your customer’s hanging by recording Communication!
Quick Tip – All email communication sent through CircuiTree will also be recorded in the Communication section for a useful reference.
  1. If this conversation had to do with a donation, mark which Campaign-Appeal it is associated with from the drop down menu.

Try It Yourself

Using your family as an example and the instructions above, accomplish the following:

  • Add a Phone Number
  • Create a New Member
  • Create a Note
  • Add Communication

Once you have completed those, click Next to go through an internal registration.

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