Changes to Itineraries and new Application Fee feature

Do you have customers with lots of registrations during the summer that are split up into different Itineraries? Do they need help to be able to make payments or find the correct statement? Read below to learn how Itinerariesfor Child and Self Registation Types are simplified to make it easier on you and your parents.

With the change to Itineraries, you can now charge an Application Fee once per Attendee per Itinerary if you would like. Check out how you can set it up for your Events.


Registrations with a Registation Type of Child or Self will be grouped in an Itinerary based on the following dates:

  • Summer – May 15th to August 31st
  • Fall – September 1st to November 31st
  • Winter – December 1st to February 28th
  • Spring – March 1st to May 14th

There is no change for registrations with the Registration Type of Family or Group. Registrations are grouped into an Itinerary if multiple Events overlap or begin and end on the same day.

With registrations being grouped in an Itinerary per season, the payment process can be streamlined for your customers. Instead of having to make payments on multiple Itineraries, a customer can make one payment, or set up a payment plan, per season.

Application Fee

With the change in Itineraries, this allows you to add an Application Fee once per Attendee per Itinerary. Regardless of how may Registrations there are, the fee will only be added once. Read about how to set it up for your Events.

CT6 Features


  • Added Payment Search to new Accounting tab in CT6.
  • Added Payment Details for payments listed in Payment Search.


  • Add “Display References from all Job Postings” checkbox to Staff Application.

Daily Reservations

  • Added link to Reservations under Individual.


  • Added ability to add/edit Tax Exempt Number under Groups > Actions.