Upload Attachments and Pending Charge Detail

With the new year we have released new features for you! These include the ability to upload Attachments during Registration, and an option to see charge details on the Pending Registration screen. Read below to find out more or check out the full release notes.

Upload Attachments

You are now able to add an Attendee Workflow Step to allow for a customers to upload Attachments during Registration. This is useful if there is a paper form that you need an Attendee to fill out or if they need to submit other types of documentation. Read about how to configure this option, as well as other Attendee Workflow Steps, by clicking here.

CT Reg - Upload Form

Pending Charge Detail

On the Pending Registration screen, we have added a link to display the Pending Charges on a registration. Customers will find this helpful to see what makes up their charge before checking out.

CT Reg - Pending Charges

reCaptcha for Donations
To add another level of security to donations that are donated anonymously through the Donation Portal, we have added reCaptcha to the page. Users check to make sure that they are not a robot and then they can submit their donation.


New Grade Options for College Students
We have added support for college grades which can be used to restrict access to Event Divisions if needed. The following are the new grade options:

  • College Freshman [Grade 13]
  • College Sophomore [Grade 14]
  • College Junior [Grade 15]
  • College Senior [Grade 16]

We have removed the option for Graduate and moved any existing customer with that grade to Other [Grade 99].


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