Link to View Registrations from Queries

We wanted to take a few minutes to highlight some functionality in CT6 that you may not have seen from previous releases as well as let you know about a couple of new items.

New Login Page

Instead of remembering your company specific URL, you can simply navigate to to access CT6. This makes it easier for your team to access CircuiTree.

View Link in Queries

With Registration detail now included in CT6, queries like Registration Activated now contain a link to View a specific Registration. Clicking on View will take you straight to the Registration and allow you to dig in deeper if needed.

Attachments Open in New Tab

Instead of downloading an Attachment every time you click on it, Attachments now open up in a new browser tab. This makes it quick and easy to view the information without having to download a copy every time.

Event Abbreviation added to View History

To make Registrations easier to find in View History, we have added the Event Abbreviation next to the Attendee name.

Hide Cancelled Registrations

Sometimes Cancelled Registrations can clutter the list of Registrations under Individual Profile. Now they are hidden by default and are viewable by clicking on the Show Cancelled button in the footer.

To read the rest of the fixes included in today’s release, check out the Release Notes.

Feedback Forum

We are committed to making CircuiTree the best camp management software out there to help you run your camp more effectively [and so your camp doesn’t run you!]. Your feedback is a valuable part of the process. Submit your comments on the CT6 Feedback Forum to help us make CircuiTree better!

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